7 Best dirt bikes for 200 lb man (2021) – A Detailed Guide

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Dirt bike for 200 lb man! Dirt bike is favorite and enjoyable for everyone without any specification of gender, weight, and height. A large number of dirt bikes are available in markets that are powerful for different people so it is not a hard task for the people to choose the best one for you.

Here is a list of dirt bikes that possess a good weight capacity of 200lbs for men. It is necessary to know that each pound of your weight is one cubic centimeter (cc) of strength for moving around for the people who approve 2 stroke bikes that can bear 210lbs. But no doubt 4 stroke bike is preferable for people over 200 due to its 400 cc capacity.

There is a great difference between 2 and 4 strokes. (Read Here)

But in some matters, 2 stroke engine is better than 4 due to its lightweight and it is easy to move while 4 stroke engine is heavy. While 4 strokes engines are better in performance and are supportive of weight-bearing capacity. A heavier bike is better for heavily weighted people.

A heavy bike is also well constructed and has powerful parts that can give a good time for heavy people as compared to light-weighted bikes.

Mostly dirt bike has a steel or aluminum frame that is a sign of durability and strength. But the recommended frame is steel instead of aluminum because it is rustproof and gives the best long time usage. Bike suspension is supportive and favorable for heavily weighted people.

A light-weighted person can ride fast but a heavily weighted person should be careful in the selection of a dirt bike and he should have a complete guide and information before purchasing a dirt bike for them.

Here is a list of excellent branded bikes list that is definitely very helpful for the people who are searching for a dirt bike that has a good weight capacity. Other matters of fact are height and seat width and length that should be according to the size of riders.

7 Best Dirt Bikes for 200 lb Man / Rider

Here is the quick list of 7 best bikes for 200lb man with comparison:

Dirt Bikes



KTM 250 CC Dirt Bike


Suzuki RM-Z450 Dirt Bike


Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike




Yamaha YZ 125 Dirt Bike


Kawasaki 450KX Dirt Bike


Yamaha YZ250F

1. KTM 250 CC Dirt Bike

KTM 250 CC Dirt Bike is a popular bike on the world level. It is a wheelbase bike that has a wonderful capacity to bear a weight of more than 250lbs. This special bike is a heavy bike that has a wide seat which is a choice for large-sized people.

This is a 4 stroke bike that is fit for heavy ridders due to its good build and well-constructed feature. It has wide wheels that have steel construction.

It is a thrilling and exciting experience to ride this bike is fast in its speed and gives a time full of excitement and thrill. It is the solution for the people who are always worried about their heavyweight and unable. This is a light weighted and easy to ride.

This bike is famous due to its fast speed and gives a thrilling time to its rider. In spite of its fast speed, it runs swiftly and smoothly. This is a great motorcycle that is simple and easy to ride. The power of the motorbike is really admirable for its users.

The turning crisp is equipped with an excellent trail. The seat of the bike is cushioned and paddled with soft foam besides this it is really wide in its size but the seat is not soft but it is coated with harsh leather that is not comfy to sit for a long time ridding.

In short, it is a fantastic dirt bike for the heavy people who are in love with a fast bike for their adventures that are mostly dream due to heavyweight.


  • Easy to ride
  • Fast speed
  • Haws a great suspension
  • Has a wide seat
  • has a capacity of 250lbs


  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy in weight
  • Not too durable
  • Harsh state

2. Suzuki RM-Z450 Dirt Bike

The Suzuki RM-Z450 is a 60 inches dirt bike that is accurate and suitable for 247lbs. It is a great heavy bike that is manufactured by the famous Suzuki branded that is recognized due to its quality and well-convey and heightened people.

It is a stylish dirt bike that is available in a new combination of yellow and blue. It is has crisscrossed tires that are equally good for off-road riding particularly it is the best for the people who love riding and adventures in the woods.

It has a decent and smart chassis. The seat position and peg location are a little fit for extra height people like 6 feet or more than six feet. It means it is perfect and ideal for heavy men that can enjoy and wonderful ridding time with a full thrill and excitement.

It is a racer that is generally selected by professional people. On the other hand, it is equally appropriate for shorter heightened people. This bike is prominent and remarkable in its turning capability and it gives a wonderful time of turning in rough and rocky places.

It has heavy brakes that work instantly and stops it in a slight jerk. It has a prominent and standardized coil-spring Showa fork and has short dumps.

Suzuki RM-Z450 is great for adjustment and rear in its suspension. It gives a stability and balanced ride for the ridder along with the professional suspension. It does not have an electric start as it has hard to start. It has a powerful chassis that makes it a fantastic racing bike.

The reviews of customers show that they are quite happy with the durability and reliability of this bike. In short, Suzuki is a wonderful dirt bike for taller and heavier people.


  • Durable
  • Well constructed
  • Has fantastic X30 tires
  • Has a fast speed
  • Has an RM-Z450
  • Big seat


  • Not for kids
  • No warranty
  • Has a high price
  • Heavy weighted

3. Honda CRF450R Dirt Bike

Honda is not a new name it is a quite popular manufacturer in the world that is producing quality dirt bikes for a long time. It is a heavy bike that has a good weight capacity of 250lbs.

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It has a big size seat of 38 inches. It has many remarkable characteristics and traits that fulfill the al requirements of its users. It is the choice of heavy people who want to spend a demanding time on adventures and long time ridding. It is a well constructed and well-designed bike that is perfect in its all features.

Nowadays Honda is considered one of the most authentic and powerful bikes that are reliable and name of reliability. It is now in a new blushing red color that is eye-catching and attractive for everyone. It is a fast speed that gives a fun like flying in the air.

It is a heavy bike that is has a good speed and wonderful in its performance. The traction of the bike is controllable. It has a controllable handlebar and switch that makes it possible to overcome the 3 modes of riding. It has 3maps.

Honda is a multifunctional riding bike that gives a heroic and adventurous time. This bike has a tall gear that gives a highly responsive ride but the lights of the Honda bike is critical and sensitive. Although its maps are good it’s turning off mood give a smooth ride as compared to the using time of maps.

Lastly, if you have a trust in Honda’s experience and quality then this might be the best choice dirt bike for a weight of 200 lb or about.


  • Well build
  • Has disc brakes
  • Heavy bike
  • Suitable for heightened and heavy people
  • Available in red colors
  • Well-grounded
  • Copper bottomed
  • Fast speed


  • Expensive
  • Suitable for skilled and professional people


Husqvarna is a dominant and prestigious brand that is choice of those buyers who are brand conscious and even dislike the quality products that are not in their favorite brand.

It is a bike of heavy framed bike that is suitable for the people who are heavily weighted and want a solid and powerful built dirt bike for fun and riding.

The most remarkable thing that is related to this biker is it is a woods riding the bike because its wheels are specially designed for nature lovers and it gives a high speeded time for everyone. Suspension and WP fork along with the motor, five-speed gearbox, and clutch. these features are not part of a common bike but also it is a specialty of this bike that deals with all the fantastic elements of an ideal bike.

It is a stylish bike that is available in different colors and it is a hooping and jumping bike that gives a comfortable ride. All aspects of the bike are according to the choice of users. As it has a cushioned seat that is softer and smoother for giving a well-groomed rid to the users.

Customer reviews highlight that this is the most powerful bike in the top listed collection and its durability is 100% guaranteed. It has 3 maps that are including a backstitch, second is the flying mood which allows the rider to change it into a traction mood.

The frame of the bike is made up of stainless steel that is reliable for a lifetime using and buyers like it due to its rust-free nature and make it easy to wash and clean. It is a faster bike that is the foremost preference of the people who love a fast speed timing.

Overall she has been designed with fine quality plastic construction. Although it is an expensive bike it is a multifunctional bike that is definitely perfect for heavily weighted people. It is a heavy bike that has wide and sturdy wheels.


  • Has 3 maps
  • Stylish and modern
  • Fast speeded
  • Has a steel frame
  • Has a fine weight capacity of 210lbs
  • Has a large cushioned seat
  • Suspension and WP fork


  • Expensive
  • Not for kids
  • Available in single colors
  • Has a plastic body
  • May no durable

5. Yamaha YZ 125 Dirt Bike

Yamaha is a vogue name for dirt bike lovers because it is eager to produce quality and fantastic bike according to the demands of its riders.

Hence it is a name of quality and people always love to have a product of Yamaha. It is an excellent weight capacity of 207lbs.

Although it is a 2 stroke bike that’s why it is alight weights as compared to the 4 stroke bike and gives a more comfortable ride as compared to 4 strokes bike. Generally, 4 strokes bike are heavy weights that are not convenient to ride for everyone.

The first and foremost aspect that knows every rider is the speed limit of a dirt bike tern here is a lease new because it has robust speed and gives an adventures time by flying air. It is a light weighted bike which is a favorite of its users. It is a heavy bike.

Its overall body has been constructed with fine and quality plastic while it has uncovered chine that makes it a bit risky for ridder. Furthermore, it is 2 stroked but it is better than 4 stroke due to its fast speed and weight-bearing capacity.

It has thin wheels that are made with pure and flexible rubber compositions. It is more good for beginners who can be experts in its turning direction of tint weightlessness, but it has no extra supportive sides that create a bit of complexity for new ridders.

The motor of the bike gives a smooth and swift ride without any difficulty. Its frame is not well constructed and powerful like other branded bikes. This may be the cheapest dirt bike for a 200 lb man.


  • Light-weighted
  • Has a weight capacity of 207lbs
  • Two-stroke bike
  • Fast speeded


  • No warranty
  • No steel frame
  • 2 stroke
  • Has motor not engine
  • A bit expensive
  • May not too stylish and attractive

6. Kawasaki 450KX Dirt Bike

Kawasaki 450KX is a stylish and attractive bike that has a wonderful appearance. It has a unique design and authentic suspension. It is a light weighted bike that has 250 lbs for men.

Kawasaki 450 cc possesses a powerful engine that makes it easy and simple for shifting power. Its impressive and simple design is eye-catching for everyone. This is the latest and updated model that has been equipped and embellished with all attractive features like a hydraulic clutch, fast speed, well-constructed body, marvelous brakes, and convenient balance maintenance.

It is comfortable to use and has a liquid cooling engine. Its transmission final drive is 5 speeded chine. As far as the frame of this bike is concerned, no doubt its frame is hefty that is made up of aluminum perimeter. This bike has a 49mm coil-spring fork that is manageable and flexible for compression and rebounding.

However, it is an expensive bike but it is said with a great surety that it is a long-lasting usage and gives a rid of the affliction from damage and buys the bike again and again for your dirt bike lovers. It has a wonderful wheelbase of 58.5 inches.

It has a large seat of 38 inches that is a memory foamed pad and gives a smoother ride. This dirt bike is fantastic for professionals and beginners as well.

Now don’t be delay and place an order for this bike. It is a stylish and well-designed bike that comes with 80% assembled form. It has 250mm disc brakes.


  • Light-weighted
  • Has big fuel tank
  • Marvelous engine
  • High-quality parts
  • Well constructed
  • Suitable for 250lbs
  • Has 58.5 inches wheelbase


  • Expensive
  • Suitable for exports
  • No warranty
  • Plastic parts
  • Comes unassembled

7. Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250F is an impressive and stylish bike that is outstanding in its performance. It has a four-stroke engine that demonstrates efficiency in fast speeding.

It is moderate in its all functions. As it has an innovative reverse system. The reverse style cylinder gives a straight downdraft front intaking that is different from traditional style.

It is well constructed and well designed. It comes in a royal blue color that is attractive and eye-catching for everyone. It is a clear and highlighted aspect is the engine of this bike which is a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke. Its transmission drive is over than 5 speed.

It has a beaming and shiny aluminum frame that looks wonderful and also durable. The seat position and peg location are a little fit for extra height people like 6 feet or more than six feet. It means it is perfect and ideal for heavy men that can enjoy and wonderful ridding time with a full thrill and excitement.

It is a racer that is generally selected by professional people. On the other hand, it is equally appropriate for shorter heightened people. This bike has designed with an admirable controlling system because it has additional safety measures and it is not difficult to install its summery.

Although its price is high, yet it’s all its functions are admirable as it has durable wheels that are stout and gives a smooth riding.


  • Easy to ride
  • Weight capacity is 210lbs
  • Stylish and fine constructed
  • Wraparound exhaust design
  • Latest-model
  • Has an aluminum frame


  • No warranty
  • Exorbitant
  • May not durable
  • Good for export ridder


In short these listed dirt bikes for 200 lb man, are wonderful for the heavily weighted people who are worried about their weight and times becomes the victim of tension but these are really good branded dirt bikes that have a great ability to bear heavily weighted people and gives an enjoyable ride with a speedy adventure.

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