How long does a dirt bike chain and sprocket last?

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Only dirt bike lovers treat their bikes as kids. I would like to add if your one and only life is important to you then you should maintain the condition of your bike. You should repair and replace different parts of the bike time by time. “A stitch in time saves nine”. In this article I am going to answer your question of How Long Does A Dirt Bike Chain And Sprocket Last?

“Normally a set of chains and sprockets can give you a ride of 21, 000 to 32, 000 miles. But it is totally up to you how you treat your bike and riding expertise. Sometimes you have to replace even after 6000 miles.”

As we know that the most consumable parts of a dirt bike that have to be replaced after some time include the chain and sprockets set of the dirt bike. We have to ride our dirt in harsh and tough areas where tires have to pull the bike. And the movement of the tires is dependent on the health of your chain and sprockets. Check Some Long-lasting dirt bike tires.

If the chain and sprockets are in good condition then you can enjoy the riding and your bike’s power to pull the tire will be maximum.

On the other hand, if your bike chain and sprockets are rusty or old and in abnormal condition then you must need to worry about it because it can lead to an unusual happening.

When did you need to change the chain and sprockets of the dirt bike?

When your chain and sprocket are in the worn condition they do not stop your riding. Although you will feel a big difference when they are in good condition and in the worst condition. So, it is necessary for riders to repair these if possible otherwise replace them.

I would like to mention here some of the major indications when your chain and sprockets should be replaced.

Note: whenever you want to replace any of the chains or sprockets. Try to change the complete set of chains and sprockets. I will definitely answer that “Why” which is coming to your mind.

Alarming Signs when replacement is needed

  • Knicks & stuck links
  • Noise
  • Overstretch
  • Rust

Knicks & Stuck links

Sometimes while riding a dirt bike or any other bike you face loose shifting of gears or Knicks. Which is the indication that your chain needs attention. You should check the lubrication if the problem is not solved after the lubrication. You need to replace the chain.


A chain in good condition does not create any kind of noise. When the chain or sprockets are worn out then it creates a noise of shattering and rattling. In this case, you should check the lubrication first. If a well-lubricated chain gives the same noise then you should change this set of chains and sprockets.


The chain and sprockets are attached mechanically to each other. There are holes in the chain and sometimes these holes are oversized due to friction and heat generated. This problem is observed in old chains and when you go for a long riding without any stay then you may encounter this problem.

There are two ways to examine overstretch of the chain.

One way to know is after having fully adjusted your chain it may have sagged in it. It tells that the chain is overstretched. If you come to know timely and it has not affected sprockets. Then there is no need to change sprockets along with the chain. Still, it is preferred to change the complete set for better performance.

The other way is easy you have to place your bike in an upright position then by pressing down the upper side of the chain you have to see whether the chain is uniform around the sprockets or there is some gap or non-uniformity.


This only happens due to our lack of lubrication. If the chain is not properly lubricated then it starts rusting and this rusting may cause wear and tear. After a time you have only one option of replacement. There is no solution to the fully rusted chain.  Although in the initial stage it is bearable by applying grease on it.

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Why you should replace both chain and sprockets at the same time?

“Now I would tell you that why you should replace chain and sprockets at the same time it is because these both parts have to attach with each other. They will work properly when there is no defect in both of these but if there is any kind of defect in one thing it will disturb the other. So if you replace the chain but the sprocket is the same you will not feel a major difference. And after some timing chain will also be worn out. The same is for other cases”. I have tried by best to answer How Long Does A Dirt Bike Chain And Sprocket Last? well, still if something is missing you can comment.

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