How to make your dirt bike lighter (8 things to do)

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Most dirt bike riders want to reduce the weight of their dirt bike. Today I am going to perfectly answer your this query of how to make your dirt bike lighter. Dirt bikes are of two types, one is 2 stroke dirt bike and another one is a four-stroke dirt bike. So you have to first check out that if your dirt bike is a two-stroke or a four-stroke dirt bike.

I am not going to provide you a detailed guide related to two stoke dirt bikes and four-stroke dirt bikes if you are interested in finding out the difference between the two-stroke dirt bike and four-stroke dirt bike read it here.

Coming toward the point a two-stroke dirt bike is lighter as compared to a four-stroke dirt bike and that is why if you have a two-stroke dirt bike like Yamaha YZ250, you are lucky because you already have a lighter dirt bike.

A four stroke dirt bike is a bit bulky as compared to two stroke dirt bike because 2 stroke has very basic components and that is why it is lighter.

There are many ways to make a dirt bike lighter, either you have a two-stroke or a four-stroke.

How To Make Your Dirt Bike Lighter (8 steps)

1. Exhaust

Exhaust is the most common replacement that riders do to reduce the weight of their dirt bike. Exhaust is very easy to remove and removing it will not impact the performance of your dirt bike. Maybe it is a bit uncomfortable for you to ride without an exhaust due to the increased sound of the dirt bike.

Exhaust is made up of stainless steel and that is why it is quite heavy in weight. Remove exhaust is the best option that you can try to reduce the weight of your dirt bike.

If you want to replace the exhaust with a lighter one, an exhaust made up of titanium will be the best option. Titanium is a very strong material and a thin lightweight exhaust should be your priority.

2. Hubs and Axles

Obviously, you cannot remove a hub and axles of your dirt bike, as without an axel a dirt bike will not even move. But you can change the axel to a lightweight axel.

The best option is a lightweight hub and axel from TCR wheels. But I recommend you to do a bit of research and find out some lightweight axel and hub for your dirt bike. Make sure to buy a hub and an axel that is compatible with your dirt bike.

3. Nuts, Bolts, Screws

Thinking about reducing the weight of your dirt bike might be easy but in reality, it is not such easy. You have to remove some parts and sometimes replace the part with a lighter weight. Lighter-weight parts might be of low quality, which can also be an issue.

Nuts, bolts, and screws are very lightweight, and removing them might not be a good idea. But still, if you replace them with lightweight nuts, bolts, and screws, the weight of your dirt bike may reduce a bit. It is totally up to you to replace the nuts and bolts.

4. Plastic

You should replace the plastic of your dirt bike with light-speed plastic. When you purchase a dirt bike it has plastic of quite heavyweight and that’s why it makes your dirt bike heavy.

What you can do is to purchase racing plastic that is easily available in the market, and replace the old plastic with racing plastic. To be honest, this will reduce a lot of weight of your dirt bike. Racing plastic can reduce the air resistance to your dirt bike, which can be another plus.

5. Replace your Seat

Another best practice is to replace the dirt bike seat with a lighter one. You can use a seat that is for one person. Dirt bike seats are made up of aluminum, leather, and rubber. These are heavy-weight materials and that’s why you can create a seat of your own. It is really simple just follow these steps.

6. Remove some air from tires

After reading this you might have said what ridiculous. But believe me by reducing some of the air from the dirt bike tires you can save some more pounds.

If you do not want to remove air from tires, you can replace them with smaller size tires or tires with lightweight. Check here the best long-lasting dirt bike tires.

7. Remove Useless Accessories

The most simple technique to remove the weight from your dirt bike is to remove useless accessories. Almost every dirt bike has some accessories that we don’t use. Some accessories like a speedometer and GPS meter, stand, performance meter, and saddle, can easily be removed from a dirt bike.

8. Reduce your weight

Rider’s weight can also be a trouble if you have done everything and still weight is the problem. Make sure to reduce your weight. If you have a habit of eating before the ride, you should avoid this. By eating you are putting in almost 3 to 4 extra pounds, so be sure to avoid eating before a ride.

Final Verdict

There are many other ways to reduce weight, but believe me, they are useless. We have to make sure that our bike is easy to handle and by reducing a lot of weight make dirt bike much lighter that it becomes very difficult to ride it with comfort.

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