Are Motocross Pants Waterproof?

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Are motocross pants waterproof? Yes! Most of the motocross pants are made with waterproof material. Motocross pants are usually made of water proof material, which ensures that you stay warm and dry whatever the weather. The one problem that riders face is that this material isn’t breathable and can lead to discomfort, but there are many models of motocross pants that come with a breathable material to fix this problem.

Motocross pants are made up of many different materials, such as Kevlar and Carbolex. But the most common material is Cordura, which comes with a Durable Water Repellent coating. This material ensures that the pants are waterproof, but still breathable.

Different Types of Materials used for making motocross pants:-

1) Cordura

Most motocross pants are made up of Cordura, which is very tough and abrasion resistant. The main advantage of using this material is that it’s water proof. It can be used in marine environments or even on very cold days, where you’d want to seal out the wind but something breathable enough so you don’t overheat.

Cordura is one of the most common fabrics, which is used in many different industries. The material is made up of 100% Nylon and has a great strength as well as flexibility. It comes with a Durable Water Repellent coating, which makes sure that it stays waterproof for a long period of time.

2) Polyester

Apart from Cordura, most of the motocross pants are made up with Polyester. The main advantage of using this material is that it’s very breathable and light weight. It helps in easy movement and keeps you comfortable whatever the weather or temperature may be. When compared to Cordura, Polyester isn’t as hardy or abrasion resistant.

3) Kevlar

If you’re looking for a good balance between breathability and protection, then motocross pants made up of Kevlar are perfect for you. These pants come with a lightweight material and it’s very comfortable even in hot weather conditions. The main objective behind using this material is to provide warmth and comfort to the rider.

Extra features:-

1) Zippers – Most motocross pants are made with zippers at the ankle, which helps in providing ease while you’re wearing your boots. Some of them are also provided with zippers on both sides of the leg, which gives easier access when putting on or taking off your pants.

2) Zip-off legs – Most motocross pants are made with zip-off legs, which can be unzipped to convert your pants into shorts. When the weather gets cooler you could detach the lower portion of the leg and easily remove it when it’s hot. This feature is very useful as you don’t have to buy two separate pairs of pants.

3) Pockets Motocross pants are designed with wash and storage pockets to keep your valuables safe and accessible. There are carefully placed pockets on the knees, hips, thighs and seat area to protect them from dirt and harm during a fall. When using motocross pants you can also store your wallet in these pockets.

4) Bibs – The most common type of motocross pants is bibs, which come with a combination of zipper and straps for closure. These pants go up to the waist and have a long straight cut from knee to ankle. There are also some models, which come with detachable suspenders or shoulder straps, which are attached to loops on the pants.

Do you wear anything under motocross pants?

Some people prefer to wear knee braces underneath their motocross pants, but it’s entirely up to you. Many riders wear knee braces under motocross pants because they feel more comfortable this way. The braces are worn over the knees and provides extra protection during a crash or fall.

The other benefit of wearing knee braces is that it helps in compression and reduces the risk of injuries. It also ensures that your knee is tightly held to the pants, which prevents it from slipping out.

Some people feel more comfortable by wearing a base layer or thermal under their motocross pants for warmth and enhanced comfort level. If you like to wear sportswear underneath your gear then we recommend that you invest in riding pants with a chamois liner.

Should motocross pants be tight?

The fit of motocross pants depends on your body type and the size of the pants. They should fit comfortably over your gear and should be easy to slip in or zip up. Most riders prefer a tighter fit, which makes it easier to take off when needed. It’s essential for a rider to choose a proper waist size depending on their body type.

How to maintain your pants?

To keep the motocross pants looking new and fresh, you’ll need to take care of them on a regular basis. If you don’t clean or wash your pants then they become worn out faster and it’s not good for the durability of the material too. Regular washing will make sure that dirt, dust, grime and sweat stains don’t accumulate on the pants.

Motocross pants made up of synthetic materials are easier to clean than leather or suede material. If you haven’t worn your motocross gear in a while then make sure to wash them before use. This will ensure that all the dirt has been removed from the fabric.

When you wash your motocross pants, make sure that they are turned inside out before they go into the washing machine. This will prevent the dirt from rubbing onto the pants and prolongs their life. We recommend that you use a mild detergent solution to clean your gear or go for an option with no-bleach properties.

Can you machine wash motocross pants?

Yes! You can easily machine wash your motocross pants as they are made from synthetic materials. You don’t need to go over the top and use the delicate cycle, which saves you time and efforts. Make sure that you turn the pants inside out, before cleaning them and do not use bleach or fabric softener.

You should also avoid using hot water while cleaning the pants, as it may shrink the material. We recommend that you hang dry your motocross pants after washing them to get rid of pilling or shrinking.

Can you hand wash motocross pants?

Yes! You can easily hand wash your motocross pants if you don’t have access to a machine. Make sure that you use cold water and mild detergent solution to clean them. You should always wash your gear with the zippers closed in order to prevent dirt from seeping in through the seams.

Is it safe to dry motocross pants?

Yes! It’s perfectly safe to dry your motocross pants by hanging them out on a clothes line. Make sure that you place thin clothes like jerseys on top of the pants to prevent them from folding over each other. You should also avoid exposing these types of pants to high heat or direct sunlight because it can cause fading and shrinkage.

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