How to make dirt bike faster with sprockets?

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Are you thinking to make dirt bike faster with sprockets? Today I am going to answer your question of “How To Make Dirt Bike Faster With Sprockets?” It is not only you who wants to change the speed of your bike, every dirt bike rider wants to do gearing up and gearing down. To make variations in speed. But you have to focus on your terrain to change to gear ratio.

But here we want to make the dirt bike faster with the help of sprockets.

How to make dirt bike faster with sprockets?

To make a dirt bike faster with a sprocket you have to use the gearing up mechanism, In the case of gearing up, we will use a larger front sprocket instead of a smaller one and a smaller rear sprocket. By using this simple sprocket technique speed of the dirt bike will increase.

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Final Drive & Sprocket Size

Before making changes in the gearing ratio you must have an idea about the result of the ratio that you are setting up.

In case of gearing up, we use a larger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket. The speed of the bike increases and the final drive ratio decreases.

On the other hand, if you want to increase the final drive ratio then you select the smaller front sprocket and larger rear sprocket. It reduces the speed and increases the final drive ratio.

Now the question that comes to our mind is that what do mean by final drive ratio? It is defined as to attain a complete cycle of the wheel, the no. of turns that the countershaft rotates. A smaller drive ratio is related to the higher gearing and a small no. of turns are of countershaft is required to complete one cycle of the wheel. On the other hand, a higher drive ratio is related to lower gearing and a large no. of turns of the countershaft are required to turn a single rotation of the wheel.

In different tracks, a different gearing ratio is required. For example, if you want to ride in the street then you need a different gearing ratio and if you have to ride in deserts or hard terrain then you need a different gearing ratio.

Want to make bike Faster?

If you are going to ride in the street then you want more speed and for this, you have to make the front sprocket larger or the rear sprocket smaller. Both of these will increase the speed but reduces the drive ratio. A smaller drive ratio provides smaller acceleration. While a larger drive ratio provides large acceleration. In street riding, we don’t need much acceleration. We are concerned with the faster speed. So, lower gearing will prove effective for increasing the speed.

But if you have to face a lot of obstacles, turns and hard terrain then you must focus on higher gearing. In this case, your speed will reduce but its acceleration, torque, and power will increase. It provides larger traction power that is beneficial for hard terrain.

Rule for Sizing

You cannot change the front and rear sprockets by your own will. You have to follow some rules. But if you are an expert then you know how to change and what size is fit. I don’t have perfection in sizing then you should use standard sizes.

If you are changing (subtracting or adding) the front sprocket tooth then you have to change the rear sprocket by using the three to the fourth ratio.

Normally front sprocket comes with 10 to 16 tooth and the rear sprocket comes with 30 to 60 teeth.

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