Best dirt bike under 2000$ (2021) – Review and Buying Guide

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Best dirt bike under 2000$! It is always a difficult task to find a dirt bike for your children that is accurate in its functions and retail price. No one wants to waste their money therefore people wanted to buy a product that has particular qualities and good for a long time using.

Nowadays a variety of brands is available in the market that makes it more complicated to buy a required product. But no doubt some brands are acknowledged in their excellent and reliable dirt bikes so do not try to get cheap sort of bike that differently will be not reliable and you have to waste your money again and again so it is the best consultation to get a dirt bike to form a reliable brand.

It is an age of technology and moderation so it is not difficult to know about the product that you want to buy, have a glance at the product reviews that are given by the customers that are the good solution to your problem. In this article, there are presented 10 brand dirt bike reviews that are dealing with retail prices under 2000.

These bikes are appreciable in their using and the customer reviews points out that these bikes are best for a long time using and gives a time of fun and enjoyment for the riders. All features of these bikes are wonderful. However, seat flexibility and tire durability make them best for every road ridding.

These are underlying brands are reliable and best for long time using. It is 100% sure that if you are selecting these bikes for your children it will be a remarkable decision.

10 Best dirt bike under $2000

These are the 10 dirt bikes under $2000:

Dirt Bikes



1. SV 650 Dirt Bike


2. Whyte 905 Dirt Bike


3. Marin Alcatraz Dirt Bike


4. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Dirt Bike


5. Kawasaki KLX300R Dirt Bike




7. OSET 12.5 Racing Dirt Bike


8. KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike


9. 1984 YAMAHA IT490 Dirt Bike




1. SUZUKI SV 650 Dirt Bike

Suzuki is one of the latest model bikes that are available at a reasonable price below then 2000. It is a top rated dirt bike under 2000 in our list.

Suzuki is top list bike in their performance and the customer reviews highlight that this is wonderful and gives a smooth and gentle ride. It is a stylish and well-finished bike that gives a beautiful look. SUZUKI SV 650 is an updated design.

Its tires are made with solid material that gives a comfortable ride on the roads and rough places. It is equally good for all-sized ridders and its style makes it a favorite and cozy for ridding not only small but also taller ones. SUZUKI SV 650 has a fantastic engine.

It is not too weighty and not very light weighted. This bike is a choice of the adventure lover who wants to have fun with friends. As far as the price of this product is concerned, it is not expensive as it has a large number of functions that are approved by everyone.

Its engines always give a good time of fuel burning. The wheel construction of the wheels is appreciable due to their wideness. It is the top branded bike that is stylish, powerful, and durable in its usages. This is an assembled dirt bike that has no headache of assembling.

The manufacturer has presented this product with all necessary accessories that is used in rout6ine like the pump, it is a little bike that is suitable for children of different ages under ten as it is available in multifarious colors and size.

Another feature of this dirt bike is its durable wheels that are prepared with stout and strong material. It has adequate and adjustable wheels that are assembled and disassembled easily.


  • Smooth and Gentle Ride
  • Well-finished
  • Updated design
  • Comfortable ride
  • Wide Wheels


  • Expensive
  • No horns

2. Whyte 905 Dirt Bike

Whyte 905 Dirt Bike is a marvelous dirt bike under 2000. It is a well design and well-finished bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

It is a light weighted and slack in its perfect version. Whyte 905 Dirt Bike is matchless in its function and as compared to the other dirt bikes that are available in the market.

The tire of this bike is made with high-quality material that offers an ideal ride on all sorts of roads including in streets, roads, rocks, and rough muddy places.

Its tires are made up of soft of 3 C Maxxis that gives a full confident ride without any cautions. The breaks of the bikes are excellent as they stop the bike in a single jerk and immediately after clipping them. It is available in different colors and sizes that can be selected according to the choice of the customer.

Its seat is not formed and cushioned that is not an attractive feature for the user but no doubt it is matchless in its function and gives a long time adventure. The upright design makes a balance in the body posture of the rider and saves him from physical fatigue and pain.

The most attractive feature of this bike is that it is for both boys and girls. Its lightweight frame gives a good initial practice time to beginners and exports. This is one of the dirt bike under $2000 for a person looking for a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Wonderful and high-quality tires
  • Well finished frame
  • Has fantastic brakes
  • 100% assembled


  • Expensive
  • No horn
  • No cushioned seat

3. Marin Alcatraz Dirt Bike

Marin Alcatraz is a smart dirt bike that is available in only 2 colors only. It is a fantastic feature that is for both boys and girls. It is made with an aluminum frame that is rust-free and good for a long time using.

It is suitable for skilled and beginners because it is easy and comfortable to ride and it is not difficult to keep a balance for a ridder. It is a simply designed dirt bike that has wide shaped paddle and gives a strong grip in the duration of ridding.

As far as the seat of the bike is concerned, it is slim but un-cushioned which is not favorable for the ridder because the bare seat is not coy for long hours of riding and causes fatigue. It is available in a single size only. The brakes of the bike are wonderful as a single and slight pressure gives an instant stopping.

Its tires are 26 in size and flexible black rubber made which are appropriate to ride on streets, roads, muddy and rocky places. Although it is accurate in all its functions yet it has not a chine cover that causes pant or foot damage.

Marin Alcatraz shows no warranty but it’s all parts are well built that allows a long time to use without and defect. If you are looking for a bike that serves best for you girl and boy at the same time then this might be the dirt bike you are looking for.


  • Made with aluminum frame
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Lightweight
  • Good to use for boys and girls
  • Gives a balanced ride to beginners
  • Suitable to ride on all sort of roads


  • Un-cushioned seat
  • Available in a single size
  • Not chain cover
  • No flashlight
  • No ringing bell

4. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Dirt Bike

Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 is a smart dirt bike that has a voltage alloy frame and has a single speed. It is available in a single size. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 has Shimano brakes that are pretty flexible in operation and stops immediately in a single slight jerk.

The seat of this bike is a 261mm seat tube that gives excessiveness of hoops and jumps. It is remarkable for the rocky and rough surface ridding. The wheels of the bike are well constructed and give a jumping hoping posture without any confusion.

The frame of this dirt bike is compact that is reliable for fun. The frame of the dirt bike is best for a long time using. The cushioned seat of this bike makes its use easy and tiredness-free even after a long time of riding. It is a light weighted dirt bike that is full of fun.

It is accurate for boys and girls. It has a low stand design that makes it easy to ride by keeping a balance in the riding posture. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 is a provider’s replica bike that is the name of fun and amazement. It is a $2000 Dirt bike with a fun feature of a smart and compact frame.


  • Shimano brakes
  • Well-Constructed wheels
  • Compact Frame


  • Single Speed
  • Available in a single size

5. Kawasaki KLX300R Dirt Bike

Kawasaki KLX300R is a famous brand in the whole world. Its products are popular due to their durability and reliability. It is for multiple ages like it is worth using 12 to15.

Kawasaki KLX300R is not for the race as it is good for normal use. This is a stylish and modern design that is specially made according to the needs of its very young children. The weight of this bike 282 pounds and its parts are replaceable.

However, the speed limit of this bike is not much fast that why it is the favorite of parents who always remain worried about their children care and try to choose those dirt bikes for them that are not high speed and can be safe to ride their young heroes who love and craze for adventures without any care of anything.

It is the most highly rated product that is introduced by a world-famous brand. It has a powerful motor that works well and does not noisy at all.

The overall construction of the bike is admirable due to its solid and sturdy parts that have been prepared with fine plastic. Its wheels have a steel frame that is made up of rubber composition. They are wide that is useful on all sorts of road and gives a smooth and enjoyable riding.

The seat of this bike is big and cushioned. The brakes of this bike are outstanding because they offer a powerful grip of ridding on a bike as it is crucial for bike brakes that should be stopped instantly that why this bike is loved by the users.

Besides this, it is stylish and beautiful that catches the attention of the user at first sight. It is a name of fun because it gives a long time ridding and enjoyment with your friends and explore a new world of adventures.

It has a fantastic weight-bearing range and it is not a light-weighted bike so it is all parts and parcels are well build. Kawasaki’s KLX300R’ is one of the dirt bikes for peoples with the desire for comfort rides, because it has a wide seat of 37 inches that is a sign of a comfortable ride.


  • Easy to ride
  • Stylish
  • Has wide seat and wide wheels
  • Comes in 80% assembled
  • Gives a stability in ridding
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Famous brand
  • Suitable for 10 to 15 years old kids
  • Heavyweight
  • Easy gripping brakes


  • Available in a single color
  • Not has water resistant’s
  • Suitable for off roads riding
  • Expensive


YAMAHA TT-R50E is an electrical dirt bike that has a systematic mechanism. Its working range is a TT-R 125 and 90.

It is an electrical and stylish bike that is a name of quality and all most all quality products are produced by this same brand that is why everyone can rely on out blindly.

It is a lower back seated bike that needs a pushing a button to have a fun of adventurous life but in severe winter season, it needs a moment for choking, hence start in a single jerk.

As far as the speed limit is concerned, it is equipped with 3 ultimate gears that are transmitted according to the will of the users. The first gear is starting a light way but it needs a bit technical in it’s the first ride but also it is no hard to ride for even non-experts.

It is not difficult to ride their bike because its first gear works for a long term of use and doesn’t change automatically. It is also beneficial for beginners that they can be experts on riding the first slow gears. Second gears are mostly used and liked by the initially staged ridders.

The furthermore attractive feature that is attributed with this bike is its durability and well-constructed parts.

This bike comes in 79% in assembling and others take only 10 minutes to assembler.

It has fine breaks that give an entire control of the bike and the rider can stop it immediately and instantly. This dirt bike has a cushioned and foamed seat that is soft and cozy as well as non-skidding. It has fine and decent foot peg brackets which are useful for adjustment of foot and its aluminum brakes paddle facilitates ridders for easy and fine ridding. Also, a complete tools kit is available with it with a handlebar kit and 3 sets of clamps. However, it is exorbitant in its prices but it does not matter to worry because its performance is marvelous.


  • Easy to ride
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has triple gears
  • Good for beginners
  • Well-constructed


  • No warranty
  • Plastic parts may not too durable
  • Unassembled
  • A bit expensive

 7. OSET 12.5 Racing Dirt Bike

OSET is a dirt bike that gives a time of champion to the ridders. If you are looking for the best racing bike then OSET 12.5 is the best dirt bike for you.

It gives a time full of fun and love to your little prince. It is an attractive and beautiful bike. It is a two-wheeler bike which is a favorite of kids.

Although it is highly rated its performance is awesome. It has strong wheels that have a fine rubber composition tire that have a steel frame.

It has smart brakes that give a full-time grip over the dirt bike. Its handlebar also offers a fatigue-free riding time due to its sitting flexibility and durability. It is available in black color and has a black padded seat.

It is an ECO bike that is perfect for non-experts and ideal for racing lovers. It has a 600 W motor and a dual dial controller. It has disc brakes that are admirable due to their smart and instant performance.

I have furthermore attractive safety for children. Like a magnetic lanyard cut-out switch which can be started with a child’s wrist. That gives a worried free ridding.

It has also a removable key switch. The lower design of the seat makes it easier to have a strong grip over the handlebar and children can keep feet on the paddle bar easily that makes it more convenient for the starting stage of ridding.


  • Stylish
  • Available in colorful collection
  • Has a 600 W motor
  • Has a removable switch
  • Safe and secure for kids


  • Small in size
  • No warranty
  • High priced

8. KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike

KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike is an ideal ergonomics dirt bike. It allows a freedom of multi-directional movement. It is not too heavy weighed but it has a fine weight-bearing capacity.

That makes it suitable for everyone. It is a well-constructed bike. The frame of this bike is wonderful in its uniqueness and perfect for long time using.

The wheels of the bike are admirable due to their marvelous construction and solidness. Its tires have an extra width that performs a soul task to maintain balance for the newcomers and the people who are not experts and its first ride gives a positive impression and wonderful grip over it.

The overall body of the bike is derived from full-sized SX models. It comes with 2 and 4 stroke machines having a powerhouse of KTM 50 SX to the KTM 450.

KTM supplies a top-quality Motocross equipment’s. It is a name of victory and success in racing.

KTM 85 SX is specially introduced for schoolboys and their adventures. It has a steel frame that is fantastic and durable which makes it good for a long time using.

It has an innovative CDI control unit that improves the starting behavior of the bike. It is the name of the classical components that are fantastic in their performance.

Furthermore, the graphic design gives a cooler look and its frame is lightly weighted, as well as a super rugged polymer hat, which has a black chunky coating. Good quality aluminum is used for the handlebar of the dirt bike that enhances its strength.

The heat dispersion system is dealt with by the fine quality dual radiators that remove heat while riding. The new 65 SX has a completely manageable and flexible air fork that is best for WP suspension. Besides this, it has another feature, its stability, and provides a balanced and stable ridding to the little jenny.

Like all other awesome bikes, it has black aluminum-framed wheels, for providing a safe and secure ride. The discs brakes are the name of quality and worthwhileness.


  • Ideal ergonomics dirt bike
  • Easy to ride
  • Stable and flexible disc s brakes
  • Has 2 and 4 stroke machines
  • CDI control unit
  • WP suspension
  • Black aluminum-framed wheels


  • Lightweight
  • No warranty
  • Expensive

 9. 1984 YAMAHA IT490 Dirt Bike

Yamaha IT is the name of trust and reliability. Yamaha IT has 1000mph that is found not in any common bikes. It is an admirable trail bike.

It has a multiple-gear system that is used for speed limits. It is a colorful combination of blue and yellow that is attractive and eye-catching for its users.

It has a big fuel tank that gives a smooth and continuous ridding is riders. Most parts of the bike are made up of fine and quality plastics that are easy to clean.

Its wheels have a steel frame that gives stability due to their wideness and spacious design. The handlebar and brakes of the dirt bike make it packed with fun that is admirable.

The seat of the bike is cushioned and soft. It has a good space for sitting both for healthy and smart ridders. The tires are build up with fine rubber that gives a smooth ride over roads and rough places.

Its raised handlebars keep a balance for new ridders. The speed of the bike is maximum that makes it a favorite of ridders. Chine is not coved that is not an approved option that sometimes causes mishaps but overall construction of the bike is wonderful for the users.

The study of buyers reviews show that it comes in assembled more than 80% and the other 20% takes just 10 minutes to assemble.

It is equally good for small and high heightened people. It has a weight expansion of 100lbs. No doubt Yamaha is a world-famous brand that is very eager to produce outstanding products for adventurous people and their children. Its products are approved by everyone due to either craftsmanship since 1968.


  • Multiple gear system
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes assembled
  • Has a big fuel tank
  • Best for exports
  • Plastic constructed


  • Very expensive
  • No warranty
  • Available in limited color and variety
  • No more really


2017 SSR MOTORSPORTS SR140TR is a charming bike for teenagers and adults. S It is a beautifully finished bike that comes with a steel frame and has a remarkable place in the list of the bikes that are the favorite of its users due to its durability.

This bike is good both for adults and professionals. These bikes are available in different colors and styles. Their stylish colors are attractive both for boys and girls as well. These are available in 24 inches and 29 inches wheels that run smoothly on every type of surface including hilly and rocky paths.

Wheels are durable and reliable in their construction. Brakes are unique and linear that can be pulled easily and stops it instantly.

It has dual gear that can be changed without any complications. Although it is attractive yet its seat is not perfectly comfortable for the users due to its close size and design that makes it hard to ride for a long time. On the other hand, it is not cushioned and foamed which makes ridding a bit difficult.

Assembling is a bit hard and headache producer because it does not come with assembling. Guard chine is very necessary for all bikes that save from pant cuffing confusion but unluckily this bike comes with an uncovered chain that is not a favorite aspect and buyers are not satisfied.

Despite all unwanted features, it is still a favorite of its users due to its light weighted and thin design that makes it easy to ride and it is great for the zealous rider.


Has an upright seat design

Durable and well build wheels

Available in 2 sizes

Easy to ride



  • Have a hard small seat
  • Comes unassembled
  • Uncovered chine
  • No basket
  • No bike seat
  • Thin and not durable

Final Verdict

Buy a dirt bike is a not as easy as it seems, you must have to take proper care for it model, size and things related safety measures. Your also have to consider about Strokes of the dirt bike, Usually a 4-Stroke dirt is better for a child and a newbie, but you can also go with 2-stroke model.

If you are looking for an electric dirt bike then i will suggest you to read this article for selecting a electric dirt bike for you or you kid.

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