10 Best Dirt Bikes for female beginners (2021) – A complete Guide

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If you are buying the very first dirt bike? Though full of the newest technology and perfect features and a high-quality dirt bike for a female beginner that is not yet necessary.

What you need is a dirt bike that will own you to get the feel of several and muddy tracks, although, gaining the mastery of dirt biking. If you are a beginner and need help choosing the perfect model for this brightening recreation, here are some things to examine before buying your first dirt bike.

In this article, we also cover the best dirt bikes for female beginners. Before purchasing a dirt bike, you also must consider the size, height, and weight of the dirt bike.

Here is a quick list of the best dirt bikes for female beginners:

  1. Kawasaki KLX110
  2. Yamaha WR250F
  3. Honda CRF230F
  4. Yamaha TTR-230
  5. SUZUKI DR-Z125L
  6. KTM 250 SX-F
  7. Kawasaki KLX140G
  8. Suzuki DR-Z125L
  10. Honda CRF150F

Study in Detail for Best Selection.

Buyer’s Guide!

Which type of dirt bike is best for Female Beginners?

Different dirt bikes have different features and specifications for these different categories, and you also need to find out that dirt bike fits you well. Usually, you may also do so by trying out the dirt bikes for yourself. How do some activities also affect the dirt bike which you’ll be choosing and purchasing?

Since dirt bikes are lightweight, competitive sports, more comfortable for female beginners that are easy to handle. Trail dirt bikes have better adjustable features which are more comfortable for female beginners so riders can easily finish a track faster.

Dirt bike riding is great fun and usually, beginner females can’t join this adventure. The keys to success are choosing the right dirt bike, having a safe place to practice.

What factors to consider while selecting a dirt bike for female beginner?

When you go to buy a dirt bike the basic criteria of selecting a bike based on the available riding area, bike’s weight, height size, athletic ability, and the rider’s personality, are the same for all bike riders.

Some most important things for beginning female riders should think about when buying a dirt bike or deciding if it’s a sport they would enjoy.

Other things to consider are:

i. Your weight and height?

Usually, your weight and height play an important role in making the perfect bike decision.

If you want to feel adjustable on the bike. If you ride a bike for the first time, maybe you feel more controllable when you can sit on the dirt bike and touch the ground with your feet.

Although, as long as you may touch the ground with your foot, that is more than effective of holding up the bike you starting and stopping your bike more easily and safely.

The best dirt bikes for beginner female, like bike racers in the world, are less than 4,5-foot and yet they race 450F and 250F dirt bike which is the larger-sized dirt bikes). Although, the weight of the dirt bike in relation to your weight is another problem. Make sure that you ride the bike that has enough got set up, go for your body weight.

ii. Four-stroke or a two-stroke?

Most dirt bikes have a two-stroke and a four-stroke that is the way the engine works. Even, four-strokes have more adjustable, smooth power delivery, as compared to two-strokes have, meaning they’re “snappier” abrupt power delivery but a bit difficult to control.

It used to be that four-strokes were heavy and sluggish, usually, it’s not a good choice for beginner female’s —but over the last couple of years, motorcycle dirt bikes have committed many resources toward research of four-stroke race bikes. Readout the 6 different dirt bike racings.

They are now snappier and lighter but they still have more suitable, usually, two-stroke will have more power as compared to a four-stroke engine that needs more maintenance.

Dirt bikes are specially made for trail riding are going to have bigger wheels, soft suspension, more rubber that make your ride more easy and comfortable.

The reverse option of the tank and the capacity of the gas tank will time out on the trial and then dumping with other gallons. We know very well, the dirt bike creature more comfortable, easy to ride, and best for off-road riding.

Overall we can say that the feature of dirt bike more comfortable and suitable for beginner women.

Best Dirt bikes for Female Beginners

A dirt bike is hard for female beginner riders, usually I think females have it the hardest. Although, females have minor frames than men do and are well lighted. Generally, it can be a bit difficult to select a dirt bike that is light enough and small enough for females to easily ride a dirt bike which is not perfect for a kid.

However, it’s very difficult to find a perfect dirt bike that is easy enough for female beginners to handle without more effort. If you are a beginner rider, and you don’t want a bike that’s cross and you don’t want one which is too overweight. Or you can make your dirt bike lighter.

The dirt bikes are usually easy to handle, lightweight, and more adjustable features, that fine middle ground that I was just talking about. The features of dirt bikes that are well designed and perfect for beginner female, so I think they’re excellent dirt bikes for female which are getting started on their new dirt bike journey!

Usually, dirt bikes are in no particular order, or each dirt bike is perfect for different reasons. I actually try to pick a diverse array of dirt bikes that would be good options for many different types of dirt bikes for beginner female.

However, we can say that dirt bikes are the best option for beginner females as compared to other motorbikes. Another way, dirt bikes is that kind of electric start bike. Especially for a beginner woman, it’s an excellent choice for a beginner, because the electric start of this bike is amazing and easy to handle.

When you’re riding one for the first time, and you’re fully confused to get a dirt bike going. This bike will make your experience simply amazing and stress-free. The half-clutch feature of this bike makes it easier to handle when the person riding to go. Usually, some unique features of dirt bikes make them perfect for beginner females.

1#Kawasaki KLX110

If you are new to dirt bike riding. Usually, the Kawasaki KLX110 dirt bike is best for beginner small heightened females. Literally this dirt bike has everything a woman needs that she’s riding a dirt bike for the very first time. Some beginner female have a short height, this dirt bike is the best choice for them. However, my personal favorite thing about this bike is how small it is.

The seat of this bike is really low to the ground that is perfect for itty-bitty beginner females. It has an automatic clutch that is easy to use and manage. The tall seat height is 26.8 inches and taller seat height is 28.7 inches and the manual clutch with four speed-transmission. I would highly recommend this dirt bike for especially itty bitty females like smallish and as mine female that are usually nervous when she is first time riding the dirt bike.

Both the L and KLX110 dirt Bikes are usually and L is primarily offered for female beginners. ​Kawasaki KLX110 dirt bikes are more powerful. Its low center of gravity makes it easy to manage which is good if you’re figuring out how to control and ride a dirt bike for the first time. It has four gears that allow for plenty of speed. Usually, this dirt bike is not scary in the slightest, even little enough which even the smallest of us can handle!


  • Low price
  • Good suspension
  • Four speed transmission
  • Automatic clutch system


  • Available in small size
  • Not perfect for heightened female’s

2#Yamaha WR250F

The Yamaha dirt bike has a pretty light-weighted and big frame and I think these things make it a perfect dirt bike for a beginner female who is tall. I highly recommend this bike for beginner riders and honestly ideal for tall females. It has super versatile and can be ridden by both, beginner and casual dirt bikers and pros. The WR250F dirt bike has the super crazy latest engine that developed the racing winning unite.

The well-designed feature of this dirt bike like, strong torque, 12-hole fuel injector with a durable clutch system which handles extreme terrain, usually lightweight that is more comfortable for female beginners.

Available with excellent fiction palates, that is more comfortable and lightweight for beginner females. It has 6 transmission speeds to make a more capable and versatile and endurance dirt bike.

The WR250F dirt bike has the latest engine generation that asl0 developed race-winning, the hole injector fuel that performance excellent engine with strong torque rev range. The good frame design and high level of protection level that makes this dirt bike more comfortable for female beginners.


  • Super crazy fuel injection
  • 6 speed transmission
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Water cooled


  • Instrumentation water temperature
  • Slight vibration
  • No Tach
  • Not suitable for small woman

3#Honda CRF230F

The CRF230 is well designed, fit for every female beginner with an electric start button that is more comfortable for female riders.​This dirt bike has four strokes of the engine that are also lower speed.

The seat height of this dirt bike is about 30 inches, making it an ideal choice for an average height woman. It is a bit heavier as compared to other dirt bikes. If you have healthier, heavy muscles then you handle and control this bike successfully. ​

Usually, CRF230F dirt bikes are super crazy, well-built bikes with amazing suspension, great engines, and an electric start. Don’t read any further.

You should be going to your local Honda dealership right now and picking one up. Don’t take any chances, pick up two. This is a really great play dirt bike with rear brakes.​

The features of dirt bikes that are well designed and perfect for beginner female, so I think they’re excellent dirt bikes for female which are getting started on their new dirt bike journey!


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Super crazy speed
  • Electronic starter
  • 6-speed suspension


  • Not perfect for small
  • Bit heavyweight
  • Not cool

4#Yamaha TTR-230

Yamaha TTR-230 has a sweet spot of size and power and a perfect dirt bike for average female beginners well. It comes with a four-stroke engine, air-cooled with inspiring handles.

However, the seat height of this bike shooter as compared to other dirt bikes.​It’s a learner trail rider and the perfect choice for beginner riders. TTR 230 dirt bike has a small well-designed frame, low power, and easy to ride.

This dirt bike is the best for beginner riding and a more serious and excellent dirt bike once you learn riding skills. Attaching the difference between a child dirt bike and a good trail bike, the TT-R230 takes up a spot in the market ideal for teenage, adult smaller grown-ups, and female beginners learners of most sizes.

It tips the scales at 116kg, and the seat height is 870mm, which combines to make the dirt bike easy to handle and more comfortable.


  • Reliable
  • Four stroke engine
  • Air-cooled inspiring handles
  • Well-designed


  • Small frame bike


SUZUKI DR-Z125L is one of the best, ideal dirt bike for beginner female riders. It’s simple, otherwise well designed, easy to practice and maneuver, and easy to handle.

The still great bit dirt bike wit quite a lots of fun. However, this bike wouldn’t be suitable for kids, even it’s just a perfect bike for a beginner woman.

It’s come a unique color, small seat and light-weighted. The seat height of this bike 805mmwith a heavier wheelbase with the same width and fuel tank.​ Digital-type CDI ignition system, air-cooled engine, five-speed transmission with low maintenance.

It comes in a unique design, swing arm, durable steel frame with both models including, front drum and rear drum brake. Even this bike more suitable for long travel with rear suspension. I highly recommend this bike for you if you are a beginner dirt bike rider.


  • Air-cooled engine
  • Four stroke engine
  • Four transmission speed
  • Well designed
  • Light weighted


  • Heavy wheel
  • Low seat height

6#KTM 250 SX-F

KTM 250 SX-F is usually one of the best, excellent dirt bikes for beggar females.it surely offers ideal dirt bike models for female beginners at a low cost.

The 250 SX-F has five different transmission speeds, a four-stroke engine that works perfectly, and an electric start that makes this bike engine more powerful. It’s well-designed lightweight and the seat height of this bike is about 37.4 inches.

It comes in a unique color and quite a suitable dirt bike for tall beginner females, and you should take this into account. KTM 250 SX-F dirt bikes come in different unique colors like white and orange and are available at a very cheap price.

I highly recommend the KTM 250 SX-F, dirt bike and I think it is perfect for beginner female riders who want to buy these dirt bikes that give you excellent value.​ However, this dirt bike is the best option for beginner females as compared to other motorbikes.


  • Four stroke engine
  • Five transmission speed
  • Electric star
  • Weighing 99 pounds
  • White and orange colors
  • Well designed steel frame
  • Available at low price


  • Not suitable for little woman

7#Kawasaki KLX140G

I personally highly recommend this dirt bike, if you are a beginner woman rider, because it’s one of the best dirt bikes for beginner riders.

Kawasaki has five different transmission speeds with a four-stroke engine that works and the cooling engine system cools the engine magnificently which could be perfect for female beginners. The seat height and size is 33.9 inches, and the usual length of the KLX140G is 78.9 inches, which perfectly fits the size of every rider.​

Usually, many riders took the KLX140G for a spin around a generally bumps and logs, rocks to crawl over, laid trail littered with steep inclines and drops, dusty straights, rocks to crawl over, and a little stream, even we got a chance to find how beginner-friendly this dirt bike is.​

The well designed, beautiful framework And its amount the ideal dirt bike for female beginners. It’s come in white and green colors and available at a low price. If you beginner rider, I highly recommend it for you.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Excellent engine’s cooling system
  • size of the seat is 33.9 inches
  • 5 different transmission speeds
  • White and green colors
  • Well-designed
  • Available at cheap price


  • Bit heavy Weight

8#Suzuki DR-Z125L

Suzuki DR-Z125L is one the best dirt bikes for beginners, Even it has powerful engine stroke that perform excellent work with 5 different speed gears.

It’s come in different unique colors yellow and black and available at very low. Usually, the weight of this dirt bike is 196 pounds that means its a perfect and more adjustable dirt bike for a beginner’s women.

The straightforward electronic system to operate that does not essential a large ascent of money of preservation. The super crazy speed of Suzuki DR-Z125 is almost 50 miles per hour, still, the exact crazy speed varies based on the model year.

However, accessible power Built to deliver tractably, output to make riding as well as desirable for entry-level riders. Even, I highly recommend that it’s a more comfortable, perfect dirt bike for a beginner woman rider.


  • Powerful crazy engine
  • Different five gear speeds
  • Weighing 196 pounds
  • Perfect electric system
  • Available at cheap price


  • Not perfect for kids
  • Bit heavier bike


HUSQVARNA TE300 is the most famous and one of the best dirt bikes for beginner riders. The features of this dirt bike are well designed and protected frame. It’s come in a unique color, two-stroke engine, electric starter, easy to use that is perfect, comfortable for beginner female riders. The seat height is 37.4 inches and the weight is 234.

HUSQVARNA TE300 also offers map select switch features. The frame of this dirt bike is like geometry ensures which riders will get amazing rider energy, feedback, and absorption. The typical super-low speed six gearboxes is a good and ultra-tight section more comfortable for beginner riders. ​

However, we can say that this dirt bike is the best option for beginner females as compared to other motorbikes.​It was easy to modulate and a light pull. It’s more adjustable on dirt roads with two-track sections and perfect for female beginners.


  • Reliable
  • Electric starter
  • Well-featured


  • Low speed.

10#Honda CRF150F

Although CRF150F is one of the best dirt bikes and the best option for beginner female riders, plenty of exciting features of this dirt bike make it a perfect selection for any woman beginner rider out there.

According to different online views and experts, this dirt bike is particularly famous among the beginner female riders who want something that is exciting and lightweight. Although female riders can also go for this bike it provides crazy power that will excite you as a bike rider.

The super suspension speed of the Honda CRF150R holds up well on larger jumps that make it a perfect choice for young beginner riders. If you are looking to take on good challenges.

This dirt bike is also more comfortable, affordable, and available at a good price. The dirt bike is also perfect for taller riders, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for small riders. The Honda CRF150F has much more significant power and also boasts of a small engine.


  • Super suspension speed
  • Super crazy power
  • Suitable for tall riders


  • Bit expensive

Dirt bike riding is often recommended for 13-year old kids and over. You
can, however, introduce the sport to younger kids, provided there is adult

Adults who are in good physical condition can also start learning the sport.


The best bikes for beginner females differ depending on their weight, height, strength, and ability level.
Usually, trail dirt bike riding will have a lower height of seat that makes you feel more protected as you can reach the ground more easily. Even most of the trail dirt bikes are super suspension air-cooled engines and have soft mellow power.
When you first get into dirt biking it’s important to get a dirt bike that is not super scary and easy to ride if your first get a bike riding. One of one important thing note it, electronic starter dirt bike is one of the best choices for female beginners.

Usually, bike riders who choose to purchase a used bike should be prepared to perform more adjustable. Even a dirt bike was really well more reliable, adjustable, and more maintained, so new owners will likely be required to fix and replace some parts. Before selecting and using a bike, you should be sure that the repairs won’t cost as much as it would have cost to buy a new dirt bike.

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to buy new or used is the manufacturer’s warranty. Buyers only get this warranty if they buy a new bike. Usually, the warranty guarantees which the bike riders’ will be replaced and fixed if they have any features related problems with the warranty time frame. However, finding an excellent dirt bike for female beginners’ stature can be difficult.

Although, there are enough dirt bikes out there for females of all ages, height, weight ability, and levels of skills. When you’re picking the right dirt bike for you as a beginner, you also need to be very honest with yourself.

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