How To Whip on a Dirt Bike (For Beginner Riders)

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How to whip on a dirt bike? If you’re new to dirt biking, the idea of ‘whipping’ your bike around probably seems a little daunting. But don’t worry – it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds! In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to whip your dirt bike, so you can start enjoying this thrilling riding style right away. Read on to learn more!

Short of Time? Here is a quick guide on whipping a dirt bike as a beginner.

  1. It is always best to choose a smaller goal and then move to the bigger one. So Select a smaller Jump. (at least 30 feet of Distance)
  2. Always try on moderate speed as a beginner (Your bike should be going fast enough to jump the bike to execute the whip in such a way that you are learning how the whip is done).
  3. Execute Jump in an attacking position, be brave (as a beginner don’t stand up first try simple jump dozens of times).
  4. Now, when you are good enough at jumping, start to whip your bike. (Lean towards the opposite side of the bike that you want to whip from).
  5. Along with leaning shift your weight to the other side of the bike.
  6. Push the handlebar down towards the ground (This will cause the back wheel to whip out and the handlebars to naturally rotate up).
  7. Now you have to land so straight up your bike (Push Handlebars back to the mean position and now lean towards the opposite side shifting weight to the other side)

(I don’t recommend whipping if you are a newbie, first try hitting a dozen of jumps and make yourself feel confident).

So to find out more details on how to whip a dirt bike, continue reading.

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What is a Whip?

Before going into a deep discussion, let us discuss what actually whip is.

This is the most common question that a newbie beginner usually asks, so whipping is an advanced dirt bike fun technique. It can be learned with a bit of practice and effort.

A whip is when a rider goes off the ground and turns his bike (whip his bike) in the air by learning and shifting technique, and then landing the jump when it’s over.

This fun technique looks a lot simple but it is not yet as simple as it is always presented. Some beginner tries this technique after just watching advanced rider on YouTube and social media and then in the end they have a big loss as a result.

There are many dirt bike riders who have the ability to whip their dirt bike on the same track multiple times, but that all takes a lot of practice and real confidence.

So, let’s find out the detailed answer to how to whip a dirt bike.

1. Start with smaller Jumps

This is the main point, where I want you to be focused if you are a beginner, otherwise, you will have to bear a big bombers loss.

But don’t go for too smaller tracks (at least 30 feet in length).

Any track in which, you can manage to have a couple of moments to easily whip your bike and then turn it back to straight would be the best one.

Once you have found a small jump that you are comfortable with and you are hitting at least 30 feet, it’s time to take it sideways!

2. What should be the Speed?

As a beginner, it is always best to go with a lower speed, because a beginner does not know how to handle a dirt bike.

I recommend you to go on a second gear or maybe third, depending on the path. With these two gears speed of a dirt bike is comfortable enough to execute a whip on a dirt bike.

OR simply, the entry onto the jump has to be at the speed to get at least 30 feet in the distance through the air.

3. Attacking position

Let us discuss, in which position you should go on for a whip.

While jumping with a dirt bike, your body has to be in an attack position.

The attack position is where your legs are slightly turned bent and you are standing on the pegs of a dirt bike while bending forward on the handlebars.

This is the friendliest position because it allows you to quickly shift your position and weight onto any sideways.

4. Lean into it

After the execution of the jump, now is the time to lean.

“Lean is Shifting your weight a bit to the right or left depending on the situation.”

So if you want to whip the bike towards the left, you have to lean towards the right and if you want to whip the bike towards the right, you have to lean towards the left.

5. Push the Handlebars

Let us consider that you want to lean to the left (or want to whip towards the right).

So for Whipping towards the right, just push the handlebars to left and towards the ground, and now shift your weight towards the right.

This sudden shift of weight will force the back wheel to whip towards the right.

6. Time to Land

When you land you have to change your position, now you don’t have to be parallel to the ground anymore.

You have to straighten up your bike before landing.

  • To do this the first thing that you have to care about is bringing your rear tire down, towards the ground. Because this will be the first thing to touch the ground.
  • Now begin to straighten up the handlebars and shift your weight to the opposite side for a moment, this will help in straightening the bike.

The bike will then correct itself back into a straight line so you can land properly.

That’s it, this is how you can whip on a dirt bike.

how to whip on a dirt bike

Quick Tips – Whipping a dirt bike

  1. So now you have learned the way to whip, but remember that you have not learned practically, so before attempting a whip I first recommend that you get your confidence high first.
  2. You should have to start by hitting at least a dozen jumps and try to control your direction before attempting a whip.
  3. Whip depends on shifting the weight and when you start feeling comfortable and confident attempting a jump you will automatically learn how to shift weight sideways and how to lean.
  4. After completing point 2, you will automatically start getting a slight whip in your jump, so keep practicing simple jumps.

What is the best dirt bikes to whip with?

As you are now familiar with this technique of whipping a dirt bike, there is no doubt that the whip involves bigger pressure and a high-velocity jump. So this will hit a huge force on the suspension system of the dirt bike.
Some of the other bikes are also efficient but I want to suggest the main feature that you should check before buying.

Engine Power: 125cc or up
Strokes: Two-stroke / four-stroke
So simply a 125cc dirt bike would be the best choice because it injects enough power to get an initial flight of 30 feet.
Sometimes bike a lower power can also perform best but that requires a lot of skill and some modification in the dirt bike engine chamber.

Briefly, you should go with a motocross 125cc dirt bike.

Whip Safety Guide

Whip on a dirt bike is one of the most dangerous stunts, performed with a dirt bike. So the safety measures are of vital importance.

how to whip on a dirt bike

You should be very careful while performing whip.

  1. Always wear eye protection
  2. Always wear Earplugs
  3. Wear Sensible Clothes: wear flat-soled shoes and long sleeves, with protective dirt bike pants. Jean or other tight clothes are not much efficient because the energy of the impact goes straight through. 
  4. Wear Suitable crash helmets.
  5. A brimmed hat is a very important accessory for protecting your ears.
  6. Give yourself space to the side and above.
  7. If you are practicing with other people, establish a ‘danger area‘ in which safety glasses must be worn at all times.
  8. Avoid working on the ground with loose debris.
  9. Don’t crack the whip straight at another person. If you make a mistake, even with a short whip, you can break bones.
  10. Last but not least! Get good at the basics before Starting.

What is the difference between whipping and scrubbing?

These two techniques are a lot different, whipping is a fun technique, and while whipping a dirt bike every rider wants to look cooler rather than in a normal jump. Whipping is all about, that how much time a rider attains his position in the air and whips his bike in every possible and coolest way. Whipping is just a fun technique and is used in motocross competitions.
Scrubbing is a racing technique in which a rider during a race wants to attain lower jumps so they can manage speed and direction, during a race. A rider wants to be on the ground and when he gets a lift he wants to push his bike upside down to attain maximum speed, which is scrubbing.
While looking at the video or picture of these two techniques, you would say that these are almost the same, yes! you are right here, both of these look similar in a picture.

Scrubbing is relatively similar to Whipping, especially the way the bike looks in the air as the rider tilts the bike to go with the curve of the ground, but Scrubbing is used for speed and going over jumps closer to the ground, whereas whipping is to be fancy when riding.

Why do dirtbike riders whip?

Dirtbike riders whip for a variety of reasons. Some do it to show off their skills, while others do it to stay on the bike during extreme turns and maneuvers. Whatever the reason, whipping is an essential part of dirtbike riding. With the right technique, you can stay safe and in control while enjoying some radical fun!
Dirtbike riders whip to gain more traction and speed when going up hills or outrunning competitors. It’s a common technique that can be done on any dirtbike, and it’s easy to learn how to do. By whipping the rear end of your dirtbike around, you can create more movement and power, which will help you get over obstacles or move faster. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills, consider learning how to whip your dirtbike. It’s a great way to boost your performance on the track or trail!

How do you whip a dirt bike standing up?

It is really simple to whip a dirt bike standing up. Dirtbike riders whip to gain more traction and speed when going up hills or outrunning competitors. It’s a common technique that can be done on any dirtbike, and it’s easy to learn how to do. By whipping the rear end of your dirtbike around, you can create more movement and power, which will help you get over obstacles or move faster. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills, consider learning how to whip your dirtbike. It’s a great way to boost your performance on the track or trail!

How do you oppo whip a dirt bike?

In the dirt bike world, there are a few tricks that are considered mandatory for all riders. One of those is the oppo whip – and it’s not as easy as it looks! In this post, we’ll show you how to do an oppo whip – and give you some tips on how to make it look good.
Have you ever seen someone whip their dirt bike around in a cool way and wondered how they did it? Well, here’s how to oppo whip a dirt bike! It’s really not as hard as it looks, but it does take some practice.

How do you tail whip a dirt bike?

A tail whip is a popular stunt in dirt bike riding. It involves the rider using their body weight to force the back end of the bike around in a complete circle.
The front end of the bike stays in place, and the rider ends up facing the direction they started in. To execute a tail whip, the rider first gets into position by moving their weight to the back of the bike. They then pull up on the handlebars, lifting the front end of the bike off the ground.
At this point, they use their body weight to swing the back end of the bike around in a complete circle. The key to a successful tail whip is timing and balance. If done correctly, the rider will land facing the same direction they started in.

Final Words

It’s not difficult to learn how to ride a dirt bike, but it is important that you take the time to practice and get comfortable with the controls before hitting any jumps or trails. With a bit of practice, you’ll be whipping around corners and flying through the air like a pro in no time!

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