How to ride dirt bike in sand dunes – 7 working Steps

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Riding dirt bikes in sand dunes is not an easy thing to do. In this article, I am going to answer your query of “How To Ride Dirt Bike In Sand Dunes?”. To ride a dirt bike in the sand you must have to practice a lot to become an expert and go on for long. You must have to consider various gears and techniques to ride dirt bikes in the sand, safely.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you will just end up in the sand. So before going to a sand dunes ride always a little of the research is better.

I have learned a lot from the experience of my dirt bike journey, in the beginning, ride a dirt bike in the sand was a very tedious task for me and this was due to lack of practice and mainly due to a less powerful dirt bike TTR123.

Riding in the sand is a safe ride as compare to ride in woods and mountains. It is quite joyful to ride in the sand and that is why every rider wants to enjoy this beautiful journey.

I am going to give you seven pro tips about dirt bike sand riding, and by the application of these tips or techniques, you can ride on sand dunes without a preferable struggle.

Dirt bike sand riding tips

1. Tire air pressure

The first thing that you have to do is lowering the pressure of air in the tires of the dirt bike. Low-pressure tires are quite helpful in sand dunes, it will give you more control over your dirt bike.

2. Tighten the Suspension

Next on the list is to tighten the suspension of your dirt bike. A dirt bike with a tight suspension system is quite comfortable to ride in sand dunes. It provides the required thrust and provides grip to the tires of the dirt bike. Learn how to tight the dirt bike suspension for enduro.

3. Keep legs tight

Riding in sand dunes is not a child task and you have to care about different jerks. You have to keep your knee tight to your dirt bike. Riding in the sand is quite bumpy and if you have untightened your legs you will end up in the sand.

4. Keep Momentum

It is the most important thing to do while riding in the sand dunes. You have to keep the momentum and keep the things going, must try to have an optimum speed, and do not ride at a slower speed. First, it will create load over the engine and second, at a slow speed, there are over 80 percent chances that your front wheel will be stuck in the sand. Read more about the dirt bike crashes in the sand dunes.

5. Keep weight backward

This is the super pro tip. Always keep most of your weight at the rear wheel. Most of the accidents in sand dunes are due to the front wheel being stuck in the sand. Keep the weight at the rear wheel you can save yourself from falling apart. Moreover, if the front wheel is light it will not be stuck in the sand and you can keep enjoying it without any hesitation.

6. Stand on the bike

This is again a pro tip, riding in the sand is a quite fun thing to do if you are standing on your bike peg, most of the time. Firstly it is quite enjoyable and secondly, it provides more control over the bike. It provides more grip over the peg and a comfortable ride.

7. Use a Powerful Bike with Gear

The dirt bike is very important to discuss here. A powerful dirt bike is a must to ride in the sand dunes. You must have a powerful dirt bike, a 250 2 stroke dirt bike will work best in sand dunes. Must read our detailed guide about the 10 best dirt bikes in sand dunes.

Sand Helmet (with proper ventilation), along with a sand mask and sand goggles are the most preferable gears to go.


Hope I have answered the question “How To Ride Dirt Bike In Sand Dunes”, right. Riding in the sand can be a tedious task, but after following these pro tips, it can be a very easy thing for you. Make sure to have to wear proper gear like sand goggles, a helmet, and a dust mask, etc. to avoid any disturbance.

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