10 best dirt bike for 14 year old kids (2021) – Expert’s Review

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What is the best dirt bike for 14 year old?

Dirt Bike riding is one of the best outdoors for 14-year-old bike riders. You have many options, and you want only the best dirt bike for your child. As you see in this article, Here are the Top ten best dirt bikes that are more suitable for your children.

Quick List of Best dirt bikes for 14 years child:

Dirt Bikes



1. Razor MX350 dirt bike for kids


2. SX500 McGrath dirt bike


3. Mini Pocket Dirt Bike


4. Yamaha YZ125 for kids


5. KTM 150 SX




7. Honda CRF230F


8. Yamaha YZ85


9. Honda CRF230F 


10. Kawasaki KLX110


These factors depend on your child’s weight, height, and level of your experience, However, new riders 13 -14 years old are generally less experienced bike riders. They can be shorter and taller for their height, age, or even lighter and heavier than what you would expect.

When you choose a dirt bike for 14-year-older kids, the choice of your child’s age, It’s good to focus on the element mentioned more, In other words, dirt bikes are more suitable and unique for your child.

The dirt bikes have two both wheeled vehicles. Visually have usually different designs and perform different kinds of functions. Dirt bike frame light and smile and easy to manage. The dirt bike is designed to grip shock on jumps and rough tracks and roads.

A dirt bike has a plastic body, a construction body, and narrow seat, plastic body construction, and no accessories such as stereo systems. Dirt bikes are available with two and more stroke engines and may have many different kinds of features but are generally grouped into three to four categories.

Although, dirt bikes are smaller in size, easy to manage, and more comfortable for 14 year bike riders.

How to Select a best Dirt Bike for Kid Rider?

In the 14-year-old age group, dirt bikes have also enhanced power stability, quality, level of power endurance, and torque. The very starting point of your child’s effect from merely a vacation to thrilling competitions. The dirt bikes in The dirt bike category range up to 100cc.

At this age, many children have already experienced the smaller bike and intensity of this sport. Although, a choice of bike depends on your selection ability. In that condition, consider that many types of dirt bikes would likely be more suitable for your child on these two main factors.

i. Experience Level of Dirt Rider

Experience is the most important and critical element when you choose the best dirt bike for your child. For example, if you are an experienced or beginner. Experience level also will help you to select the suitable dirt bike which they would be easily able to handle.

Whether you’re 14-year old and are taller and heavier, their experience plays an important role in the type of bike that would better suit them well. However, your child is a beginner and is tall and heavy, a 400 or 300cc bike more suitable and powerful for them. If they are used to riding dirt bikes, then it’s an excellent idea to pick up over 250cc.

ii. Height and Weight of rider

When you choose a dirt bike for your child, height and weight also matter and it comes to complete comfort and safety. It Is also easy to figure out if a dirt bike will suit them.

The value of weight and height when you choose a dirt bike relates to the amount of interruption. It will change remarkably, depending on whether your child is a beginner rider and weighs less than 100 lbs or an experienced rider who weighs up to 200 lbs.

A healthier beginner rider may ride much faster if they’re on a little bike. However, sometimes it may be problematic since their weight and height can also affect the suspension. We trust that life is sweet and a blessing of God when you’re doing what you love most with the most of your family.

We are also very strict when it comes to care and safety, but in the same vein, we like to have some fun. I have heard of many people that got many-body injuries from dirt bikes. Even I made sure to find out for sure, In this situation, dirt biking is dangerous as a spot a front I even started.

In this article, we will look at one of the most popular potential benefits of dirt bikes, and they will assess whether these advantages outweigh the risks and dangers when it comes to dirt bike riding. Sometimes dirt biking may be a dangerous sport.

Although, many benefits of dirt bikes for kids and young bike riders. Sometimes dirt biking is critical also like driving, swimming, and cycling. Unexpectedly, dirt bike riding can be an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. Even most people consider that dirt bike riding is an excellent extreme sport. Dirt bike riding also improves your heart rate and is more effective for your health.

Dirt bike riding increases your heart rate remarkably compared to low-level exercises. However, It depends on the ride you do, whether if you’re doing rides through, jumping hills, and obstacles, that dirt bike riding can also maintain your heartbeat rate into the mid-150s.

Although, an average ride should get up to 130+.Some time our feeling, sad and anxious, dirt bike riding also can effectively decree our stress and anxiety level.

Dirt bike riding also reduces your anxiety and stress level. Even with many other sports activities and. Sports, exercises, and other dirt activities like dirt bike riding decrease endorphins that help to release our depression and improve our mood,  along with many other outcomes such as improving your health and mental outlook. When you try a dirt bike for yourself you also feel the positive change in your daily routine.

Why Do You Buy a Dirt Bike?

Dirt biking is an amazing fun sportbike for young bike riders even both amateurs and professionals alike. If you use yours to be around with friends in the backcountry, learn cool tricks, or compete in tournaments, If you can treat dirt biking as a sport for your friend, child, or hubby it’s the best precious gift that offers many endless fun possibilities.

i. Spend Time Outdoors

Most people spend many hours working away and cooped up indoors. When you spend a lot of time out in nature, you also feel more relaxed, calmer, energized, calmer, and happier. When you’re looking for the perfect dirt bike for your child, usually check out the sizable new selection at bike specialties.

ii. Get Fit

A dirt bike can also help to build your muscle’s strength, endurance, and balance. However when riding through inspiring terrain, which can help to improve your heart pumping. It also improves your hamstrings, quadriceps, and different parts of your arms as you ride more regularly and also your overall spinal health.

Dirt Bikes For Adults

Choosing a good dirt bike for adults will consist of many factors such as choosing a kid’s size dirt bike: rider experience, height, and weight. This is a trail bike with mild power and the Big Wheel version has a seat height of only 30.9″ inches which would fit those with short legs. It’s a lightweight bike so it’s easy to maneuver and pick up after a spill.

If you have riding skills and experience it is more as compared to a beginner but not rather advanced and your average weight and height are perfect for riding. You have many options but if you want a fun dirt bike that isn’t too crazy and strong then something like the KLX 250 might be right for you.

This dirt bike usually uses Sport riders that are made with street-legal headlights, and blinkers. The KLX has an average seat height and is a bit heavier than a dirt bike, the heavier weight of a dirt bike will make you more adjustable and stable if cruising at speed around other vehicles on the highway road.

The different adult size dirt bikes also provided the three different types of dirt bike riding skills and were different in component and performance. The CRF 125 is a little and compact trail bike that is geared more easily chugging where fewer speeds might be the norm even can get moving at a decent pace. Here is a list of top best dirt bike for 14 year old

10 best dirt bikes for 14 year old kids

1. Razor MX350 dirt bike for kids

Choosing the best dirt bike for 14-years isn’t very easy. Even we have lots of thoughts and many other choices. However, Razor MX350 is one of the top and best bikes for a 14 years old young rider. The Razor Dirt MX350 is a small motocross dirt bike and an excellent choice for younger riders.

With a high variable speed, torque motor, maximum power transfer, large, and speeds up to 12 miles per hour the MX350 chain motor is driven for an excellent powerful operation. The MX350 Dirt Bike has many multiple awards as well as honor in Sports display for your child.

This scaled-down, dirt powered bike is a fun way for beginner riders to live out their off-road fantasies. It has adjustable-angle features, unique style handlebars, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, renounce, and adjustable hand-operated rear brake if you want to choose the best dirt bike, I highly recommend, Razor MX350 dirt bike that is one of the excellent choices for a 14-year-old rider.


  • Chain driven motor, large, knobby tires
  • High torque motor
  • Single-speed, super quiet
  • 12 miles per hour speed
  • Rotate grip throttle control
  • Flexible riser handlebars


  • Requires to maintenance
  • Time of riding 30 minutes

2. SX500 McGrath dirt bike

Selecting the best dirt bike for a 14-year-old rider undoubtedly is not very easy. The SX500 McGrath is one of the best dirt bikes that dirt bikes have, and it’s one of the best dirt bikes for a 14-year-old rider.

The SX500 McGrath is a kind of supercross, high torque, and has a super variable motor speed for an excellent charged experience. Feature riser handlebars and dual suspension, retractable kickstand, large pneumatic knobby tires with dual disc brakes.

The super single charge dirt bike runs on three to four 12V batteries, that are included for convenience. If you want to choose the best dirt bike, I highly recommend the SX500 McGrath dirt bike that is one of the excellent choices for a 14-year-old rider.


  • aluminum spoked features
  • soft rubber grips
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • dual suspension
  • Unique steel frame
  • Chain-driven motor,
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Age limit, 14
  • Assembly required


  • Not perfect for kids

3. Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

The features of a mini pocket dirt bike, excellent grip, large knobby tires, and a higher suspension in which the rider easily goes over bumps and dips on the road. The Mini Dirt Bike will be able to pack a punch with a bit of power, and speed level up to 20 MPH with a powerful torque motor.

This type of bike is ideal for parking lot commuting and driveway. Each stock of engine is very friendly and has efficient fuel, a twist-grip throttle, and easy to control the acceleration.

Although, the stroke of engine fuel is very efficient, retaining maximum control, speed, and easy to manage for a 14-year-old bike rider.


  • Engine: Air Cooled, 49cc 2-Stroke
  • Speed limit: Up to 20mph
  • Brake: 1 Rear Disc,1 Front Disc
  • Suspension: Front and Rear
  • The Capacity of user Weight: 128lbs
  • Excellent Kickstand


  • Not an automatic clutch

4. Yamaha YZ125 for kids

The Yamaha YZ125 is undoubtedly and one of the best dirt bikes for a 14-year bike rider. The engine of Yamaha YZ125’s dirt bike is very powerful and strong.

The height of seats 38.4 inches, that is considered very high which is perfect for tall bike rider boys and girls. It’s a perfect dirt bike for young bike riders, and it has excellent features that dirt bikes need to have.

The dirt bike has a very beautiful design, is made from very high-quality materials, and a very strong and high quality and strong aluminum frame, that protects the dirt bike from falls and scratches perfectly.


  • Available at cheap price
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Available in white and blue color


  • Old body frame
  • Not perfect for kids

5. KTM 150 SX

The KTM 150 SX is the most famous dirt bike for young riders and the perfect bike for racing. The stroke engine of a dirt bike is very strong and powerful, which works marvelously with 6 different types of transmission speeds.

The design of the KTM 150 SX bike is very charming and is made of high-quality strong steel that perfectly protects it. It comes in two unique colors, orange and white, and more expensive.


  • Many types of transmission speeds
  • Kickstarter
  • Fuel capacity of 7 liters
  • the seat height of 37.4 inches
  • Weight 87.5kg
  • Powerful brake system
  • High-quality design
  • quality materials
  • Available in two different colors


  • Not good for kids


The SUZUKI DR-Z125 is one of the most popular dirt bikes for young riders and best recommended for 14-year-old riders. The overall height of the Suzuki dirt bike is 43.7 and the seat height is 32.5 inches, which manufacturer the dimension of the dirt bike is an excellent choice for a 14-year-old rider.

It is a unique design dirt bike for teenagers and adults who are developing their off-road skills. The DR-Z125 dirt bike has performance and power, with mid-range torque, lightweight agility, and excellent work with different, unique transmission speeds.

Also, the dirt bike has a very powerful type of brake system with disc-type front brakes and drum-type rear brakes…It is also made with high-quality material and a diamond frame which perfectly protects the dirt bike.

It comes in different colors like White, black and yellow, with a cheap price tag of $7,500.


  • strong engine
  • Different types of transmission speeds
  • fuel capacity limit 4.3
  • Very lightweight of 89kg
  • Quality brake system
  • High-quality electrical system
  • Unique design


  • Not perfect for beginners

7. Honda CRF230F

The Honda CRF230F is one of the most popular dirt bikes in the world and also a good choice for a 14-year-old rider. They provide best dirt bike for 14 year old kids.

The overall width of the dirt bike 31.6 and height is 45.9 inches, which makes the dimension of the bike perfect for young riders.

The dirt bike is designed from high quality, strong and steel which protects the dirt bike perfectly. It comes in two colors red and white and available at a cheap price. Even, the crazy power of this bike may be a weakness for some riders.

The engine of CRF230F is more powerful and a bit difficult for some riders. A best torque based engine, and low-end, is perfect for bike riders.

It’s one of the main reasons that the CRF230F is well designed and high quality and featured on the perfect beginner dirt bike guide.


  • Strong stroke engine
  • Different transmission speed
  • 1.9 fuel capacity
  • Maximum weight of 248 pounds
  • Quality brake system
  • Beautiful quality design
  • Available at cheap price


  • Not ideal for child’s

8. YZ85 for 14 year old kids

The YZ85 is the best dirt bike to purchase as your child develops their riding skills, I highly recommend the Yamaha YZ85 dirt bike, which is the best option for your child. It has a new adaptable feature new brake rotors, swingarms, and other unique features.

It comes with a new latest YPVS engine with transmission, exhaust, and a full of revised intake. YZ85 is a kind of supercross, high torque, and has a super variable motor speed for an excellent charged experience. Feature riser handlebars and dual suspension, retractable kickstand, large pneumatic knobby tires with dual disc brakes.

The super features Razor graphics throughout and has a kickstand retractable for added ease of use. It has two-stroke engines very easy to service and unique quality brakes and wheels.

This dirt bike 6-speed constant mesh that will run for up to 30 to 40 minutes of continuous use on a super single charge and runs on three to four batteries, that are included for convenience.

If you want to choose the best dirt bike, I highly recommend the YZ85 dirt bike that is one of the excellent choices for a 14-year-old rider.


  • Reliable
  • Unique automatic system
  • Little in size
  • More adjustable


  • Bit expensive

9. CRF230F for 14 year old kids

The CRF230F is a powerful unique dirt bike that is only designed for young riders. The CRF50F’s dirt bike needs a low-, maintenance engine automatic, reliable, and has an automatic unique clutch. It’s very simple for you to handle too, and the rider easily uses it.

The overall height of the dirt bike is 45.8 inches seat height is 34.5 and width is 31.5inches. Also relatively weight of the bike up to 248 pounds and perfect stability for riding.

It’s made with high quality, strong steel which protects the dirt bike perfectly. It has 6 different transmission speeds and has a 1.9-gallon fuel capacity with a high-quality brake system.

It comes in 2 unique colors red and black and available at a cheap price.


  • The seat height of 34.5 inches
  • High-quality stroke engine
  • Different transmission speed
  • 1.9-gallon fuel capacity
  • Quality brake system
  • High-quality design
  • Available at Cheap price
  • White and red colors


  • Heavy weight
  • Not best choice for kids

10. Kawasaki KLX110

Kawasaki KLX110 dirt bike is the most popular and unique dirt bike for a 14 year-old biker rider. KLX is designed for new culture modification and ideal dirt bike for beginners. However, it comes in tire size, more comfortable, entering into rocky terrain.

It has a power controllable motor with low ground clearance. The overall height of a dirt bike is 45.8 inches, seat height is 12 inches and width is 14.inches and available in 2 to 4 strokes.

It comes in green color and more comfortable for up to 14 year-old bike riders. However, the paired engine of this dirt bike has super fuel capacity and 4-speed transmission. The engine is paired with a 4-Speed transmission and total fuel capacity is 1 gallon.

The rides of this bike were made with Steel wheels with a 3.0 X 12 rear tire. And 2.5 X 14 front tires. The suspension is a Telescopic Fork that the real and excellent suspension is a Twin Swing Arm. Both Drum brakes also provide stopping power.


  • Well design
  • High-quality frame
  • 2,4 stroke engine


  • Bit expensive
  • Limited service and sale
  • Bit reliable


Now you can make a decision according to your requirements that what is the best dirt bike for your kids. There are quite a few problems with using a dirt bike stand. Which makes it easy to clean your child’s dirt bike, make a store, and repair it without experiencing tire damage suspension.

But, It’s more important would be the risks that come along with not using a bike stand. Even dirt bike riding is an amazing outdoor for your child, even you have a lot of options that you want to select the best dirt bike for your child. It comes in well designed, single-speed, and 2 stroke oil injected, and 4-stroke of the engine.

The seat heights of this bike are available in different sizes that are more comfortable for 14 year-old bike riders. They’re also perfect cylinder engine features, transmission speeds, and a unique frame that along with plenty of suspension travels and more suitable perfect dirt bike for younger bike riders.

Although dirt bikes are smaller in size, easy to manage, and more comfortable for 14 year bike riders. Many dirt bike brands are available in the market, If you are a new bike rider riders won’t really be able to tell the difference between bike models and specialties.

Most similar. Even if don’t crazy and excited about a perfect and favorite brand. Having said that, it’s nice to know where you as a beginner you also search for an ideal, perfect dirt bike for your child, and yourself. Even My brother has a Yamaha dirt bike and picks the best specific bikes even not the brands.

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