10 best dirt bike for 7 year old (2021) – 10 Top Picks

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Choosing a good dirt bike for a 7 year old younger rider can be a little bit of a task for you. Dirt bikes come in variety, size, color, and models for young old riders. Even you have many more options than ever in this day and age. Unfortunately, dirt bikes are the best activity for kids and an ideal bike for 7-year-old riders.

Dirt bike Adventure is ideal, perfect, and a quality bike, with a cheap price tag. Even a bike is excellent exercise, and amazing stress release exercise for a rider, and is a ton of fun.

Here is a list of top dirt bikes for kids and younger riders including the smallest 50cc four-stroke, 100cc two-stroke, trail bikes up to 85cc, and motocross bikes. There are a lot many models of dirt bikes some are really best which some are just okay. Although, Dirt bikes are an ideal, fun way for your kid to get surface and experience things.

Dirt bikes come in an extensive range of sizes and shapes with different capabilities, powertrains, and extensive differences in price. Further, the most popular best dirt bikes for kid’s riders out there are suitable and have a wide range of budgets and applications.

How to Choose the Best Size of a Dirt Bike for 7 Year Old Kid?

If you are getting anything for a child you want to make sure that it is a perfect size. If you want to make that you got the perfect size dirt bike for a kid so that they can control it, fit it, and be able to balance it.

Most 7-year-old bike riders will be perfectly fine on a 50cc dirt bike. Although it’s a lightweight and small dirt bike they should have no issue controlling the dirt bike, staying balanced, and fitting on it perfectly.

Some younger children grow faster than others and dirt bikes aren’t amazingly big enough for your 7-year-old riders. However, normally moving up in size to a 50cc and 90cc dirt bike should fix the issue and fit your kid’s riders.

If you enhance your riding speed with some riding experience, the Suzuki JR80 is the best dirt bike to transform to once your kid has learned to ride.

It comes in unique color and has a great 2-stroke bike with plenty of power and pickup for a 7-year-old rider. The 5-speed of JR80 dirt bike transmission gives many chances for its rider to make them more powerful. The JR80 is one of the best for self-confident bike riders with its kick start options, manual clutch, and no throttle limitation.

This bike is a lot of fun to ride, it has a 2-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that is easy to handle and perfect to maneuver.

The transmission 5-speed of constant mesh an ideal buy for someone that has already taken the first steps in learning how to ride. The brakes of a dirt bike are a drum with a rear suspension. And the height of the seat is more comfortable and adjustable.

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Safety Rules for dirt bike rider

Additionally, Dirt bikes are a fun activity for your 7-year-old child and it’s a great activity for your kids, families as well. But just like any outdoor and sport activity it comes with its risky and dangers for new bike riders.

Most of the activities of riding in life come with risks of being hurt even more than others’ dirt bikes. However, dirt biking comes with many risks than painting would. It is more important to follow safety rules when your child, dirt bike riding.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Every bike rider, especially 7-year-old kids, are wearing their safety gear all of the time is important for every bike rider. The gear of a dirt bike is made and should be worn so that your child is safe term riding and in case of an accident.

Ride-On Dirt Roads

Further, a great tip is to bike ride on dirt roads instead of asphalt. However, if your child does end up tipping and skidding their bike riding that will be much safer or well-protected.

This isn’t more important, even if it surely can add to the safety of your child rather than they are off riding so that they also may lose the risk of running into bike riding.

Correct Size

One of the excellent ways to make sure that your child is staying protected is to make sure that they have the best-sized dirt bike for young riders. Obtaining a dirt bike that is too big for them may also make it hard for them to adjust to their movements and can also scare them.

10 Best Dirt Bike for 7 Year old rider – Reviews

There are many dirt bikes available in the market for 7-year-old children, even younger, higher, and smaller riders. Eventually, you have two options: the 4-stroke engine and two-stroke engine oil-injected like you, would when you selected a dirt bike for a child.

Usually, dirt bike is one of the best and suitable choice for the younger age group and the size would be 50cc, If your child is a beginner young bike rider at a 2 stroke 50cc single speed such as a KTM 65SX, CRF125F is going to be an excellent and simple option for your younger child to learn on.

Here is the list of Best dirt bikes for a child of 7 Years.

Dirt Bikes



1. KTM 50 SX


2. KTM 65 SX


3. CRF125F


4. TTR 50E


5. Honda CRF 50


6. Honda XR 50


7. Cobra CX 50


8. Suzuki JR 50


9. KTM Mini Adventure


10. KTM 60 SX


1. KTM 50 SX

The KTM 50 SX, is one of the best dirt bikes for 7-year-old bike riders. Even if your kid appears more aggressive bike riding approach, then it’s an ideal champion choice for your kid and younger rider.

However, the KTM SX50 dirt bike is one of the excellent pocket rockets that have no gears to mess your child that may forget about gear, clutch makes difference, that concentrates on developing the important skill of jumping, cornering, and braking.

It comes in a different unique color, size with a more comfortable seat height at 27 inches, and an ideal choice for bike rider kids. It’s come in lightweight, rear-wheel size and limited gas capacity with stiffer suspension distribution and sitting just under the 7-year-old bike riders.

Although, it has a two-stroke engine with a lightweight ratio with only 100-pound weight. Even KTM has one of the most engaging racing dirt bikes. KTM is a classical specific model that is the perfect platform for your kid rider.


  • Light-weighted
  • Two-stroke engine
  • High-quality design


  • Limited gas capacity
  • Bit expensive

2. KTM 65 SX

KTM 65 SX is one of the best selections, the ideal model for dirt bikes for your kids and who are ready for riding adventures. It’s come in unique color and also provides a transmission motor with a suspension package that is ready to send your child shredding overall the track.

Even 6 transmission speeds of this dirt bike with clutch allow the little bike riders to learn to manage the power of an impressive 2 stroke engine.

The impressive stroke of the engine is easily manageable and controlled for every little dirt bike. It comes in a super lightweight and slender frame of this bike which helps to develop your child’s racing ability. Additionally, it’s one of the best suitable choices for your kid.


  • Super lightweight
  • 2 stroke engine
  • Easy to manageable


  • Not perfect for tall riders
  • Not automatic clutch

3. CRF125F

Honda CRF125F is one of the best and newest dirt bike models for your younger riders. It has a larger diameter and longer swingarm wheels and strikes with perfect balance with power and size for many growing riders.

The seat height of this bike is two inches more comfortable for 7 Year-old bike riders. There are also single-cylinder engine features, four transmission speeds, and a unique steel frame that along with plenty of suspension travel.

It comes in a unique red color with unusually personal vehicles. The CRF125F’s dirt bike is more comfortable with a four-stroke engine and the single-cylinder engine gives the best, perfect performance with a large powerband.

However its best wide range of older, younger and including newcomers bike riders. The fuel injection of this dirt bike makes it even better and more efficient.


  • Well design
  • Four-stroke engine
  • Lightweight


  • Limited warranty
  • Expensive

4. TTR-50cc

The TTR-50 is an ideal, more comfortable, and one of the best dirt bikes for your kids. I’ll outline some of the things that are wrong with the bike; however, all-in-all it’s a very solid dirt bike for kids and is a good purchase.

This bike has a lot of features, such as front and rear drum brakes, inverted fork, electric start, and a large drive chain for better maintenance. However, it is an ideal and more suitable dirt bike for 6 and 7-year-old bike riders.

Usually, the seat height of the TTR-50e dirt bike is 21.5 inches. It means that most of the children will be able to touch the ground with a flat foot at 7-year-old riders. However, the means of flat foot that bike is moderately undersized for your younger child.

According to my experience with a child is that they feel much confident learning on a bike when they can touch the flat-footed. Usually, dirt bikes are lightweight, but TTR-50cc dirt bikes are quite heavy as compared to other dirt bikes.

Generally, It takes the child to learn how far they can lean before the dirt bike’s weight overpowers them.


  • High-quality frame
  • Lightweight
  • Four-stroke engine


  • Heavyweight
  • Not ideal for young riders

5. Honda CRF 50

CRF50F is one of the best dirt bikes for your younger and 7-year-old child. It has a four-stroke engine, three-speed sequential transmission with a kick-starter.

It is well designed and survives the exploitation of bike newbies. The height of the seat is 21 inches and lightweight. However, if your kid is still a fun game to ride,the dirt bike will be, too. The clutch engages automatically and brakes are not desired.

CRF50F dirt bike is the smallest biker and more comfortable for your young child. But it’s not mean that your child would outgrow its perfect way.


  • four-stroke
  • 3-speed automatic clutch
  • Light weight
  • Well design


  • No break
  • Bit expensive

6. Honda XR 50

According to many expert bike riders, it’s even proven that XR 50 is one of the most popular and best dirt bikes to get any younger and started riding.

Although, its combination of perfect and unique features, even it’s more reliable with four-stroke, easy to use and delivers smoothly. It comes in unique color with an automatic clutch and three-speed transmission.

Usually, its offer and more suitable keyed ignition throttle limiter, you control easily this type of dirt bike. Even that makes the XR 50 a perfect tool and also helps keep younger riders from going too soon, and too fast.

So if you want to make sure that you give your child memorable memories, a dirt bike, it’s a more suitable and excellent choice for your child.


  • Four-stroke
  • Automatic clutch
  • Three-speed transmission


  • Not perfect for young riders

7. Cobra CX50 SR

The Cobra CX50 SR dirt bike is very suitable for your 7 year old child, but it’s not perfect for beginners. The seat height of the cobra dirt bike is 680mm and wheelbase is 1038mm, and the full adjustable is 210mm with rear suspension travel.

Although, it has exclusive features like a fully suitable and more adjustable 5Gx-3 shoe auto clutch, twin-spar frame, and adjustable cartridge fork. Cobra dirt bike available with unique color with 2-stroke oil-injected and single speed.

Additionally, it is a well-balanced bike for younger bike riders. Even your suspension experience is the biggest competitive benefit of the SR.


  • 2-stroke oil injected,
  • single speed
  • Well design
  • Unique features
  • Superpower bike


  • Brakes may be a nightmare to bleed

8. Suzuki JR 50

The Suzuki JR50 is one of the most popular and stylish dirt bikes for your younger child. It is available in unique color with 2 strokes, kick starter with a single-cylinder engine.

The total fuel capacity is 0.5 gallons with paired transmission speed. Even JR 50 rides on a steel wheel with X 10-2pr rear tire and 2.5 X 10-2pr front tire. Has one of the most engaging racing dirt bikes.

JR50 dirt bike is a specific model that is the perfect platform for your kid’s riders. As a parent, you’re going to value your kid’s protection, so make sure to pay attention to what protection options and features are included with your purchase for your child.


  • 2-Stroke oil injection
  • Dry Weight


  • Single cylinder Engine

9. KTM Mini Adventure

The KTM 50 mini dirt bike is one of the best for your 7-year-old, young rider. The total fuel capacity is 0.53 gallons with a paired engine with a 1-speed transmission. It comes in unique color and rear drum brakes and front drum brakes also provide stopping power.

The 50 Adventure Mini comes standard with a one passenger seat, kick starter, single-cylinder engine, 2 strokes, and air-cooled. As a parent, you’re going to value your kid’s protection, so make sure to pay attention to what protection options and features are included with your purchase for your child.


  • 2-stroke engine
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • single speed
  • paired engine


  • Fire breathing

10. PW50

If you have an instant and legendary recognizable PW50 dirt bike, that is one of the best and perfect dirt bikes for your 7-year-old child and younger bike lovers. It comes equipped with a 2 stroke engine, single-speed transmission, and air-cooled engine oil with a house fuel injection system.

The PW50 dirt bike has a fully automatic system and the power transferred to a fully uncovered shaft drive. The excellent feature of Pw50 that also helps to protect your child keeps support to the basic minimum with no re-tensioning and oiling required. The seat height of this dirt bike of 12 inches with super low and best for younger bike riders.


  • Fuel injection system
  • 2 stroke engine
  • Fully automatic transmission


  • Need more maintenance for long run riding.


If you are buying a small dirt bike for 7 year old younger bike rider, there are many crucial things to consider:

i. The protection features of many models

Usually, dirt biking is an inspiring activity that is not only very challenging mentally and physically. Even some time is more dangerous and risky. If you want to buy one of the best dirt bikes for younger beginners, firstly It’s more important to understand that usually, a dirt bike is good to ride and drive than a normal bike.

However, the average speed of dirt is quite small and slow and more suitable for younger bike riders. Usually most around the world, many dirt bikes also require a license for bike driving. If your kid has glitter for this type of sport, you should support and encourage him from young riders.

The good selection of the best beginners and young riders becomes a top concern for kids’ parents. Dirt biking is an excellent experience for kids and adults. It is an adventure and fun at the same time. There is an extensive range of dirt bikes available for your younger kids and new starters.

If you are buying and choosing, the best dirt bike for beginners can be challenging. If you may also enhance your understanding of the dirt bikes by going through the various factors to consider while making the final selection.

The dirt bike is made specifically for riding fun and riding trails that are going to have smaller wheels, bigger tires, soft suspension, and more rubber that make the rider more perfect and comfortable. Even the capacity of the gas tank of the dirt bike and reverse portion of the oil tank will be better if you spend more time out on the trail and dumping gallons.

However, a dirt bike is the best choice for your younger, 7-year-old child, because it’s lightweight, more comfortable, and ideal for beginners and younger bike riders. If you are buying a small younger bike rider, there are many crucial things to consider, the protection features of many models.

ii. The protection features of many models

At the end of the day, a dirt bike is a potentially wild machine, so protection is paramount. However, most manufacturing companies have added key safety features to ensure that your child will be as secure as possible.

The safety features also include throttle limiters, that allow parents to decide how much power their younger child can access; key ignitions, that test child from riding without being heat shielding, supervised, to secure your child legs from hot exhausts and other parts of the dirt bike and other small more comforts a handlebar pad, and more.

As a parent, you’re going to value your kid’s protection, so make sure to pay attention to what protection options and features are included with your purchase for your child. Hope after reading this complete article, you can easily select dirt bike for 7 year old bike rider of your’s.

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