Is it hard to ride a dirt bike in sand dunes?

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After completing one score of my life I started dirt bike riding. By the way, I would like to tell you I started this journey by riding a bike in sand dunes. That’s why I can perfectly answer your question “Is it hard to ride a dirt bike in sand dunes?”

Earlier it was very teasing for me to run a bike in the sand. As I was light-weighted when I was young and my bike did not want to be balanced in the sand dunes and I have to face over-controlling and other obstacles. This is the reason that I used to remain away from the sand dunes in the beginning as it was very difficult & teasing for me.

But with the passage of time, I learned a lot of tips from my trainer and from my self-experience. And finally when I upgraded my bike things becomes so easier for me that now I consider it a piece of cake to ride a dirt bike in sand dunes.

Normally I ask newbies to start a dirt bike riding journey from sand dunes. The very interesting thing to initiate with sand dunes is that in the sand if you met an accident or fall from your bike. You would not face serious injuries. You should also use a powerful dirt bike for sand dunes to make your ride easier and comfortable.

Still, it is a harder task to ride a dirt bike in sand dunes. I would like to share some important tips from my personal experience. If you know these tips and follow them, you will not face any trouble in riding your dirt.

Tips to Ride Dirt bikes in Sand Dunes

Below are some premium tips that will help you to easily ride your dirt bike in sand dunes:

Knees tight

While you are riding a dirt bike in sand dunes you have to face slipping in dunes. In that case, you have to tighten your knees to the bike. It can help to control your bike and also maintaining balance. If your knees are tight to the bike you will not fall from the bike.

Balancing weight

Try to put less weight on the front tire and shift your weight at the rear tire it will help your bike to move faster. If the weight on the front tire is low it will not be stuck in the sand and will not create trouble for you. In desert or sand dunes riding this technique is quite helpful.

But remember one thing you don’t have to shift too much weight at the rear, it will also create trouble. You can face unbalancing of the handlebar. If your handlebar is shaking there are chances to stuck in dunes or you may fall from the bike. Read How to Make your dirt bike lightweight.

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Use of Clutch

While riding in sand dunes you should not use clutch too much. Rather you should avoid the use of the clutch. The reason is that when you press the clutch the supply of power to the wheel is cut off but it starts spinning. This may cause to stuck in dunes.

Not to get stuck

If your rear starts digging you should stop your bike and avoid this digging. You should use your body weight to increase the traction of the wheel by actively moving on the seat it will provide extra momentum to the bike which will help the bike to move faster from the sand.

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