10 Best dirt bikes for 5 year old Kid (2021) – Expert’s Choice

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Best dirt bike for 5 year old Kid! If you want to select the best dirt bike for 5 Year old kid. Although, choosing an ideal bike is a remarkable decision that requires some thought. The size of the bike is the best way to determine the right dirt bike for 5 year old kids. Even smaller and lightweight dirt bike is the best choice, and more suitable for your kid.

High quality bigger tire and wheel packages are more suitable for you little kids. Having a big wheel has the ability to handle the dirt bike easily, In other words, this type of dirt bike is a safer, perfect bike for confidence. However, the best thing about dirt bikes is that kids are easy to handle and balance, which also increases the kid’s confidence.

If your 5 years younger kid wants to start dirt bikes riding. Sometimes, It could be an elation and panic moment and a combination of both for you kid. In this condition, your first thought was “How do I select a perfect suitable dirt bike for my child?” A good question and one I hope to help guide you to the good consequence. But first of all, to answer that question, you’ll also need to answer a few questions. Here are some additional thoughts to consider!

  • What or who influenced them to ride?
  • What is the perfect bike for kids to learn how to ride dirt bikes?
  • How young to begin riding?
  • Can your younger child perfectly comprehend protected concerns?
  • Which is the best dirt bike size for new bike riders? Should kids assist in competitions?

The answers to all these questions are honestly up to you – there are no wrong and right answers. Every child is different from others and you know yours best.

Many other elements like where your kid rides to your ability to invest in riding gear and all elements in getting the perfect bike for your kid and young bike riders

In this article, we cover the many topics to help to select the best dirt bike for 5 year old younger rider.

  • How to select the best dirt bike for your kid?
  • Best dirt bike brand for your kids?
  • Dirt Bike Gear for Kids?
  • Dirt Bike Accessories for Kids?

How to select a Dirt Bike for Your Kid?

If you are buying a dirt bike for 5 year old little kids. First of all, you must also need to judge the ability of your kid. Although, choose the best dirt bike that fits and perfect for your young rider. Kids also need easy manageability.

There are many dirt bikes available in the market in different sizes and colors so maybe it’s very difficult to find out the right ones for your kids. The guide will also help you to find the perfect dirt bike which is depending on the age of your kids. Eventually, the best, test ride anyway beginner dirt bike you look at new.

If your child may also find the 100cc is too big and the 50cc size is too small, then you’ll know to look at the 60cc and 70cc range.

Best Dirt Bike Brands for Kids

There are a number of brands that offer beginner dirt bikes for younger kids. Again, don’t be subject to the brand your child’s hero rides, although, if it’s the bit litter version.

The best dirt bike for your younger kids regardless of brand, and you want one of the perfect, comfortable ones and handle the power. It’s the perfect smallest engine dirt bike and your kids also improve their skills.

It is available in different colors, sizes, and difference of bigger engines with manageable and reasonable power, 150cc, 110cc, 85cc, 70cc, 65cc, and 100cc. Even save and secure the most popular engine for much later.

The Yamaha PW50 dirt bike is a small 2-stroke engine and also perfect for your young children, and 5-year-old riders that are just starting out. However, it comes in a unique color and a fully automatic system.

Honda CRF50 is one of the most popular dirt bikes for your younger kids. This bike is well built with 4 strokes, even a new one which is lighter on the pocketbook.

Usually, dirt bikes are designed for the younger kids, even the features of dirt bikes are fully automatic, cooled transmission, and typical accessories with a higher price. Although, the manual and automatic clutch of dirt bikes also depend, how rapidly your kid handles more difficult tasks.

The technical power aspects of dirt bikes range more adjustable with advanced features, like handlebar clutch, foot pedal, and a gear shifter that all function together.

Sticking with a brand dirt bike is a good choice even when buying used. Knock-offs generally, do not provide the toughness and reliability which the factory machines give. Your younger kid also needs a dirt bike built well sufficient to manage what you will undoubtedly put it.

Dirt Bike Accessories for Kids

If your younger child is interested in dirt bike jumping and riding that your child has liked to spend time on a pedal dirt bike. Many young riders started riding on pedal bikes using training wheels for dirt bikes.

It also provides your child’s dirt bike with perfect training wheels and offers the advantage as well as training wheels on a regular perfect pedal dirt bike.

Dirt bike wheel training always gives control and stability then your child is ready to ride. Usually, raining wheels also decrease the chance of a significant tip-over crash that may reduce your kid’s confidence and turn your kid off from riding altogether. Even your kid’s confidence on the dirt bike is necessary to maintain the hobby.

There are many other options to consider as a manual and an automatic clutch. However, If your child has the ability to learn is a factor. Although, an automatic clutch may also be more beneficial so your kids can work on the required fundamentals of staying and riding upright previous to moving on to the complex aspects of dirt bike riding.

Dirt Bike Gear for Kids

When kids started dirt biking, some parents were nervous and worried about their kids and how much the safe and protective gear would cost. We also didn’t want to make any mistakes that would cost extra.

On a daily basis, we learned a lot, or in this post, I want to share the things and measure and learned about buying the best dirt bike gear for your younger riders.

Many dirt bike expert riders that kids before riding wear boots, helmets, chest protectors, goggles, knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, and pants and jersey. Most of the time, many kids riders wear a collar unless they are jumping and racing at an official track. I have a good suggestion for you, many gears available at a cheap price online BEFORE you go to a local store and try on the many other gears.

Many dirt bike gears available at local shops will cost triple and double what you may also replacements for online. If you are buying the first dirt bikes, and you spent nearly $500 for each of your kids just to get their safe and protected gear.

Now you notice that you could have cut that price remarkably if you would have bought pieces online which aren’t from the main manufacturers like Least and fox etc. The dirt bike riding for your child is the same way that you access buying the bike with the exception of buying a bike.

According to experts, riders need new gear unless more suitable using a hand-me-down from a close friend and family member who you trust. If a little crash can impair and damage the good quality of gear.

What is the best dirt bike for 5 year old Kid?

Here is the quick list of 10 best dirt bikes for your little 5 year old champion:

Dirt Bikes



1. X-PRO 140cc


2. Honda CRF50F


3. KTM 50 SX


4. Razor MX400


5. Yamaha PW50


6. Yamaha TT-R50


7. Razor MX350


8. McGrath SX500


9. Suzuki-DR-Z50


1. X-PRO 140cc

X-PRO 140cc

X-pro is one of the best super versions of dirt bikes for your 5-year-old kid’s rider. It has an 4 stroke engine which is more powerful and reliable as compared to 2 stroke engine.

The engine of the dirt bike makes a very slow noise as compared to other dirt bikes, which is prettier for kids that ride and jump on it. However, if you’re a beginner bike rider, it’s a really good choice for your kid, as compared to other dirt bikes.

The seat height X-Pro is 23.5 inches, which is overall good for any younger kid at an average height of 4.5 feet. Usually, It has a smaller engine that hence It gains only 22 miles and Its top speed. This dirt bike is ideal for 4 to 5 years kids.

Furthermore, this dirt bike may also carry 80lbs of weight capacity that is good for your kids. It’s well designed, comes in a unique color, lightweight as well as excellent for your kid will love it.

It enhances coordination and independence in joy and plays. In other words, this dirt bike is safe and perfect for fun, jumping, and riding experience.

The pull start and chain transmission provide easier handling and controlling for kid riders, Even the riding of X-pro definitely has much fun with crazy speed and power.


  • Well design
  • Lightweight
  • Super Crazy speed
  • Perfect for kids


  • Not for adult riders
  • Small engine
  • Not an electronic system

2. Honda CRF50

Honda CRF50

We can say that Honda CRF50F is the perfect bike for your 5-year-old kids. It’s always perfect and offers a good combination of features as compared to another bike. It’s available with a good transmission speed, automatic clutch, tuned to deliver smooth and has a 4 stroke engine.

It is more readable and easy to control. If you notice that, one best thing in Honda dirt bikes is the stroke engine that is famously more reliable, which cuts down on hassles and frustration. Maybe bigger riders face a bit of difficulty, especially when they are starting out.

However, the frame of this bike is made with stronger steel built to handle the dings and bump of off-road riding. This bike is mostly available in unique colors with smooth transmission of three gear ratios. Although, It’s a good and serious smaller dirt bike that is also forgiving.

The clutch engages gently and the brakes are not grabby. The seat height of this dirt bike is 21.6 inches, a lightweight and crazy bike for your 5-year-old kids.

This is the little dirt bike that makes it, but it doesn’t mean your child would outgrow it perfectly. You had a child ranging in age from five riding it, even everyone had a blast. However, it’s a crazy, perfect dirt bike for your kid’s riders.


  • Smooth transmission gear
  • More reliable


  • Seat height is not perfect for tall riders
  • Heavyweight
  • Three transmission speed may complex for beginners
  • Not perfect for beginners

3. KTM 50 SX


The KTM 50 SX is a crazy, true, and genius dirt bike for 5-year-old kids. It has top quality features that make it perfect and the first choice when you step into the MX world.

The main features of the MX dirt bike, the stroke engine delivers a steady, automatic clutch, crazy controllable power, and perfect for novice bike riders. However, it’s a unique dirt bike that fully adorable with an ultra-cool graphic, the rear suspension that makes going fast fun.

It has a high-performance cylinder with a reed intake system and exhaust pipe that are perfectly arranged for an excellent performance. However, it also provides the best feeling of easy to control for all bike riders that helping with stability, it’s come in a unique color, well design graphic mold, and a single-speed transmission.

If you want to buy the best dirt bike for 5 year old kid, hop-on-and-go bike, the TM 50 SX is the way to go.


  • Automatic clutch
  • High quality frame
  • Well design


  • Not ideal for young rider

4. Razor MX400

Razor MX400

Razor MX400 is the best entry-level dirt bike with a powerful electric motor that is the perfect dirt bike for 5 year old kid. It’s easy to manage with twist throttle controllable handlebars. It comes in white color with a well-designed body frame.

The seat height of the bike is 20 inches and the tire is 12 Inches. It is powered by 250-watt crazy speed high-quality torque and a chain-driven motor that is easily manageable for your kid.

Although the soft rubber grip, shatter plastic fairing, retractable kickstand and double crown fork made a perfect and suitable dirt bike for kids. However, it’s a crazy, perfect dirt bike for your kid’s riders.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Well design
  • Super speed
  • Double grip throttle control


  • No Gears
  • Not perfect for Riding Uphill
  • Short battery timing

5. Yamaha PW50

Yamaha PW50

Yamaha PW50 Small, friendly, and one of the perfect dirt bikes for your kids. The seat height of this bike 18.7 inches, which makes it very manageable for the young beginner.

It has a throttle stop screw, automatic transmission, and an action system. Usually, PW50 is entry-level and an affordable dirt bike for 5-year-old kids. This is available in a unique blue color with automatic transmission speed.

The two-stroke engine that helps to keep the bike light, even it’s more durability, simple approachability, and affordability make for the perfect bike for young riders. Even the single speed of automatic transmission clarifies the riding experience level.

Although, It has an auto lube injection system that no need to oil and for a two-stroke engine.

The best thing about this dirt bike that available at a cheap price makes a variety of replacement parts and more durable and easy to manageable components and an excellent selection for your kids.


  • Automatic single transmission speedWell design features
  • A perfect bike for short riders
  • Less expensive


  • Not perfect for tall riders
  • May be brilliant riders rapidly outgrow

6. Yamaha TT-R50

Yamaha TT-R50

While Yamaha TT-R50 is one of the best and excellent dirt bikes for your kids. It has lots of ideal features, that are easy to manage and comfortable for your kids.

TTR50 dirt bike has a four-stroke engine, rear drum brakes, an inverted fork and electric starter, and an upgraded shock. The main features of clutch transmission, 3-speed automatic, introducing the process of shifting to kid riders, and no need to learn the clutch quite.

The newer models even feature electric start and have a new function in this dirt bike. However, if your child has the ability to learn is a factor.

Although, an automatic clutch may also be more beneficial so your kids can work on the required fundamentals of staying and riding upright previous to moving on to the complex aspects of dirt bike riding.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Electronic starter
  • Automatic clutch


  • Not good for beginner
  • Bit expensive

7. Razor MX350

Razor MX350

Razor MX350 is one of the most popular dirt bike products and the perfect bike for your kids. It comes in blue color and has an off/on starting switch system with a double acceleration grip. The main feature of this dirt bike, twist control throttle, chain-driven motor with high torque.

The seat height of MX350 is 20 inches and the maximum speed of this bike is 14 mph. It well designs a Reliable dirt bike with a limited warranty.

However, even it’s an actual off-road dirt bike and more perfect for beginner kid riders. Easy to maintain especially when you compare with other dirt bikes. The more powerful, crazy, bigger bike as compared to MX650 is more pretty and fast off the line.

Even, fantastic, high-level dirt bike, much better and quite even more perfect for the environment. It has a high-quality hand-operated brake, adjustable rise handles, a crazy powerful 350-watt motor with an acid Battery system that is the best choice for your kids.


  • Large, reliable knobby tires
  • Well design
  • 90 days warranty


  • No automatic starter system
  • Age recommendation
  • No suspension
  • Limited warranty

8. Aosomo 6V

Aosomo 6V

If you’re a beginner and just learning to ride, Aosomo 6V is one of the best choices for your kids. It has unique features, top speed, wheel construction, and plastic frame with hand-eye coordination.

However, it’s the perfect bike for your 5-year-old kids’ rider, even easy to afford. According to experts it only recommends that kid who is under 55 pounds. The functions of this bike provide crazy supra rear-wheel drive to the vehicle for good performance on rougher surfaces such as asphalt for the cement floor and road brick road floor.

It’s available in a unique red color, with lead-acid beery, usually the average use of 45 minutes.

It’s very an amazing driving experience for your kids, and only recommended for 3 to 6-year-old kids raiders.


  • Boost kids confidence level
  • Plastic frame
  • Super crazy speed


  • A required long time period for berry charge.
  • Weight limits are cancer.

9. McGrath SX500

McGrath SX500

The dirt bike is a very friendly, perfect aggressive dirt bike for 5-year-old kids. Usually, the SX500 dirt bike comes with a complete signature dirt bike with a unique frame and feature.

The authentic, fairing, graphic dirt bike frame with high torque, super Charnel experience with variable speed. It has dual suspension, disc brakes, and rear-specific tread that make the ride ready to rock this dirt bike.

Usually, it’s much higher, has larger fairings, wider seats, rear/front disc suspension, and brakes, and has weight to it.

This dirt bike is powered by 3 rechargeable unit batteries, even 3 rechargeable 12 volt crazy batteries that are ideal for your ribs. It’s long life fun and the sport bike for bike riders.


  • Excellent steel frame
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Dual brakes
  • Super speed setting


  • Non Protective gears
  • Non-locking brakes

10. Suzuki-DR-Z50


Suzuki-DR-Z50 is the best dirt bike to its fun bike and an ideal choice for your kids. It’s well designed and usually made in japan and specially designed for young bigger kids.

DR-Z50 dirt bike has a 4 stroke engine, automatic clutch, the seat height of this bike is 560mm and 10 inches wheel that is a more suitable and perfect tool for the fundamentals of developing their riding skills.

The ultra-reliable, whisper-quiet, 4-stroke air-cooled engine and delivers plenty of torque in a controllable and smooth manner. The Peak power of this dirt bike may also be controlled and the adaptable throttle allows supervising to match the dirt bike’s output to the rider’s ability and mentality.

It comes in unique colors, with a well-designed steel frame, starter, and lightest motors. However, delivering a controllable and fun ride, the little Suzuki has inverted telescopic front forks with 97mm of wheel travel and a linkless swing arm, that the 10-inch tires offer the best traction.

It’s the best dirt bike for 5 year old younger kids regardless of brand, and you want one of the perfect, comfortable ones and handle the power. It’s the perfect engine dirt bike and your kids also improve their skills.


  • Well design
  • Automatic clutch
  • 4 stroke engine


  • Not perfect for tall riders

11. OSET MX10


The Oset Mx10 is a high quality, excellent ultimate dirt bike for your kids, and more adjustable and lightweight. It has 3 adjusters for crazy super speed, power output, throttle response that can customize that perfect kid’s starter through the little experienced racer.

The most powerful lithium battery, more comfortable seat height, and well-designed that more comfortable and excellent dirt bike for 5 year old riders. Many other elements like where your kid rides to improve your ability to invest in riding gear and all elements in getting the perfect bike for your kid and young bike riders.

Oset Mx10 is one of the biggest hurdles that young riders face. With most of the power at the top of the range, many kids are too scared to give it a handful, but MX-10 solves that problem. The power, top speed, and throttle response can all be easily altered to perfect the rider.


  • Well design
  • Super crazy power
  • powerful lithium battery
  • Lightweight


  • Not perfect for all riders

Some Faqs

  1. What is a good size dirt bike for a 5 year old?

    It is really difficult to choose a dirt bike for a 5-year-old kid. For kids of 5 years old, you should look for a bike with a height of 90 to 110 cm, a 50cc dirt bike is best. You can go with any 50cc dirt bike like PW50, or Suzuki DR-Z50.

  2. Can a 5 year old ride a dirt bike?

    Yes, a 5-year-old kid can ride a dirt bike, but make sure to wear some safety equipment like a helmet, neck brace, chest protector, protective pants, and dirt bike shoes. For a five year old kid, there are over 10 dirt bikes in the market and I have reviewed almost all of them. Read out the article and pick the best one for your kid. Besides a Suzuki DR-Z50 will be the top best combination for a 5 year old kid.

  3. How old should a child be to ride a dirt bike?

    I have seen a 3 year old kid riding a dirt bike, so if your kid is smart enough to learn to ride a dirt bike, he can start riding a dirt bike at a minimum of 3 years of age. But I would recommend an age of at least five years to start riding a dirt bike.

  4. What age is a 50cc dirt bike for?

    A 50cc dirt bike is best for kids of 4 to 7 years of age. It is not much powerful and a kid can easily control a 50cc dirt bike. You must have to use training wheels at the start to keep balance and later you can remove them. I have seen many kids riding a 50cc dirt bike at the age of 5 years, so to my best a 50cc dirt bike is the best combination for a kid of 5 years old.

  5. How fast is a 50cc dirt bike?

    A 50cc dirt bike can have a top speed of 40 miles per hour. It is not a very fast dirt bike and is best for kids of 4 to 7 years old. Maybe 40 miles per hour seems a bit fast for kids of this age, but during normal rides, kids do not go that fast and in some advanced dirt bikes, you can even control the speed of dirt bikes. You can also use a speedometer to have a note on the top speed of your kid’s bike.


If your kid still loves riding, and your kids are physically more active, that is a better way to stay sharp and focused. Usually, dirt bikes are light in weight, easy to manageable and many adventure bikes are available in the market. However, many benefits of dirt bikes are health-related, that is the best way to retain your kid.

I hope that this article is more beneficial and provides more information and very helpful for you when you are picking out a dirt bike for 5-year-old kid.

However, I truly very enjoy seeing the young kids learning the skill and maintaining a dirt bike and the responsibility of riding. It’s also a good way for parents to spend a lot of time with their child. Usually, develop an awareness of your surroundings, your feeling on the dirt bike, and control you will all move on to riding on the street and market.

Dirt bike riding makes you much better as compared to street riders. However, we can say that it’s perfect and more suitable for your kid, and beginner bike riders.

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