10 best dirt bike for 3 year old Kid (2021) – Detailed Guide

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Best dirt bike for 3 year old kid! Although kids love dirt biking, usually 3-year-old kids are doing great, It has proven to be a little bit challenging for new kids riders. Even dirt bike riding is an exciting fun hobby. Usually, kids will enjoy the challenge of learning and the control bike and will have a blast riding on trails.

Bike riding is an excellent and very exciting hobby. Even, your kids enjoy the all challenges of learning to easily adjust and control this dirt bike that has trail and blast riding. It’s necessary to select a good dirt bike for your kid’s age and level.

Dirt bikes for kids should meet high-quality standards and be easy to control.

Selecting a perfect dirt bike for your kid is never. Ultimately, a dirt bike is an excellent choice for your kids. This guideline will help you find the perfect starter dirt bike for your child. Usually, parents make a big mistake when choosing a dirt bike for their kids, that all their attention is on the bike itself.

Here is a list of the top 10 dirt bikes for your kids that should help you find the perfect bike for your kid’s level and age. Make sure that your kids are adjustable and comfortable with operating the bike which the size of the dirt bike is modified to your kid’s strength and height for safety.

So here is the quick list of the best dirt bikes for your 3 year old Champion:

Dirt Bikes



1# Yamaha PW


2# Honda CRF50F


3# Suzuki DR-Z50


4# Dirt Rocket MX400


5# Razor MX 650


6# Yamaha TTR 50E


7# Honda XR 50


8# Cobra CX50 OI


9# OSET12.5 Dirt Bike


10# Boromax TT250


The dirt bikes are usually easy to handle, lightweight, and have more adjustable features, that fine middle ground that I was just talking about. The features of dirt bikes are well designed and perfect for little kids, so I think they’re excellent dirt bikes for kids who are getting started on their new dirt bike journey.

Usually, dirt bikes are in no particular order, or each dirt bike is perfect for different reasons. I actually try to pick a diverse array of dirt bikes that would be good options for many different types of dirt bikes for 3-year-old riders.

However, we can say that dirt bikes are the best option for young kids as compared to other motorbikes.

What to look for in a dirt bike for 3 year old?

If you are looking for a dirt bike for your kid, your first priority safety features of these dirt bikes are listed above. As a parent, you’re concerned about your kid’s dirt bike safety.

Even, the excellent way to do this is to authority the maximum speed. Most dirt bikes give you the power to set how fast the bike can go. The most usual offering on dirt bikes such as the razor 250-Yamaha, honda dirt Bike, or the Electric starter Bike.

i. Training wheels

Previously, if you get your child on the back of a bike, examine most of the accessories and comforts available to them. The most famous is training wheels, and mostly you didn’t teach them to ride their pedal bike without wheel training, so consider that dirt bike is more comfortable and as well as perfect.

Usually, Dirt bikes are light weighted and also provide control and stability training wheels while your kids learn the basics of riding. This also decreases the likelihood that your kids will be involved in a serious tip.

ii. Automatic transmissions

Most dirt bikes use an automatic clutch instead of a manual. This allows your kid to work on the essential of staying honest and then adding in multiplex aspects of riding.

When you are looking for an excellent dirt bike and then buying one of the best dirt bikes for your 3-year-old kids, you are looking to have fun. Recognize the eventual goal is happiness and let loose a little. You will create memories with your young kid riders that will last a lifetime and I guarantee it.

iii. Best Dirt Bike Brands for Kids

When you start a shop, you’ll notice that many brands offer well-designed, well-featured dirt bikes for your kids. However, dirt bikes are usually more comfortable, regardless of brand, and handle the power. Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki also make reputable and inexpensive smaller engine dirt bikes. Kawasaki and Honda’s engines are also considered more of a top-of-the-line dirt bike that is easy to adjust and comfortable for your kids.

If your kids are not yet ready to invest in riding dirt bikes this bike is completely at least not for you. Dirt bikes for kids sometimes carry features like a manual clutch, automatic liquid-cooled transmission two or four-stroke engine speed but basically, the more accessories the higher the price.

Different dirt bikes have dirt features like small 2 and 4 stroke engines excellent for very young kids just starting out. Some dirt bikes have fully automatic features. Dirty bikes also make a famous beginner bike in the CRF50 and honda bike. Usually, parents are concerned about protection, safety, electric dirt bikes vouch with fire-less systems. The engine also controls the level of speed accessible.

Off-road and Country-racers dirt bikes manage high speeds alien to rivals. These kinds of dirt bikes also require replacement, an oil change, and continuous inspection challenges to beginner riders. The power and fuel capacity after recharging give riders excellent power for chunks of time. Many dirt or electric bikes gobble up electricity in substantial amounts, with fuel guzzlers.

10 Best Dirt Bike for 3 Year old Kids – Reviews

1# Yamaha PW

A simple, perfect, approachable, durable mini dirt bike for 3-year-old kids. The Yamaha PW50 is perfect, affordable, and approachable that makes them ideal for both children and parents. It has a single speed,2 stroke oil injected, and is more adjustable for your kids. The Yamaha is a well-featured dirt bike with a fully automatic transmission and an ideal choice for kids.

Many of these models have well-designed, unique features that set them apart. The Yamaha PW 50 has eliminating, shaft drives and sprockets. The benefits of this dirt bike decreased the hazard for kids getting a pant and hand leg caught in the chain.

The disadvantage is the complication in changing the gearing of the bike. However, the lower the gear ratio the pinion and ring gear have to be changed. It has a fuel injection system and air-cooled 49cc engine oils working out the fuel to oil ratio on every refill that allow kids riders to simply twist the throttle.

The fully automatic single-speed transmission and the power are transferred to a full shaft drive, which also helps and protects your kid and also maintenance to the bare minimum with re-tensioning and no oiling required. It also has a super low seat height of 12 inches for kid riders, In other words, it’s more adjustable, and an excellent choice for your 3-year-old kid.


  • 2-stroke engine without the hassle of mixing fuel.
  • Fully automatic transmission.
  • safe and keeps maintenance down


  • 2-stroke of an engine that requires more maintenance in the long run.
  • Not perfect for younger riders

2# Honda CRF50F

If you want something adjustable, reliable, safe, and fun, the Honda CRF50F dirt bike is one of the best choices for your 3-year-old kid. It is more powerful air-cooled with 4 strokes usually this dirt bike is considered a bit serious for your kid. The CRF50F is a little of a ride that offers a reliable, child-friendly fun, and safe experience.

It has a single-cylinder engine and 4-stroke 49cc air-cooled and saddle height of 21.6 inches for your 3-year-old kids. The CRF50F dirt bike is a fully adjustable throttle limiter, that allows parents to select the power levels applicable to their kids.

The transmission speed of this bike is not great for beginner kids. The other cool features of this dirt bike that engages without the clutch. The rear shock, suspension, drum brakes, and adjustable rear shock are cooled and more adjustable features of this bike, that are more suitable for your kids.


  • Real adjustable rear shock for excellent off-road comfort.
  • Well-designed and parental safety features
  • Reliable 4-stroke engine


  • Kick-start only machine
  • Lack of a clutch
  • Not good for beginner riders

3# Suzuki DR-Z50

The Suzuki DR-Z50 is potentially one of the famous and ideal dirt bikes for your kids. It’s a well-designed, dirt bike with, air-cooled engine, with a four-stroke engine,  and the features of this bike are the same as competitors’ dirt bikes. However, it is also energetic, boasts a low weight of 119 lbs, super crazy, strong with hardy brakes and durable suspension.

The combination of both kick starter and electric starter which really like and perfect for your kids. It has a low seat height and perfect ground stability for kids and young riders.It’s the combination of both an electric starter and kick starter that we really like.

Even your kid riders will benefit from the easy to handle and push-button start which an electric start can give your kid, Even it can also learn how to use an electric and kick starter too. And let’s be honest. It comes in a unique color, well-designed features are more useful and adjustable that batteries are a starter and flat motors are gunked up. It’s a perfect ideal and more adjustable bike, and I highly recommend this bike for your young kids.


  • Air-cooled engine
  • Well-designed
  • Four-stroke engine


  • More Expensive
  • Dual starter control is really like to have and not.

4# Dirt Rocket MX400

The Dirt Rocket MX400 is one of the best dirt bikes for 3-year-old kids. It has a twist grip throttle control kick, high torque motor with high gear.

Usually, kids love riding, In other words, a dirt bike is an exciting hobby for your kids. The large features of this dirt bike, knobby tires, large, deliver top-notch and chain-driven motor performance are perfect for your kids. Scaled-down Pocket MX400 dirt bikes are well-designed features and more comfortable, perfect, and riser handlebars.

The scaled-down Pocket MX400 dirt bike has well-designed features and more comfortable, perfect, and riser handlebars. The kids are easy to handle and the twist-grip throttle is more adjustable and controls handlebars. This bike is ideal for tall and 3-year-old kids due to the 12” tires and 18” seat height.


  • rechargeable battery
  • Super speed
  • Twist grip control


  • Too big for small height kids

5# Razor MX 650

Razor MX 650 is one of the best dirt bike 3 year old kids, I highly recommends this bike for your teens and young kids. The 650-watt motor is the average dirt bike and more kick if you kids love riding and he is going to love the design of a dirt bike that looks like a real dirt bike. It comes in a unique color, more powerful for uphill ready to rumble, and easy to control.

Made to hit dirt too fast and hard, the supercross-inspired of this dirt bike is a well performance bike that runs on electricity as compared to other bikes.

It has a more comfortable and adjustable riser handlebar that ensures that customized perfect the twist acceleration control and hand operator are brakes that control put the kids rider in command. If you’re a dirt bike lover then I would recommend this bike for your kid.


  • Handlebar more comfortable
  • 2 stroke engine
  • Crazy super speed


  • More expensive
  • Not perfect for all age rider

6# Yamaha TTR 50E

Yamaha TTR 50E dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes for your 3-year kid. In other words, it’s a more reliable, comfortable, and easy to handleable bike for kids bike riders. However, it has four strokes of engine power, an automatic clutch that makes shift gears a breeze.

In comparison with another bike, the TTR 50E dirt bike has an electric starter, three gears with spoked wheels, and a seat height of 21.9 inches that are more comfortable for your year old kid.

Furthermore, it’s a more approachable, four-stroke engine with a 49cc he cooled four-stroke engine that is more adjustable and great for learning. That also allows them to focus on having fun and enjoying themselves.

In other words, this bike is perfect for your kid, If you are confused about how to select a perfect dirt bike for your kids, I highly recommend this bike is more adjustable and perfect for your kids.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Well-designed
  • Automatic clutch
  • Comfortable


  • Not perfect for adult riders

7# Honda XR 50

Honda XR 50 is one of the best, comfortable, and ideal dirt bikes for your kids. If you’re a kid bike lover and love bike riding then It is an ideal choice for your 3-year-old kids.

This bike also keeps help new riders from going too soon and fast and then matches the power of this bike with your riding skills.

It comes in a unique color. a four-stroke engine, that is more reliable with the adjustable throttle. If there’s one thing you can count on with a Honda, it’s the engine.

The CRF50F’s Honda has an automatic clutch system. It means that there is no clutch master lever. In this situation, new bike riders don’t have to worry about this stalling. These kids of dirt bikes are targeted at users between 3 to 7 years old young riders.

Usually, it’s a bit fast for the 3-year-old kids however, during normal riding, they will apparently not reach the overall speeds.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Automatic clutch
  • Air-cooled single


  • Not suitable for all age riders..

8# Cobra CX50

The Cobra dirt bike is very aggressive and excellent for your kids. It’s available in a unique color, has a single-speed transmission and two-stroke oil injected.

Although, this bike is easy to handle and more comfortable for your kid. The pedal feels great level with good brakes work.

The motor and leading suspension are powerful on this bike. Cobra has well designed and also improved some components on their 2017 bikes which will lead to an improved kid’s experience.

Adjustability and better seals will keep your wallet padded a tad little bit longer, minimizing the required time to keep the dirt bike performing perfectly.

If you are looking for the best dirt bike for your kids, it is the perfect dirt bike for your 3-year-old kids.


  • 2 stroke engine
  • Single-speed
  • Well-designed


  • Not good for adult riders

9# OSET12.5 Dirt Bike

Oset 12.5 dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes for your kid. According to experts, it’s the most famous and one of the best selling bikes for 3-year-old kids.

The Oset 12.5 has sufficient power to provide effective confidence for your kid rider, without entirely overwhelming them at the same time. It’s more attractive, attention to safety, and a more adjustable dirt bike for your kid. Oset 12.5 has a more cool magnetic lanyard, selectable speed models, Indah disc brake.

Fully adjustable throttle and controllable power modes and battery life is independent, and throttle adjustment. The price of this dirt bike is more perfect as compared to other bikes.

If you are looking for the best dirt bike for your 3-year-old kids, I highly recommend this dirt bike for your child. It’s especially great to bike for kids riders and worth the money.


  • Adjustable throttle
  • Controllable power
  • Throttle adjustment
  • Excellent attention safety


  • Limited Battery
  • Not perfect for adult riders
  • Burromax TT250
  • Keyed ignition starter

10# Boromax TT250

If you’re worried about your kid’s dirt bike comfort and looking for one of the best dirt bikes for your kids, that is a more comfortable bike.

The main feature of this dirt bike is well-designed, more adjustable, and heavy-duty footrest. However, according to many experts, it is one of the best smallest dirt bikes for your 3 year old kids.

This dirt bike comes with a more adjustable handlebar, full suspension, and the seat height of this dirt bike perfect for your 3 year old kids.

Burromax TT250 bike is available in unique colors, and has a deep cycle battery, high torque, steel frame with shock suspension, and the maximum speed of this bike 14 mph, making it a great pick.

If you are looking for an excellent bike for your kids, I highly recommend that this bike be perfect for your young rider.


  • Well design steel frame
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Ignition keyed starter


  • Limited battery timing


We discussed the top 10 best dirt bikes in this article are excellent choices for a 3-year-old kid rider. Although, If you are choosing the best dirt bike for your kid that requires research, and thought. Usually, finding a good ideal and affordable dirt bike for 3-year-olds kids.

Generally not very easy, we can face many difficulties in this situation, but with the right counseling with a little bit of patience, you can find out the best dirt bike for yourself.

Dirt bike riding, racing, is an intense sport that also requires efficiency. A manufacturing company designed many types of dirt bikes, for bike kids. Although, manufactures a well-designed suspension system that brings out the top ideal dirt bike for bike l riders.

Adventure dirt bike touring is the high speed growing form of a dirt bike. Some dirt bikes are not suitable for all riders. So before choosing the final dirt bike, the size of the bike being the most important for riders. Even some dirt bikes, more perfect, lower height will help that feel more comfortable for bike riders.

I would highly recommend that a dirt bike is very perfect for young, medium, and bike riders. Usually, dirt bikes branch off into gas-powered and electric versions.

A two and four-stroke dirt bike will do the job best for kids, usually the pack rider-friendly, and more reliable power delivery. If You don’t have to pray to top-dollar,-show-no-go models as the best Dirt Bike can handle handicaps like incline jumps and other dirt elements.

Many dirt bikes pack an electric motor and have super transmission speed with four-stroke under the hood to keep your ride at peak performance. Dirt bikes usually have a more compact engine that provides lightweight well-designed dirt bikes for 3-year-old kids.

The brand knocked down prices for perfect dirt bike to give teens eager parents a slice of the action in the dirt. However, you can cross-shop gas-powered and electric dirt bikes, auto transmission, vs manual, and compete for frame geometries well-designed dirt bikes. Even some dirt bikes, more perfect, lower height will help that feel more comfortable for bike riders. I would highly recommend that a dirt bike is a very perfect 3-year-old rider.

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