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Motocross Pants Size Chart! Are you a dirt bike rider, searching for the perfect Motocross Pants Size that best fit you? Then this is the right place for you. As here you will get to know everything about motocross pants sizes and how you can choose one that is the right fit for you. Since Motocross Pants are one of the most crucial parts of riding clothing. If you are unable to find a well-fitting long-lasting pair of motocross pants then your whole experience of riding can be uncomfortable.

The size of your Motocross gears can be very challenging as there are variety of sizes and measurements range. No matter how much experience you are in riding a dirt bike. You can still get stuck while getting the right fit for yourself when it comes to motocross pants. Thus this article will guide, how you can find the right fit for yourself.

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Motocross Pants Size Chart

This Pants Size Chart will help you find the perfect fit without worrying that you might go over or under your measurements. The best way to find the perfect fit motocross pants size is by having the exact measurement of yourself. Follow the following order to get the idea about which size from the size chart will suit you best.

  • Measure your waist and inseam in inches
  • Then match those measurements with the company’s recommended size

After matching your measurements with the company’s recommended size range, you will easily find out the right fit of pants for yourself, which you can use regularly. Below is a motocross pant size chart from thormx.

Adult Motocross Gear Set Size Chart
SizeInseam – inches (cm)Waistline – inches (cm)
2827 to 29 (68.58 to 76.66)30 (76.2)
3029 to 31 (76.66 to 78.74)30 to 30.5 (76.2 to 77.47)
3231 to 33 (78.74 to 83.82)30.5 to 31 (77.47 to 78.74)
3433 to 35 (83.82 to 88.9)31 to 31.5 (78.74 to 80.01)
3635 to 37 (88.9 to 93.98)31.5 to 32 (80.01 to 81.28)
3837 to 39 (93.98 to 99.06)32 to 32.5 (81.28 to 82.55) 
4039 to 41 (99.06 to 104.14)32.5 to 33 (82.55 to 83.82)
Motocross Pants Size Chart

As the above chart shows, you can compare your different measurements with the company’s recommended size chart and get the right fit for yourself. For example, if you have measured your inseam and waistlines and they are 28 and 30 respectively then according to the above chart the size 28 motocross pants will be best for you.

Choosing the right size from the chart is very easy as all your need is the right measurements of your waistline and inseam. The best way to measure your inseam and waistline correctly is by using soft tape from the top of your ankle to the inside of your crotch. The distance here will be your inseam measurements. For waistline, you can again use the soft tape and wrap it around the area you prefer to wear your pants since that’s where they’ll rest. After getting the right measurements now stick to the chart so that you will get the perfect sized pants for you. Some riders might want to deviate from the chart but it’s not recommended if you want the right fit.

What to Wear Under Motocross Pants

Knowing what to wear under your motocross pants is as important as knowing the right size for yourself. Because, unlike other traditional pants, motocross pants are extremely dense and are pretty tight to wear. That’s why it is necessary to wear comfortable clothing underneath them so that you do not get uncomfortable while riding your dirt bike. If you have found the right fit of motocross pants but have worn something uncomfortable underneath your motocross pants then you have lost the whole point. As you will be even in more discomfort than wearing the wrong sized motocross pants. Thus this section will guide you on what to wear underneath your motocross pants so that you can ride your dirt bike comfortably and can enjoy the whole experience.


The variety of shorts that can be worn under motocross pants are as follows;

Cycling Shorts

Shorts of any kind will also be a good option to wear underneath your motocross pants. Among all the shorts cycling shorts are known for being breathable, relaxed, and easy to move in. thus if you are looking for something to wear under motocross pants then cycling shots are the best comfortable and durable options.

Compressed Shorts

Compression or compressed shorts come in a wide range of lengths and sizes. The only thing to need to keep in mind is that your compression pants must be tight enough so that you can prevent bunching while riding your dirt bike. Usually wearing compression pants underneath your motocross pants is not very easy but if you have successfully found the right fit pants then compression fit will be the best match for your motocross pants. (For finding the exact size that suits you best see the above-mentioned size chart). Compression pants are the best way to make you comfortable and secure while riding the dirt bike.

Tight Gym Shorts

Just like cycling shorts and compression shorts, tight gym shorts also get the job done. If you are tired of bunching clothes while riding a dirt bike then tight gyms shots are the ones that you are looking for. They are basically designed for mobility and are also quite airy, making them perfect for hot summer months. The most recommended size for gym shorts is about six to nine inches above your knees. The short of such size will be perfect for your to wear under motocross pants.

All the above-mentioned choices are best to wear under motocross pants. The point behind wearing something underneath your motocross pants is that they must be breathable, designed for movement, and relatively affordable. If any type of shorts fulfills these qualities then you can without any question wear them under your motocross pants. Just avoid baggy underwear, thick jeans, or sweats, as you’ll drip sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable throughout your motocross ride.

Motocross Pant with Jersey

Kids Size Chart with Jersey

18Inches Pant   XXS Jersey   Kids 2/3
20Inches Pant   XS Jersey   Kids 3/4
22Inches Pant   S Jersey   Kids 5/6
24Inches Pant   M Jersey   Kids 7/9
26Inches Pant   L Jersey   Kids 10/12
28Inches Pant   XL jersey   Kids 12/14 

Adults Size Chart with Jersey

28Inches Pant   XS Jersey
30Inches Pant   S Jersey
32Inches Pant   M Jersey
34Inches Pant   L Jersey
36Inches Pant   XL jersey
38Inches Pant   2XL Jersey
40Inches Pant   3XL Jersey
42Inches Pant   3XL Jersey
44Inches Pant   3XL Jersey
46Inches Pant   3XL Jersey
48Inches Pant   4XL Jersey
50Inches Pant   4XL Jersey
52Inches Pant   4XL Jersey 

Dirt Bike Pants Sizing ~ Over vs Under

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are motocross pants supposed to be tight?

Though motocross pants are supposed to be tight as compared to normal clothes this does not mean that you have to wear unbreathable super tight motocross gears. You can find the right size for yourself that suits you best allows your body to breathe and is not too uncomfortable.
Many companies have their own size charts which have different ranges of inseam and waistline. You can measure your inseam and waistline and can compare these measurements to any company’s size chart in order to get the perfect size for you.

How do you size dirt bike pants?

Dirt bike pants are sized according to the waist measurement and inseam. For the waist, measure around the body at the natural waistline (not too tight or too loose). For the inseam, measure from crotch to ankle bone.
A good pair of dirt bike pants should fit comfortably and not be too baggy or too tight. It’s important to make sure that the pants are long enough to cover your ankles, and that they have a sturdy waistband so they don’t fall down when you’re riding.
If you’re not sure what size to get, it’s best to go into a store and try on a few different pairs before making a purchase.

What size is a 28 in dirt bike pants?

A 28 is a size of dirt bike pants for someone who is riding.
A rider’s waist size should be about half their inseam, so you can use this rule of thumb to determine what size you need if your inseam measures 32 inches or more. This means that a rider with a 30 inch inseam would need a 28 inch pant to fit well and have good range of motion when riding.

What size is 26 in motocross pants?

A size 26 in motocross pants is probably a dirt bike rider who is about 5’5″ and 110 pounds. A size 26 pant will have a waist measurement of about 26 inches and a inseam length of 30 inches. This size would be suitable for a petite person who is slim and lightweight.

What size is 28 in motorbike pants?

When choosing dirt bike pants, it is important to consider the type of riding you will be doing. There are three main types of dirt bike pants: motocross, dual sport, and off-road.
Motocross pants are designed for racing and are very lightweight. They typically have a very tight fit and offer little protection. Dual sport pants are designed for both on and off road use and are heavier than motocross pants. They offer more protection but can be bulky and restrict movement. Off-road pants are designed for extreme conditions and offer the most protection of all three types of pants.
When choosing dirt bike pants, it is important to consider the level of protection you need.

Final Words

Most companies have separate size charts for both Kids and adults. All you have to be a little considerate and you will find the perfect motocross pants size for you.  

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