roost deflector and chest Protector – What’s the difference?

What is the difference between roost deflector and chest Protector? There is a difference between both of these from a safety point of view. Normally people consider both as same.

After reading this you will be able to decide which is suitable for you and what should you buy roost deflector or chest protector.

Normally we buy chest protectors and roost deflectors online. So, if we don’t have an idea about the difference between both of these. We may face troubles and have to wait & order again and again. That is the loss of time and money.

Safety always comes first whenever we ride on our bikes. If you do not measure the safety requirements you may fall into serious injuries. We should follow all the safety measures even we are riding slow or for short-range.

Because it is not known when you will fall into a major accident. Although safety measures cannot save you from unintentional accidents but can provide you maximum protection. And saves your life.

Riding a dirt bike is not a child’s play it is always a risky task. Because a small miscalculation may lead you towards the accident. No doubt you are an expert in riding dirt bikes but anyone can face anything at any time. So, be careful about your precious life and try to follow all safety measures.

Let’s discuss the difference between a Chest protector and Roost Deflector.

Difference between Roost Deflector & Chest protector

Roost Deflector And Chest Protector

Roost Deflector

What is Roost Deflector? It is a protective garment that is used to protect your body from Dust, Mud, Debris, and Rocks. It is not strong enough to protect your body from hard falls. Although it is comfortable in comparison to the chest protector from a safety point of view it is less protective. The expert riders prefer this due to their comfort level. It is very lightweight and easy to wear for a long time.

But if you are new to riding I would not suggest you wear this one for riding. Because new riders face a lot of falls from dirt and may face accidents. If you are wearing a roost deflector it may not protect you from serious injuries.

The upper part of our body is very sensitive because our lungs, ribs, heart, and other sensitive parts are there. So, if you met an accident you may face a lot of trouble.

Note: Don’t Compromise your life with a few minute’s comfort.

Chest Protector

What is Chest Protector? It is safety gear for dirt bike riders. If you are riding off-road or on-road you must wear a chest protector that can save your life in case of serious accidents. As its name tells us it is used to protect our chest. Most of the major organs are behind the ribs so by using this gear we can protect those organs in case of a hard fall.

If you are a new rider or expert protection is always there. But new riders should not ride without a chest protector. Because if they are not wearing it means they do not want to live anymore and their body parts are not important for them. It is hard to say but I have to use these words because it’s reality.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Why people do not wear Chest Protector?

There are different reasons that people do not wear this gear. But whatever the reason is they are playing with their lives. There are 4 main reasons for not wearing chest protectors are
They feel uncomfortable.
It is weighted.
They think they are expert riders and they don’t need safety.
We are riding slowly and we don’t need it.
Although this gear is weighted and hard but to save your life you have to compromise with your comfort.

Why people like to wear Roost Deflector?

Normally people like to wear a roost deflector the reason is that it is very lightweight and comfortable. So, people like to wear the roost deflector.

Final Verdict

I have clearly explained the benefits of both. Now it is totally up to you that you want safety or comfort. If you are concerned with safety then you must wear a chest protector. I would recommend this to the new riders also because they should follow all the safety measures.

On the other hand, if you are concerned with comfortability then a roost deflector is the best option.

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