10 Best long lasting dirt Bike tires 2021 – Buying Guide

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Best long lasting dirt bike tires in 2021! When we ride on a dirt bike the thing which is attached to the terrain is the bike tires. So, every rider gives much attention to bike tires and always try to find the best and long lasting tires. Normally it is best practice to choose tires according to your riding places.

However, your aim is to get such tires that can withstand friction and provide you a long ride on your dirt bike without facing any troubles.

Normally we commit some mistakes while selecting tires for a dirt bike that may cause a waste of time and money. Nobody likes to waste time and money because both of these are precious to every person. As we know that “ A stitch in time saves nine” so, if we spend some time to understand which tires are best for your dirt bike and which tires will be long lasting, you can enjoy better riding.

Some manufacturers design tires according to specific terrain. So, if you have to ride your dirt bike in any specific terrain then you can choose to accede it as I have provided the complete guide to choose tires. It would be a good decision. But some riders ride in different places so here are some tires that are long lasting and best for every kind of terrain.

Different Types of Dirt Bike Tires

Paddle Tires: 

These are tires for sand riding. You cannot use these on any other tracks. They are made up of a very hard compound and that is why they can only run on sand. Due to their extremely large knobs, these tires seem aggressive while riding on sand and have large knobs of scooping manner. If you are looking for sand riding tires chest out the best desert dirt bike tires.

Trails Terrain Tires: 

These are extremely durable dirt bike tires. Trails terrain tires are the most used tires in case of a dirt bike. They are of extremely high quality and are quite knobby.

These tires are the best fit for a desert ride, and mountain riding at the same time. You can also use these tires on high-speed terrains and for trail riding. They are strong enough to bear obstacles like trees and boulders.

Soft Terrain Tires: 

Soft terrain dirt bike tires are for soft places, like mud and sand. Soft terrain tracks are basically tracked fully of mud or sand. These tires run best and without any disturbance on muddy and sandy tracks.

Intermediate Tires: 

Intermediate tires have properties in between hard and soft terrain tires. These tires have a spectrum between soft and hard.

Intermediate tires are the best fit for surfaces that require more traction as compare to soft terrains. They have a slightly mellower pattern of tires that provide extra traction and ruggedness.

Hard Terrain Tires: 

These tires are the best fit for hard terrains. They have a slightly softer spectrum and provided a cool grip on the road. They have wider knobs that allow a smooth ride and grip over the road. It has closed wider knobs that add to the traction of this tire.

These tires are specifically for beginners to practice and for kids to ride on the road and hard terrains. They come with wider knobs that extend to the sidewalls that provide better learning traction.

Hybrid Terrain Tires: 

At the first look you would say that it is a trail terrain dirt bike tire, but never mind it is the beta version of the trail terrain tire. It has a complete mellower design. It has a clustered tread pattern and has a smooth grip. It is a tire that fits best for mountains and hurdled tracks. It has a rounded crown that differentiates it from trail terrain dirt bike tires.

Let us discuss some best tires for your dirt bike that will be long-lasting and make your riding more enjoyable.

10 Best Long Lasting Dirt Bike Tires 2021

Here is the list of 10 best long lasting dirt bike tires in 2021:

Speedometer Brand

Avg Price


Price (amazon)

1. Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire


2. Shinko 520 Series Rear Tire


3. Bridgestone M203 Motocross Front Tire


4. Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Rear Tire


5. Irc 87-5405 Tire Ix-Kids Rear 80/100-12 50M


6. Sedona MX887IT Hard/Intermediate Tire - Rear - 110/90-19


7. MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft Motocross Bias Tire


8. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire


9. Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire 3.00-16


10. Maxxis M7304 Rear 110/90-19 Maxxcross Intermediate


1. Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire

These tires are designed for all types of terrain. Due to aggressive knobs, these tires can be used in varying terrain. These knobs provide elasticity to the tires to bear external forces.

Due to knobs the tires have a strong grip on the earth and avoid slippage. These tall knobs make the tires long lasting and knobs act like an extra protective layer to the tires.

One more benefit of tall knobs is that it keeps the puncturing crabs away from the tire.

Aggressive knobs enhance the dirt performance and you don’t have to compromise with the street ride. Normally if you buy tires for dirt rides then you have to compromise up to some limit with the street ride.

Its sidewall construction and stiffer bead make its grip stronger and while turning provide better cornering control and stability.

It is one of the best DOT approver long lasting tire which is 6 ply & which is 90% for dirt and 10% for road applications. These tires work better for medium to hard surfaces.

Owning all these qualities the amazing thing about tires is that they are very low cost tires that provide traction on a variety of different roads.


  • Tall, aggressive knobs
  • Strong grip
  • Best stability and cornering control
  • DOT approved 90% dirt & 10% road applications
  • Low price
  • Traction on variety of tracks


  • Knobs may wear
  • 10% road applications

2. Bridgestone M203 Motocross Front Tire

When we talk about the front tire of a dirt bike then we can’t miss this amazing long lasting front tire. Which is capable of bearing stresses and works for a long time. Some of its unique features make it special and distinguishes it from other tires.

New design tire technology made it useful for all soft and intermediate terrain applications. Because the terrain is of great importance while selecting tires for your dirt bike. If your tires match your terrain then you can use tires for a long time. Otherwise, you may encounter some kind of wear problems.

Improved grip enhances its stability and increases braking power. If the grip with the earth is stronger you can enjoy a better ride. On the other hand, if the grip is not strong you may face sliding and other problems.

Its grip and traction meet with the new and advanced 4 stroke bikes and which need strong and long lasting tires. Moreover, this front tire prevents your dirt bike from sliding over the track mainly while you are moving through a muddy and slippery track.

So, you can get many benefits from these tires due to their stability, strong grip, and long lasting life.

Whenever you think about replacing your tires you must consider the M203 front tire as first priority due to its amazing and long lasting qualities.

You can change you generic enduro ebike tires with these and get


  • New tire design technology
  • Soft & intermediate terrain applications
  • 42 load index rating
  • Enhanced stability and braking power
  • Strong grip and traction matched
  • Section width 70mm
  • Best choice for 4 stroke dirt bikes


  • Only for dirt bikes
  • Not for all dirt bikes
  • Weighted 5.5 pounds

3. Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Rear Tire

Sedona MX907HP tires are hard-pack terrain compounds. As we know that there are two types of terrain soft and hard pack terrain. Soft terrain includes sand and loams, while hard pack terrain is hard to pack earth and pavements. Hardpack terrain requires long lasting tires. These long lasting tires are specifically designed for hard-pack terrain.

MX907HP tires are designed for blue groove traction. Cross patch tread design provides a strong grip on the terrain. Its tread is designed to have both line and cornering traction. Which makes its grip stronger & stable, and the treads at the corners of the tire make its cornering more stable.

Siped and dimpled knobs add to their stability and traction. It adds more bite edges for traction. When a rider is turning the bike in a certain direction then these siped and dimpled knobs provide extra grip to hold with the earth. In this way, these long lasting tires become stable and provide large traction.

Multi knobs tread pattern assures a large footprint. Multi knob treads make these tires long lasting. So, if you have to run your bike across hard pack terrain then this selection would make your choice the best one.

These tires can be used for mountain and desert riding provides not only less traction but does not wear. It can bear high mountain aggressive riding.


  • Cross patch thread design
  • Multi, siped and dimpled knobs
  • Hard pack terrain
  • Tire aspect ratio 90
  • 110mm section width
  • Stronger grip


  • 11.35pounds weighted
  • Designed for hard pack terrain
  • Less wet pavement traction

4. Irc 87-5405 Tire Ix-Kids Rear 80/100-12 50M

When we talk about superior traction tires then we can’t neglect this tire due to its super amazing traction with the terrain. It has unique knobs which make it long lasting and stronger grip. These tires are of new generation rubber compounds with super amazing design.

It provides great traction in various and varying conditions and can be used in various tracks. So, these long lasting tires are preferred over other dirt tires.

It is considered the best dirt bike tire for kid’s bikes the reason is that it provides super amazing traction with the road. The one best quality to use for kid’s bikes is that it can be washed easily due to its large knobs. And these large knobs make it long-lasting.

It has large and heavy knobs that make it run in different tracks. You can use these tires in wood, mud, and hard terrain. Due to tall knobs, it does not stick in sand & loam terrain. These tall knobs also provide the best cornering stability. If you are looking for wood riding tires check out out some best tires for wood riding.

These are the light weighted tires, due to being lightweight these tires are preferred for kids.


  • Low cost tires
  • Super amazing traction with track
  • New generation rubber compounds
  • Tall knobs
  • Wash easily
  • Light weighted preferred for kids bikes


  • May wear
  • Extremely large knobs
  • Very shallow knobby’s

5. Sedona MX887IT Hard/Intermediate Tire – Rear – 110/90-19

Sedona MX8871T is specially designed for hard and intermediate terrain applications. Its unique design provides it extra grip and also enhances the traction power of the tires, and makes these tires long lasting. This is a 4ply rigid tire. Its carcass design helps to decrease flex and provides a well-planted feel.

It has two lines of knobs on both sides of the tires, these two lines of knobs increase the grip of the tire and while turning provides extra cornering stability. Hence it provides us good grip at extreme angles.

The design of the tire is symmetrical for equal traction on both sides. Due to this symmetrical design, the tires work for a long time. Nothing is wrong with this super cool tire, all in all, it is a great tire to use in any kind of terrain.

If you use this tire in mountain hills you will feel that it will have a stronger grip in comparison to the other such tires which are used for mountain applications. It makes your journey or rides more safe and secure.

In woods riding its exceptional design provides strong stability. And you can run your dirt bike without thinking about facing sliding or other such problems.

As it is designed to use for hard terrain applications so, a special kind of rubber is used to manufacture this tire. And the treads of the tire are stronger and larger, this quality makes these tire to have stronger grip and also their life increases and you can use this for a long time.

This long lasting tire has a centerline of knobs on the tire which are larger in size and are of fine quality. This centerline arrangement of knobs provides it extra stability, increases its traction power. It makes the tire propel better.


  • Rigid 4ply
  • Well in hard terrain
  • Reversible tread pattern
  • Superior grip
  • Symmetrical knobs
  • 110mm section width


  • Expensive
  • 14 pounds weighted

6. MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft Motocross Bias Tire

Tread design of the Michelin improves the performance of the tire. There are two types of arrangements of the blocks on the tires. The central tread blocks are specially designed to focus on the performance, stability, and traction power of the tire. This design of blocks increases the life of the tire and saves it from wear. It works for long time.

And the lines of the tread blocks along the sides of the tire are designed to provide it good steering response while turning and improves the traction power of the tires. Michelin is a stronger and long lasting tire with its amazing design to grip the track.

The casing of the tire includes stronger, long lasting, and lower density material that reduces the weight of the tire by about 15 percent than other tires used for dirt bikes. And the good thing is that by decreasing this weight of the tire its quality is not compromised, neither its durability is affected.

 The casing construction also features Michelin’s Comfort Casing Technology (CCT), which provides outstanding shock absorption power that is not inconvenient for the dirt rider.

Michelin Starcross has Mud Phobic bars that keep the mud and soil away from the tire. Normally mud builds up across the tire and reduces the traction of the dirt bike but these long lasting tires have the ability to prevent the tire from soil building up.

Its self-cleaning ability removes the mud or soil from the tire. And increases the traction power. The holding up of this tire is really appreciable. It can prove best tires for kid bikes. Because for kids we are always worried that they may get unstable and fall down. So, you can use this tire for your kid’s bike.


  • Long lasting tire
  • Best performance
  • 11.94 pounds weighted
  • Good section width
  • Self-cleaning ability
  • 584 pounds load capacity
  • Good traction power


  • May not fit for some bikes
  • May wear in hard terrain

7. Shinko 520 Series Rear Tire

This is the first-ever manufactured tire that has a directional pattern design. This directional pattern design enhances the traction, braking, and balancing ability. Reinforced knobs prevent the tire from tearing and chunking.

This tire is manufactured from high carbon compounds so it is much stronger and long lasting. This special compound material increases the wear life and minimizes the knob edge tearing. Although it is designed from better quality material, you cannot use this bike on Highways. In the case of Highway, it gets started wearing and tearing due to which the tire ruins.

The best way to increase the tire life is that you must focus on the wearing and tearing of the tread blocks.

It provides much better traction power for soft to intermediate terrain. It can bear a maximum of 36PSI. You can replace the old dirt bike tire with a new tire with advanced qualities. This is the best time to replace your bike tire. But you should do this only when your old tire is not working properly or when you have fear to stop working.


  • Reinforced knobs
  • Directional pattern design
  • High quality carbon compound
  • Resists tearing and chunking
  • Section width is 2.83 inches
  • Very low cost tires


  • Not for highways

8. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Rear Tire

These rear tires got 2nd place in my list, it is because it does not fit on some bikes. But this is the best & long lasting tire to use for your dirt bike. I would like to tell you that if you are Rough Rider then these tires are going to stay with you for a long time and you will not get any kind of problem while using these ones.

Even you can ride over rail tracks using these long lasting tires. It never slides and provides more traction with all kinds of tracks, and you will enjoy good riding.

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Bridgestone M204 provides a race proven tread pattern with extra block spacing which makes it enhances slide control and better ride performance.

It has taller treads and containing shoulder steps, due to the increased base angle it gives more durability and provides stability which makes these tires long lasting for dirt riding.

The improved grip makes these long lasting tires more valuable because if tires do not have the grip you may encounter serious injuries. So, you must consider the grip of tires while selecting. Traction is also an important factor while the selection of tires. It provides traction to varying tracks.


  • Great drive performance
  • Tall tread blocks
  • Reliable stability and durability
  • Improved grip and traction
  • Better slide control


  • May not fit on some bikes

9. Bridgestone M22 Motocross Rear Tire 3.00-16

This is a famous brand of tires for a dirt bike. Bridgestone M22 is no doubt the great tires for your dirt bike. These tires are very long lasting due to their unique and special compound material. It has higher and stronger knobs that provide it a great traction power and also increase the grip of the tire.

Grip and traction of the tire are two important factors when you select tires for your dirt bike. Because the stability and the pulling of the tire directly depend on these two things. And these things are determined by the design and the material of the tire.

So, if your bike tire has good compound material that is high carbon compound material then it will not start wearing and tearing and the tire will become long lasting. The design of the tire also plays an important role to increase the life of the tire. If your bike has a good design according to the terrain then it will go for a long time.

Here, this tire has a good design and better compound material. It has a stronger grip and stability.

It improves low speed handling and cornering so much!! The bike now transitions from upright to leaned over MUCH more smoothly and with more control. This is such an amazing tire that will be admirable.

Not only for low speed handling it is good rather for high speed and other deserts, trail and dirt applications it provides speed handling and cornering.

I’m sharing my personal experience with that tire. This Bridgestone BT-45, the rear tire is, without a doubt the best front tire for my Goldwing, Champion trike conversion I have “ever” purchased.

Very stable in high winds and wet conditions. Soft smooth ride, very little “tracking” on grooved roads. Recommended at reverse rotation, Dyna beads, and inflated to 41 psi. These come with 7mm of tread. My current BT-45 has 12,700 miles on it and I have only used 2mm of tread, leaving 5mm.

I project well over 20,000 miles before replacement. The price of this tire is less than $120.00, making it a great deal. I would suggest shopping around for free shipping and no tax.

Do the work yourself, have the local Honda dealer put the tire on the rim, and balance it for you for about 15 bucks, leaving you with a new front tire for about $135.00. 20,000+ miles for $135.00, can’t beat it. Would highly recommend this tire for trike applications.


  • Low speed handling
  • Stronger grip
  • More traction power
  • Maximum longevity
  • Light  weighted


  • It is R rated not V rated
  • May not fit on some bikes
  • Section width is 80mm


10. Maxxis M7304 Rear 110/90-19 Maxxcross Intermediate

This is a 110mm section width tire and with a 90 aspect ratio. It has unique and clean knobs which offer extraordinary traction and handling in various conditions. You can use this tire in mu, loam, desert, sand, trails, and mountain hills. Its knobs will provide super traction and grip.

Advance rubber material increases the straight-line traction off the tire and provides maximum control to the rider.

Its torque-wrenching performance and stability are excellent. It contains two alignments of small blocks along the sides of the tire. These two alignments of rubber blocks enhancing their cornering stability. If you are riding across trails, woods or even in desert or mountains these layers will enhance stability.

The aspect ratio of the tire is 90. The weight of the tire is 12.6 pounds. This is the beauty of these tires. You can use these tires in rocky tracks. It will provide much traction.

In the case of mountains, rocky, or other hard terrains the knobs of the tire may fall to wear and tear. But in soft and intermediate terrain it will be long lasting.

Maxxis is a brand for providing the best dirt bike tires, so you will not face difficulties while using these tires.


  • 110mm section width
  • Aspect ratio 90
  • Long lasting
  • Good and quick shipping
  • Advance rubber compound material
  • Better traction
  • Stronger grip


  • Wearing and tearing in hard terrain
  • Mud and soil may stick
  • Rim size 19 inches
  • May not fit on some bikes

Final Verdict

Normally we commit some mistakes while selecting tires for a dirt bike that may cause a waste of time and money. Nobody likes to waste time and money because both of these are precious to every person.

As we know that “ A stitch in time saves nine” so, if we spend some time to understand which tires are best for your dirt bike and which tires will be long lasting, you can enjoy better riding.

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