10 Best Dirt bikes under 1000$ (2021) – Beginner’s Guide

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If you Want to one of the best dirt bikes for under 1000$. You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we discuss all the best tips on how to keep your favorite dirt biking as cheap a possible. That’s right, You need to have some basic knowledge in order to save yourself money.

Quick list of 10 Best Dirt bikes that are under 1000$:

  1. SX500 dirt bike
  2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc
  3. TAO Dirt bike DB17
  4. TAO Dirt bike DB14
  5. Kawasaki KLX 110 Dirt bike
  6. Honda CRF230F
  7. Razor Mx650
  8. Yamaha TTR 50E
  9. Yamaha WR250F
  10. Yamaha YZ250

I am gonna gave you a detail review of this each dirt bike, but before let me tell you some quick tips on how to select the best dirt bike for you are your kid.

Why do you ask? If you take a bike you’re attentive into a technician, you’re going to be spending a lot of money on technician visits, money which you wouldn’t need to be spending if you had some starter knowledge that you could use to “proof” the bike, and check some basic things to make sure it fits some important criteria before you take it to a mechanic.

Make sense? You’re fundamentally checking the surface things to make sure that you aren’t wasting your money and time getting the bike checked by someone you have to pay. If you may rule the bike out yourself, you won’t have to pay to get it ruled out.

How to choose Dirt Bike under $1000?

Usually, you have many options, when you looking for the best dirt bike under 1000$ some of the bikes more expensive and some others less expensive under 1000$. However, you try to just follow the buying guideline to must check out, if you looking dirt bike that is worth purchasing and not.

1. Engine And motor

When you are getting the bike for the new riders and the added the engine and motor have a required role. You cannot forgive the performance of the gas and electric motor.

Usually, dirt bikes have four-stroke and two strokes. Especially, for beginners, the four-stroke bike is not perfect for young and adult bike riders compared to two-stroke bikes which do not work very well.

After all, when you choose a dirt bike and see if you are getting a very cheap Dirt Bike for 1000$ then you need to look at the motor and engine. Try to look for a motor which is an electric engine for super results.

2. Bike tire patterns

Usually, the tire pattern of dirt bikes is different compared to other motorbikes. If you are going on rough terrain and the muddy road then the tire pattern makes a huge difference.

The rough off-road touches need a tire that has a better grip and pattern. So you make sure that staying protected and safe and checking the tire pattern that the bike will not slip on the road. For excellent protection and safety, and the rear tire needs to transfer the power and the front tire has to be large. A Dirt bike with long-lasting tires will be the best selection.

3. Brake mechanism

The next condition which affects the performance and functionality of the dirt bike is the brake mechanisms. When the hydraulic brakes are installed in the bike, that reduces the danger and increases the durability. It will also make sure that the hydraulic brake offers excellent performance and the right amount of stopping power that is needed to easily handle and maintain a dirt bike.

4. Construction and design

The construction and design that consider the dirt bike under $1000, With an excellent structure of the dirt bike, usually the cycle will last for long term.

Most people are not focusing on the appeal of the bike due to the graphics, but also making sure that the construction is perfect, reliable, well designed, and of high quality. When the dirt bike is well featured, lightweight, and made from high-quality material, it will not easily break. Even good quality material will maintain durability and make sure that the bike lasts for the long term.

When the plastic on dirt bikes of high quality and premium grade has been used for the construction of the bike lasts a lot longer as compared to other dirt bikes.

5. Suspension system

Usually, dirt bikes are meant to be used on uneven surfaces and the terrain which is uneven and muddy. Consequently one must make sure the suspension system is better and stiff in terms of handling.

If your bike suspension system is not robust and potent enough, it will not glide on the surface might and quickly get inverted and not good for you.

Usually, dirt bikes have to come across a lot of jumps and obstacles. To maintain that balance the bike on such a suspension system and the suspension system has to be top-end and stiff.

10 Best Dirt Bikes under $1000

So here are the 10 dirt bikes reviews which suit best under 1000$.

1. SX500 dirt bike

The SX500 dirt bike authentic faithful reproduction and frame geometry and faithful reproduction that offer you the excellent product for bit small champion. Its available, well-designed, have dual suspension, disc brakes that make this bike the best rock dirt bike.

It’s well-designed and has a twist grip throttle that any bike rider can easily handle. Superb robust power embodies the hallmarks of the chain-drive high-torque generating more power. Per-large pneumatic knobby tires with power transmission speed for conquering dirt heals at the forefront that are perfect for all bike riders.

It is available in a unique color, light-weighted, and perfect dirt bike for adult riders. If you looking for a dirt bike that price under 1000$, this bike is perfect for you.


  • Well-designed
  • Twist-grip
  • Steel frame
  • High torque


  • Dual hand-operated disc

2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike is one of the best direct bikes for you if you have a limited budget. Most of the Riders will become fond of the Apollo DB-X18 like a kid with a new toy and also race with big guns.

It comes in unique color and has a 4-stroke engine, air-cooled, and super performance reliability and capability. The company has given the engine subtle upgrades, that are stronger than other units.

A newly well-designed frame of this bike made with heavy steel with rear shocks handlebar is a bit difficult to handle for beginner bike riders. Manual Clutch renders a quicker start with super transmission speed that more convenience comfortable, smooth, and racing experience with balanced geometry.

Heavy steel frame, high tensile and twin space, construction set it on stone. The DB-X18 superior strength, frame boasts, durability, and conventional aluminum frame ensconced in kid’s dirt bikes.

The super-lightweight, off-road trailing, and track racing dirt bike. The rare and front suspension is nonadjustable, but If you looking for a 1000$ dirt bike, It’s one of the best dirt bikes for you and your family.


  • 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Air Cooled
  • Manual Clutch


  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Front and rear Suspension is Non-Adjustable

3. TAO Dirt bike DB17

The TAO Dirt bike DB17 dirt bike is excellent and available at 1000$ ONLY. It is well-designed and has 4 strokes of the engine from 110CC, Air-cooled; and 1-cylinder which also provides a mill engineered for racing with automatic kick start. It comes with sizable tires and a taller seat height designed for you and your young riders.

It’s come in a unique color, front and rear Operated Hydraulic Disc with semi-automatic gear that makes it more adjustable for your kid’s rider.

The Seat height of this bike 28 inches, dual disc brakes, light-weighted, easy to handle. Tao’s strict attention to the frame, front fork, tires, and suspensions for balance yields a comfortable and smooth ride.

If you have a limited budget, and you want to buy a good looking dirt bike for your kids, I highly recommend this for your kids.


  • Air-cooled
  • Four-stroke engine
  • chain drive transmission
  • Automatic engine
  • Kick starter


  • Not like the carburetor quality
  • Have smaller fork bolts

4. TAO Dirt bike DB14

The DB14 110cc dirt bike well designs dirt bike that is more perfect and suitable dirt bike for your kids. The feature of this dirt bike has a taller seat height, larger tires, an air-cooled engine, and a four-stroke engine, that is easy to maintain for beginner riders.

Semi-automatic transmission, dual disc brakes and tough and more light-weighted that enhance maneuverability and maintain the most rugged trails.

If you have any experience and expertise in handling dirt bikes, usually the TAO Dirt bike DB14 110cc dirt bike? If you do not, then it would be desirable to seek help from a non-manual for this part where you will have to capture features and parts of this bike.

However, It’s available in unique colors, If you looking for the best dirt bike for you or your family member and you have a limited budget, It’s the perfect dirt bike for you, and your young riders.


  • Air-cooled
  • four-stroke engine
  • Chain drive transmission
  • Automatic engine
  • Allow for kids
  • Easy to control


  • Some screws may be lost

5. Kawasaki KLX 110 Dirt bike

This Kawasaki dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes under 1000$ and the perfect choice for adults and beginners as well. This dirt bike has a 4 stroke dirt bike, gear transmission and the super speed works the perfect way.

The Kawasaki dirt bike is a popular Dirt Bike with a low center of gravity with a super smooth engine that is more comfortable for beginner bike riders. However, it also offers more comfortable and controllability, overall it’s a well-design, high-quality dirt bike.

The Kawasaki KLX 110 dirt bike as well that offers excellent bottoming performance and good control on off-road terrain and tails.

The dirt bike also has super suspension updates and gets good ergonomics that contain an extensive range of bike riders. The centrifugal clutch and 4-speed gearbox that offers ideal gear shifts on the move.

However, it’s a little less reliable on choppy or muddy surfaces, which is a high-quality dirt bike and more comfortable and adjustable and one of the best dirt bikes for you and your family.


  • 4 stroke engine
  • Well-design
  • Perfect gear transmission
  • More comfortable
  • Perfect for beginner


  • Less reliable

6. Honda CRF230F

The Honda CRF230F is potentially one of the famous and ideal dirt bikes under 1000$. It’s a well-designed, dirt bike, air-cooled engine, with a four-stroke engine, and the features of this bike, are the same as competitor’s dirt bikes.

However, it is also energetic, boasts a low weight of 119 lbs, super crazy, strong with hardy brakes and durable suspension. The combination of both kick starter and electric starter which really like and perfect for your kids.

It has a low height of seat that perfect ground stability for kids young riders. It’s the combination of both an electric starter and kick starter that we really like. Even your kid riders will benefit from the easy to handle and push-button start which an electric start can give your kid,

Even it can also learn how to use an electric and kick starter too. And let’s be honest. It’s come in a unique color, well-designed features are more useful and adjustable that batteries are a starter and flat motors are gunked up. It’s a perfect ideal and more adjustable bike, and I highly recommend this bike for your young kids.


  • Air-cooled engine
  • Well-designed
  • Four-stroke engine
  • Perfect gear suspension


  • More Expensive
  • Dual starter control is really like to have and not

7. Razor Mx650

In the latest technology, the Razor Mx650 dirt bike comes with safety, well-featured, and one of the best dirt bikes for 15-year-old riders.

It has electric powered tires, that can easily take the wight or yet hit the high speed. It has quiet speed, an authentic geometry frame, dual suspension, and riser handlebars that deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. It’s a well-design dirt bike with a powerful electric motor.

A massive 650-watt electric charming dirt bike and well experienced with dual back and front brakes, with full super suspensions, and clutch throttle response system that decreases and increases the speed with a twist throttle.

The extensive batteries take no more than 8 to 9 hours to charge and can be replaced later. However, it may also easily take the weight of a full-grown adult and its super high speed. Its also available in unique color and you can buy only 1000$.


  • Small dirt bike
  • Well design
  • Super suspensions
  • Clutch throttle
  • Authentic geometry frame


  • Limited battery timing

8. Yamaha TTR 50E

Yamaha TTR 50E dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes under 1000$. In other words, it’s a more reliable, comfortable, and easy to handleable bike for kids bike riders. The dirt bike is one of the best dirt for young riders.

However, the platform of this bike more suitable and perfect for beginner bike riders. However, it has four strokes of engine power, an automatic clutch that makes shift gears a breeze. In comparison with other bikes, the TTR 50E dirt bike has an electric starter, three gears with spoked wheels, and a seat height is 21.9 inches that are more comfortable for your 13-year-old kids.

Furthermore, it’s a more approachable, four-stroke engine with a 49cc air-cooled four-stroke engine that more adjustable and great for learning. That also allows them to focus on having fun and enjoying themselves.

In other words, this bike is perfect for your kid, If you are confused about how to select a perfect dirt bike for your kids, I highly recommend this bike is more adjustable and perfect for little riders.


  • Four-stroke engine
  • Well-designed
  • Automatic clutch
  • Comfortable


  • Not perfect for adult riders

9. Yamaha WR250F

The Yamaha WR250F is one of the best dirt bikes under 1000$ riders. Even the overall design, frame, and size are ideal for tall, and beginner bike riders. The WR250F dirt bike is quite wide and tall that can be perfect for any man/woman above 4.5 feet or higher in height.

Its total weight is 258 pounds and seat height is 38 inches that are quite heavy. However, it’s more beneficial because the heavyweight slows down the dirt bike that is ideal for beginner riders.

You can buy the WR250F dirt bike that is super, crazy worth that there are also plenty of sellers that sell it. I highly recommend that the Yamaha WR250F is the ideal dirt bike for bike riders which also is one of the best models which you can find for you because it actually is rare to find dirt bikes for new young riders in such a way that they can also ride at very slow speeds.

Further, WR250F is a quarter-liter off-road dirt bike that can be seen battling for first positions in competitions. WR250F dirt bike a narrow, special cylinder design, aggressive seat, and max out. The manual transmission speed delivers the right power and torque for scenarios and is perfect for bike riders.


  • Unique design and frame
  • Manual transmission speed
  • Ideal dirt bike
  • Perfect for man and woman


  • Quite heavy

10. Yamaha YZ250

If you have been expressing dirt bikes sold at a low price, it’s the best time to show you the YZ250 dirt bike under 1000$ which is available at price and perfectly ideal for every bike rider. I personally would recommend the YZ250 for taller even though it’s still considered a super crazy dirt bike rider which is an excellent choice for races (6 different types of dirt bike racings).

You can buy the YZ250 dirt bike at a cheap price, which is a really good price as compared to other dirt bikes. It has a high level of dimension, which is still ideal for riders. However, the overall height of the dirt bike is 50.8, and the seat height is 39.1 that is ideal for beginner riders.

Many experts would not recommend it to new riders because it’s very deadly when it comes to Yamaha, so make sure that you have a bit of experience with other dirt bikes.

However, It comes in unique colors and can easily fit all heights, even I personally would recommend its perfect for tall riders. so make sure you have to experience at least with other dirt bikes then you embark on the YZ250 because it’s perfectly suitable for bike riders.


  • Reliable
  • High level of speed
  • High dimension


  • Not perfect for kids

Final Verdict

Usually, finding a good ideal and affordable dirt bike under 1000$ is generally not very easy, we can face many difficulties in this situation, but with the right counseling with a little bit of patience, you can find out the best dirt bike for yourself.

Dirt bike riding, racing is an intense sport that also requires efficiency. A manufacturing company designed many types of dirt bikes, for bike riders. Although, manufactures a well-designed suspension system that brings out the top ideal dirt bike for bike l riders.

Adventure dirt bike touring is the high-speed growing form of a dirt bike. Some dirt bikes are not suitable for all riders. So before choosing the final dirt bike, the size of the bike being the most important for riders. Even some dirt bikes, more perfect, lower height will help that feel more comfortable for bike riders. I would highly recommend that a dirt bike is very perfect for young, medium, and bike riders.

Usually, dirt bikes under $1000 branch off into gas-powered and electric versions. A two and four-stroke dirt bike will do the job best for kids, usually the pack rider-friendly, and more reliable power delivery. If You don’t have to pray to top-dollar,-show-no-go models as the best Dirt Bike Under $1000 can handle handicaps like incline jumps and other dirt elements.

Many dirt bikes pack an electric motor and have super transmission speed with four-stroke under the hood to keep your ride at peak performance. Dirt bikes usually have a more compact engine that provides lightweight well-designed dirt bikes under 1000%.

The brand knocked down prices under $1000 for perfect dirt bikes to give teenagers a slice of the action in the dirt. However, you can cross-shop gas-powered and electric dirt bikes, auto transmission, vs manual, and compete for frame geometries well-designed dirt bike. Even some dirt bikes, more perfect, lower height will help that feel more comfortable for bike riders. I would highly recommend that a dirt bike is very perfect for young, medium bike riders.

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