How long does it take for a dirt bike to run out of gas?

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Knowing about dirt bikes is what every rider loves. Sometimes a question arises “How Long Does It Take For A Dirt Bike To Run Out Of Gas?” I love my dirt bike I love to calculate its mileage and average etc. Also if you are a beginner and want to select the best dirt bike for you or your kids and want to find out how long does it take for a dirt bike to run out of gas, you are in right place.

I will also give you some premium tips on how you can increase the running time or average of your dirt bike based on the fuel type and size of your gas tank.

Some interesting information related to suitable dirt bike terrain to ride on, its maintenance, appropriate riding style, and maximum fuel consumption.

So first let get the direct answer to your question.

How Long Does It Take For A Dirt Bike To Run Out Of Gas?

On a full tank of gas a dirt bike can go between 30 to 150 miles, depending on the size of the engine, size of the fuel tank, the weight of the dirt bike, riding style of the rider, track/terrain, age of your dirt bike and weather conditions. These are some factors on which mileage of your dirt bike depends and we will be discussing all of these factors one by one later on.

Another important person that can answer the question is the rider of the dirt bike. All the ATVs, Cars, motorcycles, etc. have their riders/drivers, and the driver/rider drives their motorcars in different ways and styles. Old dirt bike (with a careful rider who loves his dirt bike and does proper care for its maintenance) will run more miles on a full gas tank instead of a new dirt bike with a careless rider (Not much curious about the maintenance and riding terrains and styles.)

How to help your dirt bike run more?

Let us discuss various factors that can help you determine How Long Does It Take For A Dirt Bike To Run Out Of Gas and to calculate or increase the run time of your dirt bike.

1. 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke dirt bike

A four-stroke dirt bike is more fuel-efficient as compare to a 2 stroke dirt bike and that is why a four-stroke dirt bike will run more as compared to a 2 stroke dirt bike consider the same Engine and fuel tank capacity.

Basically, a 2 stroke dirt bike has ports for fuel inlet and exhaust, and due to open ports, the fuel efficiency becomes very low in comparison to a 4 stroke dirt bike engine.

2. Size of the fuel tank

The size of dirt bike tanks is different for different dirt bikes, like Yamaha WR250F has a 3 gallons tank, while Honda CRF150F has a 2.1 gallons tank. A tank with a big tank has a greater capacity to store fuel and more fuel means more run time.

A dirt bike tank like Yamaha WR250F that can store 3 gallons will obviously provide more run time because it can preserve more gas as compared to a CRF150F dirt bike that has a fuel capacity of just 2.1 gallons.

If you want to increase the run time of your dirt bike with a small tank like a CRF150F dirt bike you can carry extra fuel as a reserve.

You should also carry some extra fuel in the reserve system of your dirt bike if you have a dirt bike with a bigger fuel tank, it will provide you extra 10 to 15 miles ride and in case of emergency, you can use it.

3. Engine Size of your dirt bike

The engine is the major factor in deciding how far san a dirt bike go on a tank of gas. Of course, bigger dirt bike Engines consume more gas. If you have a dirt bike with a bigger size engine, it consumes more fuel as compared to a dirt bike with a smaller engine.

Most beginner riders go for a dirt bike with smaller engines. Because a dirt bike with a bigger engine is not for beginners, also if you have to travel or ride at a short distance you don’t need a dirt bike with a bigger engine.

If you have to travel at long distances and heavy races then you must have to consider a dirt bike with a bigger engine and mileage.

Read Out about 6 different dirt bike races.

That’s why a dirt bike with a bigger engine has an expensive fuel tank capacity. A WR250F 256cc engine and has a bigger fuel tank of 3 gallons, that’s why it has expensive fuel tank capacity and it will cost much more and runs for more time. With this roadster, you can go around 98 miles which is a quite long run.

If you are not planning bigger routes then a smaller engine dirt bike is best for you, i.e. a Honda CRF150F is a smaller engine dirt bike and has a tank capacity of around 2.1 gallons, the smaller engine of 246cc (4-stroke), uses less fuel and can run longer for about 75 miles with each gallon.

4. Smooth vs aggressive riding Styles

Dirt bike riding style has a greater impact on the runtime of a dirt bike. The smooth style consumes less fuel and the aggressive style consumes more fuel.

Beginner riders usually ride smoothly and that’s why their fuel consumption is quite low. But if you are riding aggressively then there will be some issues. Your dirt bike will consume more fuel.

5. Weather Conditions

Winters greatly affect the fuel economy of the dirt bike or any other motor car. Basically in winters engines takes time to heat up and to provide maximum efficiency. You should always avoid riding in cold weather if you are a fuel economist.

6. Terrains or Tracks

Terrains have a greater impact on the fuel efficiency of the dirt bike. Hilly terrains will consume more fuel as compared to the straight hurdles-free paths. Smooth terrains do not provide much rolling resistance to the dirt bike and that’s why fuel economy will be much better.

Flee towner shows that the fuel economy of any motor car is greatly dependent on the weather conditions, terrains (smooth and coarse-textured), rolling resistance, etc.

7. Age of the dirt bike

The age of the dirt bike has a great impact on the fuel consumption of the dirt bikes. Old age dirt bikes consume more fuel as compare to new dirt bikes.

Old dirt bikes if properly maintained can provide a good decent mileage as compared to some of the new dirt bikes. As have seen in my journey of past years, that some dirt bikes that were properly maintained just outclass some of the new dirt bikes with advanced technology.

So, whether you have a new dirt bike or old one maintenance is very important, because it greatly impacts the question that how many miles can a dirt bike go.

8. Size of tires

The tires of the dirt bike are different for different terrains and if you are using the wrong one then it can greatly impact the fuel consumption of your dirt bike.

  • Paddles tires are sand riding and terrains, so better use them on sand terrains.
  • Trails terrain tires are high quality knobby tires and are used for desert and mountain riding.
  • Soft terrain tires are best fit for mud and sand.

Selecting the best tire to lower the fuel consumption can be a trouble if you don’t have much idea about tires. Use our reviews to select the best tire for you.

9. Gear changes

Dirt bike fuel consumption is directly related to the gear changes. The more you change the gear during a dirt bike ride, the more it will consume the fuel. Dragging dirt bikes in higher gear will not be much fuel-efficient. Hence, it is always recommended to ride your dirt bike with appropriate gear, based on the terrain and situation.

10. Weight of the dirt bike

Weight is a very important factor to consider if you want to increase the fuel efficiency of your dirt bike. Some pro dirt bike riders tend to remove the unnecessary parts from their dirt bike because it helps in increasing the speed and results in low fuel consumption. Read our detailed guide on how to make your dirt bike lighter.

11. Quality of the fuel

A high quality fuel provides more efficiency. Fuel with high octane number is the best fuel to achieve maximum efficiency.

Some FAQs!

How far will a mini bike go on a tank of gas?

A mini dirt bike can go between 75 to 100 miles per gallon. And if you want to increase its mileage then choose smoother tracks and maintain it regularly.

How do I put more fuel in my dirt bike?

If you want to carry more fuel on your dirt bike you can consider one of these three options:
1. You can take an empty bottle and fill it up with fuel and place it in your saddlebag.
2. You can consider taking a Fuel bottle in a holster and then strapped it to your dirt bike.
3. If you are planning for a desert ride, you can consider a high capacity desert tank to take with you.

How much does it cost to fill a dirt bike?

To fill up the tank of a 5 gallons dirt bike it will cost around $15 to $25. The cost of one-gallon gas is around $3 to $5. So first find out the fuel capacity of the tank of your dirt bike.

Fuel Capacity (in gallons) * Average Price (1 Gallon) = Total Cost

Final Verdict

Hope I answered the question How Long Does It Take For A Dirt Bike To Run Out Of Gas well. I have tried to provide you some tips to increase fuel efficiency and I am sure that these will help you a lot.

The answer to your question is directly related to the fuel efficiency of your dirt bike which can be effectively increased by considering the 11 factors that I have explained in this article.

For an accurate calculation, I advised you to know about the engine size, fuel tank size, your riding style, and bike model, etc.

To get better output from your dirt bike its maintenance is very important and for that, you have to make sure to keep it clean and use quality fuel of high octane number.

Another way to find out the actual mileage of your dirt bike is by self-calculation, fill up the tank of your dirt bike and keep a note of how many miles you can cover per tank of fuel.

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