What kind of pants should I wear on a dirt bike?

What Kind Of Pants Should I Wear On A Dirt Bike? Although you can ride by wearing any pants if you wear pants designed for dirt bikes it will be beneficial for you. The pants which are designed for dirt bike riders are much more protective. It is made up of stretchable, durable, and long-lasting material.

It is designed with special breathing. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing it. Some necessary protectives things are attached to it that can protect you in case of accidents.

Why you should wear dirt bike pant?

It is not by law enforcement to wear dirt bike pants. But it is all about your safety. You can imagine if you are wearing your normal jeans there are maximum chances of injuries in case of an accident.

On the other hand, if a guy is wearing his dirt bike pant the 70% chances of injuries can be reduced. Now it is up to you that you are sincere with your safety or want to take risk of your life.

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In addition, I would like to add some benefits of using dirt bike pants.

  • Level of comfort is high.
  • Superior level protection.
  • Stretchable
  • Saves your legs from burns by the hot parts of engine.
  • Reduces the chances of serious damage in case of any crash.
  • Special accessories attached to it protects your lower body parts.

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Which qualities a dirt bike pants should have?

It must be in your mind while wearing any dirt bike gear that its life will be less than the gear that is used for street bike riding.

The reason behind this is that in case of dirt bike, the rider does not sit calmly on the bike seat rather his pant slides on the bike seat and he has to stand and sit again and again.

Falling up and down, striking of dirt and rock particles, and sliding of the pant with the bike seat can tear the pant. All these above-mentioned factors can reduce the life of pant fiber.

So, there are some important qualities that may help you to choose good pants for dirt bike riding that can go for a long time.

Neither loose nor tight

The size of the pant should not be small neither large. It should be perfect for your size and suitable for you. If the size is larger it may create hurdles and may stick in different parts of the bike. On the other hand, if it is smaller in size it may cause difficulty in stretching and bending of legs.

Strength of fiber

The strength of the fiber is of great importance while selecting any cloth or other garment. If the fiber of the wearing is strong it can prove durable and long-lasting. That every rider wants. But if the fiber is of low quality it can decrease the durability of the cloth.

Lightweight design

The pant should be light-weighted. If it is weighed it can disturb you and when you are in the air may distract you. It is obvious when the weight is high the fiber will be thicker. That may cause to produce heat as it is continuously siding with the seat that produces heat. And you have to stop the bike.

But if the pant is light-weighted and comfortable the rider will not face such problems of overheating and sweat formation.


It should be flexible that is suitable for providing easy movement of body parts. During riding, you have to stretch and bend your knees again and again. If your pant is flexible you will not face any difficulty while stretching and bending.

Final Verdict

I guess I have answered your question ‘What Kind Of Pants Should I Wear On A Dirt Bike’ very well. Dirt bike riding pant is as important as a helmet, chest protector, and the neck brace, etc. Dirt bike pants assure complete protection of the rider, they are lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable. Make sure to buy dirt bike pants that have pockets, because most dirt bike pants have no pockets.

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