7 best dirt bike for 8 year old kid (2021) – Expert’s Advice

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What is the best dirt bike for 8 year old kids?

Here is the Quick list of dirt bikes for 8 years Champions!

Dirt Bikes



1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike


2. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike


3. Razor Rocket Electric MX650 Motocross


4. Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike


5. DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke


6. X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike


7. KTM SX E-5


Dirt bike is a personal vehicle of kids that their owner does not like to share with anyone and it’s the best time when they spend their time with their ridding friend. Parents are conscious to choose perfect and ideal bikes for their children that are safe and gives a good time to them.

Riding has a large number of health benefits and also plays a vital role to keep them healthy and fit. The most interesting and attractive thing at the age of 8 is adventurous that are fearful parents but thrilling for children who are unaware of the word of fear at this age.

Besides watching cartoons on T.V, they like to ride their dirt bikes and parents try to choose a product that can give them a safe ridding and easy to ride because it is also good for their health ridding is extremely good for their physical and mental growth.

It is a famous quote that a healthy body gives a sound mind so it is a good fact that it is a pleasant activity of children and they feel much excitement in the ridding time.

Hence it is an important matter to select a wonderful dirt bike for children so here is a list of top quality dirt bike that is accurate and suitable for the children of 8 years old.

Top 7 best dirt bike for 8 year old kids

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike is a perfect choice for parents who are searching for an ideal dirt bike for their 8 years old prince.

It is an electric bike that is chargeable and gives a thrilling time to the rider. The most attractive thing that is related to this dirt bike is its warranty because it is the only bike that’s manufacturer is offering a warranty of 3 months that why the buyer can buy this bike without any fear of wasting their money.

They can return, and get a fine repairing in case of any defect or technical defect in the bike. Furthermore, this the best choice for the expert riders because it gives a long and good time for the ridding but it is also fantastic for kids who are beginners because it keeps a balance in the initial stage of ridding.

The speed limit of this is normal i is not too much speed and it is also not too slow that creates any sort of boredom.

It goes more than 14 miles in an hour. This bike is simple and easy to ride for 8 years old kids. The weight of this product is 150 lbs that is not too lightweight and not too heavy that is difficult to move.

Generally issue that is related with the dirt bike is their noising nature because it is a general complaint that an electric bike produce unwanted noise but Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike does not create noise in its running time and gives a steady and smooth riding to the ridder without crqa5tinfg any sort of noise.

This dirt bike is equipped with a 12v battery that is a short time taking in recharge and goes more than 30 minutes in a single recharge.

The wheels of these dirt bikes have big sizes that are well constructed and well constructed. Its battery is rechargeable and works more than half an hour on a single charge. It is the reason that due to all these amazing features this dirt bike is the best dirt bike for 8 year old kids.


  • Knobby tires of large size
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 16 mph speed rates
  • Good for 8 years old
  • Offer a 3-month warranty
  • Safe and sound for kids
  • No noise producing
  • Gives 30 minutes smooth ridding


  • Time taking charging
  • Offer a short time warranty
  • Works only 30 minutes in a single charge
  • Expensive

2. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike is a mini bike that is famous due to its flamboyant colors and it is a favorite of kids because they love colorful things. The style of bike is simple which makes it more coven3ent to ride for children and it is also easy to clean and after cleaning gives a new look.

It is equally good for boys and girls as well as exports and newcomer because it is balance ability is 100% admirable. 8 years is an age of growth therefore childer have different height statuses at the level of age so it is good for both heighted and small heightened children for ridding.

This dirt bike is specially embellished with everything with a proper sequence that makes it a favorite of everyone.

The wheels of the bike are wide and well-constructed that maintains a great way to make it appropriate for ridding and the most salient feature is its warranty of 3 months and its company is offering a time of return and any sort of repairing in case of any technical defects.

It has a wide seat of 50inch x 22inch x 33.5inch. The seat of the bike is really comfortable and well looking. It is safe and sound for your children because its maximum speed limit is 30mphs. It has disk brakes that stop instantly in a slight pressure.

It comes more than 86% assemble and other parts are easy to assemble and its packs has also a tools kit that is needed in the setting of the bike. All parts are under warranty conditions that can be replaced in case of any defect.

Furthermore, this bike has a 2 stroke engine instead of a motor because the motor creates noise while the engine gives a swift time of running without noise. All parts of this bike are powerful constructed and best for lifetime using. This mini dirt bike is suitable even you can say that it is the best dirt bike for 8 year old childs.


  • Available in different clours
  • Simple to use
  • Provide a smooth ride
  • Has a top-quality engine instead of a noisy motor
  • Well constructe4d
  • Offer warranty
  • Strong and sturdy wheels
  • Stylish


  • A bit expensive
  • Paint is not reliable
  • No more really 

3. Razor Rocket Electric MX650 Motocross

Razor Rocket Electric MX650 Motocross is an electric engine bike that is effective for ridding and it is special for the kids who love to ridding and want a swift ridder that can fulfill their fondness of ridding as this bike comes with a rechargeable engine instead of a motor.

It is the engine is not a noise producer and it n more preferable than motor because motors are not reliable their performance and become useless after short usage. It is a rechargeable engine that has a good capacity of 650 watts.

It is fast in its performance and gives the finniest ride as compared to all other rechargeable motor dirt bikes. The handlebar of this bike is extremely flexible and adjustable that can be controlled by the rider fantastic way. It is easy to move according to the needs of the rider they feel much pleasure when this dirt bike becomes an obedient server for them due to their swift functions.

It is best for the kids of an age of 8 to 10. The speed rating is also satisfactory not only for the kids but also for the parents who are always worried about their children’s activities as it has a normal speed rating g of 17 MPH. Razor is a famous and popular name in the production of top-quality bikes for the little champions who are always eager to be the owner of their dirt bike.

It has a decent weight capacity of 220 pounds that is a wonderful trait because common dirt bikes only offer less than 130 pounds in a normal way. The wheels of the bike are admirable due to their marvelous construction and solidness.

Its tires have an extra width that performs a soul task to maintain balance for the newcomers and the people who are not exports and its first ride gives a positive impression and wonderful grip over it.


  • Easy to ride
  • Has a good weight capacity
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Has an outstanding engine
  • Electrically rechargeable
  • Has wide and powerful tires
  • Has a powerful battery
  • Good for initial ridding stage and also exports


  • Takes a long hour to charge
  • Battery is not for a long time
  • Expensive
  • Unaffordable

4. Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike

Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike is a magical motorbike that is rechargeable and easy to ride for kids as well as adults because it comes in different sizes and their design is good looking that is loved by kids. It is a mini bike but has all functions of a big bike.

The most noteworthy thing that makes it more attractive for buyers is its low and reasonable price that is affordable for everyone. It has a mini motor that is demanded a speed rate that makes it safe and sound to use. It is not too low-speeded and it’s not too fast that causes sometimes mishaps so it is a great option for the parents that want to be tension-free from ridding of their kids. It is an amazing dirt bike for 8-year-old kids.

It comes in complete assembled form and there is not any headache for the parents to assemble the bike after purchasing. In the pack, there is a complete guide for first time running direction that makes it easy to operate. It is a rechargeable bike and comes with an engine that is reliable for a long time using.

Engine is more preferable for the buyers because the motor is not good for a long time using but its engine has 4 strokes that give a smooth and comfy ride for your little prince. The material that has been used for the construction of the bike is authentic and trustworthy for a lifetime using.

The wheels of these dirt bikes are powerful and wide which makes it cozy to use for the newcomers as well as exports. The seat of the bike is padded and cushioned and gives a tiredness free time. The chain guard is also its special feature that safes rider’s pants and legs. It has also a stopwatch for its exclusive engine.


  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Well build and authentic
  • Safe and sound
  • Easy to ride
  • Cushioned seat
  • Has a chainguard
  • Has a engene insted of motor


  • Not for heavy riders
  • A bit expensive
  • Take a long time to recharge

5. DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke

DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke is a perfect and an ideal bike for its users. It is a 2 stroke gas engine bike that smooth to ride. It is stylish and attractive in its design. It is enough about its warranty that is it comes with 30 days warranty but its not money return but only it is for its arts replacement.

It does not come in assembled form and it is not easy to assemble by the buyers but also it needs an expert technician to assemble this dirt bike. Therefore most people who do not know the assembling techniques do not like to buy this bike for their kids.

The DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke is a smart bike that is available in a smooth yellow color that is a favorite of kids. It has a marvelous engine that is cylinder and air cooling. That’s why it is safe to use for your kids and lots ridding speed is admirable and gives a safe ride.

It is decorated with an automatic transition system that is easy to operate for non-experts. It has a good weight capacity of 100lbs. DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke is easy and uncomplicated to ride. Despite all qualities, its clutch is a bit hard that is not favorable for everyone, and makes dirt bike uncomfortable instantly some times.

It has a large fuel tank. This bike has a fine finishing and a steel frame that makes it good for a long time to use. Its wheels are fantastic for street riding but are not for highway riding. The seat of the bike is soft and wide that makes ridding time more thrilling and excited. This dirt bike is suitable for 8 year old kids.


  • Has a big fuel tank
  • Easy to ride
  • Has a good weight capability
  • Has a dual stroke
  • Automatic transition
  • Fantastic for exports and newcomers


  • Unassembled
  • Not tool k9it
  • No direction guide
  • Not self-assembled
  • Expensive
  • Not for highway ride

6. X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike

X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike is a choice for the people who are searching for a dirt bike of fine quality that fills all requirements of the users and this a perfect product for off-road riding. This is not a common engine bike because it is a 500cc engine dirt bike.

However, the reviews of customer sows that these are fantastic its performance and another feature s like brakes that are completely controllable for the ridders. Its speed limits give a professional ridding experience that is the dream of everyone.

Generally, dirt bikes come in black color but he is an exception in this regard because this one comes in different colors and shades. It is a good selling rates due to their bright colors because kids always love colorful products.

It is an admirable feature that is its fantastic speed as it covers more than 40 miles in an hour that is not possible for as common a dirt bike that is a dream of everyone.

It comes with a suitable and accurate system of speed modification. It comes in almost 80% assembling. So it is a pack of fun for its ridder and they can enjoy a lot with this adventurous bike.


  • Has a powerful engine
  • A safe speed
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a 500cc engine
  • Stylish and updated design
  • Well constructed


  • Expensive
  • May engine is not long-lasting use
  • no warranty
  • Not much solid parts

7. KTM SX E-5

KTM SX E-5 is a product that is demanding for kids according to their age growing needs. With the passage of time, interest and preferences changes, for illustration, at the age of 8 years, old kids demand dirt bikes instead of manual toys it is a good activity that plays a vital role in the growth of children ad it makes correct their vision and teaches them team working along with age fellows playmates.

KTM SX E-5 is gorgeous ridding dike them that become their favorite due to its particular functions. It is a way to conquer the outside world. It is a well build dirt bike that makes your children happy and healthy. This is a rechargeable dirt bike that has a 24V battery system that contains 12 V batteries and takes 12 hours for charging.

It runs swiftly one hour of fun in a single charge. 1 hour is enough time for thrilling and exciting experiences. Its charging time is not favorable for the users because it takes a long time of 12 hours that is too boring and its working time is only 1 hour that does not allow to go far and distant places because it is a great difficulty.

It has a wide footprint that gives a comfortable grip over the handle of the bike. The seat of the dirt bike is big and cushioned which gives a smooth-riding and cozy time.


  • Easy to ride
  • Suitable for exports and newcomers
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Has a powerful battery
  • Give 1-hour ride in a single charge


  • Take 12 hours to charge
  • Limited ridding time
  • Not solid material constructed
  • Available in limited colors
  • Available in limited size
  • Only for boys


Being a dirt bike rider i would like to suggest that Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike & X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike are the best dirt bike for 8 year old kids. Moreover, you may select the bike according to your required pros.

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